General Knowledge is the data, figures, statistics, facts, anecdotes, stories, and almost every other such information that has been collected by various mediums and methods over a period of time for the future reference of oneself to better predict and understand various experiences and contingencies.

General Knowledge can’t truly be quantified. No one can know every detail of this ‘packed with information’ world. However, one can know the most he can and still be hungry for more such knowledge. As Aristotle once said ‘Knowledge is the sea, we don’t know how deep, which’s essence one can barely fathom.’, General Knowledge should be expanded on a consistent basis. This ever-changing world is now changing at speeds much faster than it used to be, asking our data comprehension and memories to develop accordingly.

General Knowledge covers everything from Business to Politics, from Geography to Civics, from Sports to Wars, from Current Affairs to Medieval Times, and much more. One can’t know it all but one also can’t know enough. To quench this knowledge thirst, there are many websites, blogs, YouTube channels, and apps collectively called Portals that provide revised GK on a daily basis. The facts thus provided turn out to be helpful in every walk of life; from discussing something with your friends to a job interview and much more.
So today, we would be listing ten such portals that you can subscribe to or follow on their respective platforms so that you get your daily dose of knowledge that’ll in turn when you’re equipped with, would turn you into a well-informed being.

1. Jagran Josh


Jagran Josh is the Online General Knowledge section of the reputed newspaper daily ‘Dainik Jagran’. This portal is best famous for its Current affairs section which talks about all the tech, Sports, or geopolitical latest developments. This portal is a great source of GK for college and school-going students. It posts at a rate of 20+ per quarter and has been posting since January 2014. This portal has 1.4 million+ fans on Facebook and 17.2K followers on Twitter and you can subscribe to it by following them on their social media handles or their website itself.

2. GK Today


Current Affairs Today or the GK Today is a blog itself that covers all the latest developments in current affairs. It presents data in a very student-friendly way, a perusal of which can help them in cracking various examinations like IAS, IBPS, Banking, UPSC, State PCS, CLAT, Railways, SSC-CGL and various other competitive examinations in India. They post at a frequency of 8 posts in a day. They have been working since July 2012. They have more than 1.3 million Facebook fans and 56.2K Twitter followers. You can subscribe to this blog on their website.

3. Business Standard


Business standard is a reputed junction for the business news specifically but alongside that, they do cover a lot of general issues ranging from Market Analysis to Financial News, from Politics to sports, from National News to Business they cover it all. Their Current Affairs section is thoroughly updated. They post at a massive frequency of 30+ posts a day since May 1998 and thus have a social engagement rank of 14. They have a massive following with 457K Facebook fans and 1.8 million Twitter followers.

4. Freshers Live


Freshers live is a website where anyone can share their piece of information contributing to their articles that in turn can also work as the Knowledge hubs. The currents Affairs section of this portal is full of different scopes, covered in a professional way. Their posting frequency is 5 posts a day and this portal was founded in January 2016. This portal has a huge following with 2.6 million Facebook fans and 4.4K Twitter followers. You can follow them on their website and subscribe to their daily modules.

5. India Today


This name needs no introduction in itself. India Today has been the biggest information carrier for a long time in India now. From their magazines to dailies, you can subscribe to anything for General Knowledge. But their GK and Current Affairs section is the best and keeps you updated with all the details. Anybody who’s preparing for any upcoming examination where GK is going to be a must this portal is for you. They’ve been posting at a weekly frequency since June 2009 online. They have got a huge fan base with 10.1 Million fans on Facebook and 5.3 Million followers on Twitter.

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6. IQ’s Corner


As said earlier GK ranges from current affairs to the realms of science as well. Thus, this blog would help you with all the latest developments in technologies and theories in the field of science. Founded by the Director of the ‘Institute for Applied Psychometrics’, Kevin McGrew in December 2000, this portal posts at an average of 3 posts a week. This portal focuses mainly on all the budding claims made by different scientists and many research papers are also summarised. So, this one is a big yes for all the science enthusiasts.

7. Did You Know?


As the name suggests, this portal tells you facts in a very engaging way and through stories, analogies, and anecdotes. This caters to the imagination of its readers to tell them about various facts. They are very popular on Social media as well. They post at a rate of one fact a day which is cross-checked thoroughly. They have 9 million followers on Facebook, 17.8 K followers on Twitter, 645.5K followers on Instagram and have a social engagement rank of 6. You can follow them anywhere as they are active on almost all of the social media platforms.

8. Intelligence Quotient | Reddit


This is a Reddit Subreddit based in San Francisco, California, the USA that provides engaging and funny content about General Knowledge through their portal. To follow this page, one needs to be familiar with using Reddit, only that way, one can actually enjoy it. This page has a decent following with 1.3 million Facebook fans and 674 K Twitter followers. It can be accessed using r/IntelligenceQ. Apart from this particular sub red, Reddit, on the whole, can be a good source of GK.

9. Study IQ Education


This YouTube Channel has a very simple structure of presenting facts. From Civics to Politics to General Knowledge to History, their faculty has compiled almost every field of Knowledge. Online lectures are fun to watch and one can easily understand as the language is Hindi. They have millions of subscribers on YouTube and 400 k fans on Facebook and 2 K followers on Twitter. You can subscribe to their YouTube Channel for increasing your Knowledge.

10. General Knowledge | Reddit

Just like the Intelligence quotient, this is also a subreddit on Reddit that is also based in San Francisco, California, USA. They have covered tens of thousands of Topics in an engaging manner and one should be used to Reddit to find it interesting. They have 1.3 million Facebook fans and 674K Twitter followers. You can follow them on either or can subscribe to this subreddit. It can be r/GENERALKNOWLEDGE.

So, these were our picks for the best online portals for General Knowledge in India. Let us know in the comments section as to which portal you are looking forward to examining daily for your expansion of Knowledge.
Till then. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.

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