Top 13 Most Popular Bollywood Singers of all Times

India is famous for numbers of different art forms, as the country is enriched with great huge talents in all fields. Music is one of art which represents your state of mood, and also an art which can be predicting a way to communicate, expressing and meditate. In daily life, we all have a habit of listening music through which we let ourselves fresh vibes or soothe our moods. Music art has an amazing type, as it is very vast art.  With Various varieties of music we have:

  • Classical music, rock music, country music, rhythm and blues, folk music, hip-hop music, popular music, pop music, Instrumental, jazz music, vocal music, ambient music, dance music, disco, rapping, industrial music, jazz, drum & bass and etc.

In these all types of music how can we forget to showcase a Bollywood music which is designed and layered with divergent quality sounds? Bollywood music has familiar among the worldwide, recent charts of Bollywood is popular like youth is just cannot get over with. With these quality sounds and rhythms, we cannot deny the fact these sounds would not be complete or imagine without the sweet voices behind them. Music is incomplete without singers, as singers have set their trademarks in the world of music with their great vocal skills. With these star voices, we have some listed singers which cannot be faded from the music industry and has been always popular till now. From those singers, we have a list of Top 13 Most Popular Bollywood Singers of all time, with their glorious journeys.

  1. Mohammad Rafi

Bollywood singers
Mohammed rafi

legend was known as Mohammad Rafi, (Sahab), with his golden voice in Hindi Film industry, Rafi Sahab was one of the greatest contemporary singers. Our soul of the music industry was born on 24 December 1924 Amritsar India. He was famous for his versatility with romantic numbers, sad songs, funny songs, and ghazals. He was born into a family of six sons of Hajj Ali Mohammad. The unknown fact about Rafi sahib was that he use to imitate the chants of fakirs near his house from his young age, during 1920 his family moved to Lahore. His learned his music lessons from Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, Ustad Abdul Wahid Khan, and Firoze Nizami. From the age of 13, only he started giving his public performances. His career first debut he made in Lahore, in the year 1941 as a playback singer with duet Zeenat Begum in the Punjabi film, “Gul Baloch”.

He made his debut in 1945 in Hindi film industry with the movie ‘Gaon Ki Gori’. As such theatre has also faced a soar during the late 1940s, however, Rafi Sahab enjoyed his great popularity and glory in 1950’s and 1960s. He was also well known for his strong command over the Hindi language and had the ability to modulate his voice and tone to suit the personalities of the actors he was singing for. With the list over his career, he sang for many Bollywood stars like Dev Anand, Shammi Kapoor, Dilip Kumar, and Sunil Dutt.

Our legendary of Music Rafi’s also voted as Indian Cinema’s Greatest Voice; also his repertoire includes songs in Indian regional languages like Punjabi, Bengali, Marathi, and Telugu. He has been honored with Padma Shri, also he has won the National Film Award for the song ‘Kya Hua Tera Wada’ in 1977. Rafi Sahab died of a heart attack on 31st July 1980 at the age 55 in the year, 1980.

  1. Lata Mangeshkar

Bollywood Singer
Lata Mangeshkar

When we are talking about the music that we cannot skip our India ‘Nightingale of Bollywood’ Lata Mangeshkar, one of the foremost recognized and respect female voice in India. This female singer leads over years with her soulful, sweet voice. Over seven decades her singing career spans and ruled the Hindi Film Industry. Lata was born as “Hema” in Marathi family in Madhya Pradesh on 28th September 1929. At the age of five, she began appearing in her father’s plays as an actress. Her schooling was span for short time, the reasoning cited behind vary. At the age of 13, she had to start working to fend for the family, because of her father loss to heart disease in the year 1942. She first sang her first song ‘Naachu Yaa Gade’ for the Marathi movie, Kiti Hasaal. In the year, 1945 she moved to Mumbai along with Master Vinayak’s company where she started taking classes in Hindustani Classical music from Ustad Amanat Ali Khan. The success wasn’t that east for the Golden Voice lady as she faced struggle also in her initial years in Hindi Film industry. Being struggling she scored her first hit in 1949 when she faced another void of Vinayak death. The success arrives in 1950 period where she had great success and got the opportunity to sing songs composed by various music directors with those times famous.

She won Filmfare Award for Best Female Playback in 1958 was her career big turning point towards her industry leads. In the year 1960, she had a hit number with ‘Pyar Kiya Toh Darna Kya’ ‘Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh’.  The singer brought into tears to our Nation Prime Minister Jawahar when she sang patriotic ‘Aye Mere Watan Ke Logon’. Majorly she held Guinness Book of World Records from the year 1974 to 1991.  Lata Mangeshkar glorious achievements in the music field, she was honored with Bharat Ratna, also had been received with Padma Vibhusha in the year 1999.

  1. Kishor Kumar

Kishor Kumar is a Bollywood Singers
Kishor Kumar

The unique and eccentric personality Kishore Kumar was not just a soulful playback singer, but also a comedian, lyricist, composer, producer cum director. Kishor Kumar was born on 13th October, Khandwas India, in Bengali family. He was the youngest one of his siblings. Kishor Kumar named Abhas Kumar Ganguly, as at the young age he was interested in music. After following his elder brother footsteps, Kishor Kumar moved to Bombay and there only he got him this name. Ashok Kumar was a successful actor in Bollywood; also he wanted the Kishor to become an actor, as he began his acting career in 1950 while playing role in movies Andolan. The young boy was an actor, later when Burman realized after seeing the Kishor mimicking the great singer K.L sahgal. Burman gives him the chance to create his own identity in his voice, as he sings many lovely songs for many of his films. The time period of year 1970s and 1980s were a highly productive time for the playback singer, during this period he sang for popular actors like Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bachan, Jeetendra, Dev Anand, Anil Kapoor & many more. He is one of the most successful male playbacks of Indian cinema, as he sang not only the Hindi language, but also in Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Oriya, and Urdu.

With his voice, he was one of the proud recipients of eight Filmfare Awards for the Best Male Playback Singer.

  1. Asha Bhonsle

Asha Bhosle is a famous Bollywood Singers
Asha Bhosle

The next voice queen is our Asha Bhonsle over six decades of career span she sang thousands of different languages. Her singing quality and versatility made her one of the most recognized singers. With over long and productive career she sang for over thousands of Bollywood movies. The lady singer born on 8th September 1933 in Sangli, Mumbai, she is the daughter of Deenanath Mangeshkar, theater actor, and classical musician. At the age of nine only after the death of her father, she faces the burden to support the family. Her professional career she started in the year 1943, with Marathi film, as in the year 1948 she debuts for Hindi Film movie ‘Chunariya’. During her career initials like all, she also faced struggle, though at that time Lata Ji her sister was highly made into Hindi Film industry. The song ‘Nanhe Munne Bacchae’ took her in the boat of popularity. The special part made her as in versatility, as she was never afraid to experiment and gladly took up singing westernized songs which were picturized on the yesteryears, glamour queen. Over the years the 1960s and 1970s she became the voice of glamour queen Helen. She has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World record.

She has been honored with Dadasaheb Phalke Award in the year 2000; she was also honored with Padma Vibhushan in 2008.  She has also become the first Indian to be nominated for the Grammy Award in 1997. More than 12,000 songs and in more 20 Indian and foreign languages, she has sung multiple songs in her career. She has been appreciated for her youthful personality and optimism in the face of all the advertiser’s life has thrown at her.

  1. Sonu Nigam

Sonu Nigam is a popular Bollywood Singers
Sonu Nigam

Highlighting journeys of the famous Bollywood singers, we cannot escape this popular multi-skilled talented singer, Sonu Nigam. The popular Playback singer is known for his excellent singing skills. With his countless versatility and frequently changing style statements, he is a teen icon. This fashion icon singer was born on 30th July 1973 in Faridabad, Haryana. The young sonu did his schooling from J.D Tytler School in Delhi. To pursue his dreams he moved to Mumbai to become a successful career in music. He is a son of renowned singer Agam Kumar, who was famous of being performed on many stages shows in his regime, at his young age sonu use to accompany his father on his shows and had also performed on some of the amazing hits like ‘Kya Hua Tera Wada”. In the year 1990 Sonu Nigam started his Bollywood career with his first break to sing movie Janum.

The legend set goals of his era in the year 1997, with his biggest hit in the film “Border”. He had also sung in Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Tulu, Assamese, Odia etc. Being not only the popular playback he is also a composer, music, music producer, music programmer, live performer, and actor. This star singer worked as host and celebrity judge for many of famous shows such as: In the year 1995 until 1999 for Sa Re Ga Ma Pa as host, appeared as a judge on Indian Idol for season1 (2004-2005), Star Voice of India in the year 2007, and many more.

In awards and achievements, Sonu Nigam got the Haryana Gaurav Samman in 2007, Zee Cine Award Best Playback Singer in the year 2001 in 2003 he received National Film Award for the best playback singer for ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’. Sonu Nigam is one of the highest paid Indian Playback singers in Bollywood.

  1. Kavita Krishnamurthy

Bollywood Singers
Kavita Krishnamurthy

With training in classical music, the leading playback singer female in the film industry in the 1980s and in 1990s Kavita Krishnamurthy was born on 25th January 1958 in New Delhi. She has recorded around 15,000 songs in her singing career with 16 languages. This leading singer has worked with a variety of music composers such as Laxmikant- Pyarelal, OP Nayyar, Hemant Kumar, Anu Malik, R.D Burman, Javid Akthar and A.R Rahman and many more. She was born in a Tamil Iyer family and started her music training at the insistence of her aunt, Protima Bhattacharya. At the age of eight, Kavita won the gold medal in training in a Hindustani classical music competition. In the year 1971, during her college days at St. Xavier College, she got an opportunity to record her first song in Bengali film with Lata Mangeshkar. During her college days, only she started performing on live shows, from where playback singer Manna Dey spotted her and employed her to sing advertisements jingles.

During her 80s she started her Bollywood singing span career the era 1990s Kavita Thrust into being known as one of the leading female playback singers, as her performance for 1942: A love story movie took her career at the peaks and which was composed by R.D Burman and the popularity begun.

She had her most prolific work was with the leading singers of the 1990s. She has been a recipient of four Filmfare Best Female Playback Singer Award, also in the year 2005, she honored Padma Shri. In spite of this, all Kavita has also sung with orchestras as a soloist and collaborated with Western artists from different fields like jazz, pop and classical fields. Kavita playback career was started in south India Kannada films. In the year 2014, she also sang a song “Koi Chahat hai koi hasrat”.

  1. Udit Narayan

Udit Narayan is a famous Bollywood Singer
Udit Narayan

Moving to next our Bollywood all time the favorite voice is Udit Narayan. With his smiling face and expressive singing style, this playback icon was born on 1st December 1995, in Saptari, Nepal. The star has ruled over 3 decades including the 80s, 90s, and 2000s. Udit Narayan is the only singer who has won the heart of people over the years with his tremendous voice texture. To pursue his career in singing his mother encouraged him, throughout his career he is known for his singing skills and has been praised by his contemporaries Alka Yagnik, Kavita Krishnamurthy, also Narayan is considered one of the most prominent singers of his generation. He started his career in 1970, as Maithili folk singer for Radio Nepal. In 1980s Narayan started his Bollywood singing career when he was noted by director Rajesh Roshan. His vocals lead him to the way of popularity in the year 1988 when he performed a tremendous soulful song for Bollywood movies Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, Jo Jita Wahi Sikander, etc. In the 90s he was the most successful singers in India, and for his song Mehndi Lga ke Rakhna year 1995 he won his second Filmfare Award after 7 years, before that he won his first for Movie Qyamat Se Qyamat Tak.

After the 90s from 96-97 his following year was golden for his as he got nominated for three songs out of five and also won his third award for the song ‘Pardesi Pardesi’ from Raja Hindustani. With his awards and the honored list is quite long as he has received many of them with, he was honored with Padma Shri in 2009, and in 2016 also awarded with Padma Bhushan by the government of India. He had also received Big Entertainment Award 2017 from 92.7 FM Suhana Safar Legend Award and many more. This singer has sung over 25,000 songs in over 36 languages.

  1. Alka Yagnik

Alka Yagnik is a Bollywood Singer
Alka Yagnik

Our next Bollywood and our finest leading singer Alka Yagnik Kapoor was born on 20th March in Kolkata to Gujarati parents. Her roots were always connected to the Indian classical music, as her mother was a singer. At her initial age six, only she started her singing career for Akashvani Calcutta. Her mother was very keen to about her vocal career as she brought her Mumbai as a child singer, as some of reasons industry advised her to let her voice get matured first, however, her mother was determined and stick there only there to let her achieve her career goals. During her 80s she got her break in the industry, whereas in 1988, form movie ‘Tezaab’ she got her big break with the song ‘Ek Do Teen’, a song also won her first out of seven Filmfare Awards as a lead female playback singer.

With many of languages, she has sung divergent style songs except Kannada. In her career graph, she sang duets with our leading legends Male Playback Singers such as Sonu Nigam, Abhijeet, Hariharan, Vinod Rathore, and Shaan, Udit Narayan as she rules over three decades in the industry. She has been also being a part of reality shows as Celebrity Judge. Our finest Alka is also known for her seven-time winning from a record of 36 nominations of the best Female Playback Singer. The queen of the singing field, Alka Yagnik has been the recipient of the National Award. The lady ruled in Bollywood and has countless collaboration with great Giant composers. Also her tracks around twenty featured in BBC’s “top 40 Bollywood soundtracks of all time”.

  1. Kumar Sanu

Kumar Sanu is a Bollywood Singers
Kumar Sanu

Kedarnath Bhattacharya, very few of knowing us this name is known as Kumar Sanu also, with a solid textured and lighter throw, Kumar Sanu was born on 20th October in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. This playback singer of Bollywood is Bengali background. He was popular for rendering his voice in Bollywood of time era 90s and 2000s. His father was a vocalist and composer, from being rooted from a music background he was kindled towards the music, as finally in the year 1984, he started his playback career in the film ‘Yeh Desh’ which was composed by R.D Burman. Kumar got introduced by Jagjit Singh in the year 1989, to kalyannji-anandji at their residence in Mumbai, where he chooses to change his name on his suggestion and from that time he becomes Kumar Sanu.

He had been worked with the great giants of Bollywood industry such as; Nadeem Shravan, Anu Malik, Jatin Lalit, Himesh Reshammiya, Rajesh Roshan, Anand Malik. Kumar Sanu had also contributed his part to composing music for various Indian films; Utthan and Yeh Sunday Kyu Ata Hai is one of the remarkable among them.  He was also the part of a panel of judges on Sony TV for Waar Parivar, and also on Zee Bangla SA Re Ga Ma Pa. With his achievement and awards bucket, the singer holds the Guinness Book World record. He also was awarded Filmfare Best Male Playback Singer Award for five consecutive years. He has been honored with Padma Shri in 2009, by the Government of India.

  1. Sunidhi Chauhan

Bollywood Singers
Sunidhi Chauhan

The next Bollywood style singer Sunidhi Chauhan, cannot be skipped from this top list, the Bollywood most popular Sunidhi Chauhan was born on 14th August, in New Delhi. She was rooted to Rajput family, where her father was a theatre personality. The young Chauhan started performing in competitions at the age of four. To pursue her dreams and to fulfill her passion for singing she discontinued her studies and after her high school, she just started focusing on her music. Chauhan began her career debut at the age of 13, with the song “Ladki Deewani Dekho”, alongside with Udit Narayan. She has also won the reality show on DD national “Meri Awaz Suno”. In the year 1999, she was nominated for Best Female Playback Singer for her recording “Ruki Ruki Si Zindagi” (Mast Movie).

From the 2000s her second breakthrough was released, for Fiza and she won another Filmfare nomination. From 2000s Chauhan has just the top numbers throughout her career graph. A powerful performer and being influencing personality, she was introduced to music by her father and credits her “powerful” voice to him. She has been admitted that she likes the western music and love to perform on such beats. She is known for her experimental tones and she likes to exposure the international music has only “sharpened” her skills. Behind her inspiration, she considered Lata Ji. Her professional life could only be admired by the young generation as she is one of the successful female playbacks in industry. From her awards and honors, she won three Filmfare Awards and two for “Best female playback and also she has won RD Burman Award for New Music Talent. Her parents and she described that Sonu Nigam helped her in getting her first break as they consider him “catalyst to fuel my career”.

  1. Shaan

Shaan is Bollywood Singers

Shantanu Mukherjee Our next top popular Bollywood singer also known as Shaan is the most versatile singer in Bollywood. He was born on 30th September 1972, as his grandfather was Lyricist Jahar Mukherjee also his father was a music director. When Shaan was 13 years old he lost his father, after which his mother found work as a singer. He began his career with Magnasound recoding company and recorded few successful albums, Young Shaan started his commercial singing with jingles for advertisements also at age of 17 he sang “Kitni Hai Pyari Pyari Dost Hamari” a single line.

After few release of his albums, he got in the limelight with Roop Tera Mastana, a remix album of R.D Burman’s songs. After that, he wrote lyrics “Bhool Ja” on his album Tanha Dil, which a huge success for him as it was appeared on the charts within days and was popular on radio. Along with her albums, Shaan has provided his voice for many of Bollywood leading male stars, as he succeeds in to become the top most wanted Playbacks in industry. He has also hosted few TV shows Sa Re Ga Ma Pa between years 2000-2006, The Voice of India and more. He is only one of few Indian Singers who has also collaborated with the International singers.

His voice considered as one of the most romantic voice and melodious in Bollywood, in his list of awards and achievements Shaan won Filmfare Best Male Playback Award for “Chand Sifarish” and “Jab Se Tere Naina”. Also in 2000, he won the MTV Music Award for best solo album Tanha Dil.

  1. Shreya Ghoshal

Bollywood Singer
Shreya Goshal

Another all-time favorite Bollywood lead singer Shreya Ghoshal was born on 12th March 1984, in Bharampur, West Bengal. She started learning music at the age of four only, as young was very focused on her goal and she started achieving at very young age. Shreya started her formal training for music at age of six, whereas before that she uses to rehearsal in Tanpura along with her mother.

She also acquired her training of 18 months from Late Kalyanji Bhai in Mumbai. In the year 2000, she got the opportunity through Sanjay Leela Bhansali where she caught by Bhansali mother on show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and then she got a huge break with her career for Devdas Movie. With that movie song, she also received a National Film Award, as Best Female Playback. With her long career graph till date, she is one of the most successful and blissful and blessed with the sweetest singer in the industry. With her awards and achievements lists the lady has remarkable and countless honors received.

In her influences, one of her earliest musical memories is listening to her mothers, songs at the club. Also, she includes in her inspirational list with Lata Ji, Asha Bhonsle, Kishor Kumar, Mukesh, Mohammad Rafi and more.

  1. Arijit Singh

Arijit Singh is a Bollywood Singers
Arijit Singh

We are discussing all time famous singers, so how we can escape the one who is just mesmerizing India with his tremendous vocals. Arijit Singh is the most popular and skilled Indian musician, singer, composer, music producer, recorder, and music programmer. He was born on 25th April 1987 in West Bengal to Punjabi father and a Bengali mother. With the musical family background, he started his training at his home with his maternal aunt. At the age of 3 little Arijit Singh started his training under Hazari Brothers; also he got the scholarship from the government for training in vocals at the age of nine. He approached in Fame Gurukul Reality show also where unfortunate his luck couldn’t let him win the show and audiences, though he got eliminated on the sixth position. Winnings come to those who wish for and hard work for, and that what made Arijit shifted to Mumbai after winning another show 10 ke 10 le Gaye dil, with that prize money he buys his own studio in Mumbai and started composing music. His voice got the recognized when he debuts for Bhansali film Saawariya for a song “Yun Shabnami”. He is ruling the Industry with his voice texture and style singing.

Throughout his career, he is still on roads to achieve more awards and achievements which are to date countless.

Top 12 Amazing Indian Chefs that are World Famous

The world is surviving through food, and we cannot deny the fact of that food plays a very major role in our lives. Our body needs the energy to work, and that energy we obtain from food. India is a country which is famous for its food quality and the range availability.

There is a famous quote or you can say a saying “Your mom cooks the best food ever in the Universe”. We are living at the state of mind right now with more hardworking and dreams oriented living lifestyle, those dreams don’t belong only by the workings and putting efforts but also the energy we consume for it, we need food.

The love for food that people do have these days is just unbelievable. People these days are more foodie they are more open towards trying new options available in the market with different tastes of food and dishes. Although the best food will be forever by our mother’s, whereas we have second options for our food craving is our Chef’s. Great cooks or chefs play a role of sorcerers. That sounds strange when someone is not obsessed with food; however, almost everybody loves to eat. And being a food lover, how we can just not be aware of the great talents from this food industry which strongly plays an impactful move with their quality cooking skills and also have become the famous personalities in the top chef’s list. So, here we would love to highlight our Top 12 Amazing Indian Chef’s from the country that is World Famous.

1) Vikas Khanna

Culinary Experts
Chef Vikas Khanna

In 2011, the People magazine named the Vikas Khanna in the sexiest men alive also referred to him “The Hottest Chef of America”. Yes, we are going to know more a bit about this Chef, none other than Vikas Khanna. This famous chef is currently based in New York City, and the chef is of Indian nationality. Despite the tag of being only an Indian Chef, he is also a restaurateur, cookbook writer, filmmaker, humanitarian, and the judge of the famous show MasterChef India and MasterChef Junior as well.

Khanna belongs to Amritsar, Punjab, India. He was born on 14th November 1971 to Davinder Khanna(his father) and Bindu Khanna (mother). In his family, he is the second child and has one elder brother Nishant Khanna and younger sister Radhika Khanna. The chef wasn’t born perfect as he faced misaligned within his legs and feet that was until the age when he was 13. Behind his secrecy talent with great cooking skills he was inspired by his grandmother, and started learning his cooking from his grandmother with the variety of dishes made him try within new taste and choice. Moving with his education he finished with his academics in the year 1991 and his study was from Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration. After his education, he established with SAANCH, an event which holds some food and tradition from many different places and that was his start-up which made him build his confidence within.
With his careers, He had served his quality work for with some famous and renowned hotels in India, such as Taj, Oberoi, Welcome Group, and Leela Group of Hotels also with the most influential chefs of the world he has worked with Gordon Ramsay, Bobby Flay, Jean Georges Vongerichten. He also started his own restaurant in 2010, 2nd December in Flatiron district of Manhattan, New York, named Junoon, which has been also received a favorable review from Sam Sifton on March 29, 2011.
•His Achievements cannot be missed, as By Michelin Guide for 2012, 2013, 2014 he received Michelin star for his restaurant.
•Awarded to GQ India man of the year 2012, also he was featured on the cover of Men’s Health India Magazine- October 2012.

2) Sanjeev Kapoor

Culinary Expert India
Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

On the list of most amazing chefs of India the trending and with his magical recipes and best conveying method recipes Sanjeev Kapoor is an Indian celebrity chef, also an entrepreneur writer and television personality. Food is always at the heart of everyone. The chef is known for his nature of doing small things in a great way that’s making him different from others. The chef is born to a Punjabi family and was born on 10th April 1964 Ambala, Haryana (erstwhile Punjab). His schooling is mostly in New Delhi. He started his field career in the hospitality industry since 1984 from Institute of Hotel Management, Pusa Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition New Delhi. His parents always encouraged the young Kapoor to follow his dreams, with keen to learn always Sanjeev Kapoor became a chief Executive chef at hotel Varanasi Ashok. Chef Kapoor stars in the TV show also Khana Khazana the longest running show of its kind in Asia. He has launched his own FOOD FOOD channel; also Discovery channel through its Indian organization has acquired a majority stake in Kapoor’s channel.With a lot of his work experiences with hotels, he became the Executive Chef of the Centaur Hotel in Mumbai.
•His significance over the food industry is quite best, as he is the recipient of the Best Executive Chef of India Award by H & FS and the Mercury Gold Award at Geneva, by Indian Federation of Culinary Associations, also recruited as one of the members of international Culinary Panel, by Singapore Airlines.
•He is also awarded Padma Shri in 2017 as the fourth highest Indian national honor.

3) Ranveer Brar

Culinary Expert

Top 12 Amazing Indian Chefs that are World Famous

The youngest star chef among the top 12 chefs, Ranveer Brar was an official culinary expert at the age at 25 years old have ever worked with a five-star in India. Ranveer Brar (born 8th February 1978 Lucknow). Besides this Ranveer Brar is also a TV Host, judge, and food stylist. He has been serving his talent through his some of the television shows include Breakfast Xpress, Snack Attack, Homemade, The Great Indian Rasoi. He has been also one of the judges for the season for the MasterChef India, which based on the British competitive cooking game show.

The inspiration behind becoming a chef was the local kebab vendors in Lucknow, to pursue his love for food. The path of love for food took him joined the Institute of Hotel Management, Lucknow, for more formal beginning into the culinary world. The first start-up of his career was with the Taj Mahal Hotel; also in 2001, he opened “Morisco” seafood restaurant, “il Camino” an Italian and “Fishtail” a small open-air barbeque eatery. At present, he is the senior official culinary expert at Novotel Mumbai, Juhu Beach. Also, he is supervising the Dosa Factory and Shalimar in Cambridge in addition to Mantra in Boston.
With his Awards and recognition he had a long list with himself, let’s have a major of it to highlight:

•He was acknowledged by the James Beard Foundation, New York for his magnificent contribution.
•Also featured among the top 50 chefs in the Indian Culinary Forum book.
•The first Indian Brand Ambassador for Italy’s Bertolli Olive Oil.
•Awarded with “Indian of the Year” for Chef and TV host of the year 2017.

4) Madhur Jaffrey

Culinary Experts
Top 12 Amazing Indian Chefs that are World Famous

In the list of our chefs, the nest is our Lady star chef Madhur Jaffrey. She has known also the Indian-born actress, food and travel writer, and a television personality. She born (13th August 1933, in Civil lines Delhi. With her famous cookbooks, she has written about over a dozen of them and appeared on several related television programs, in which the most notable was Madhur Jaffrey’s Cookery which premiered in UK, 1982. She is also the food consultant at Dawat, as counted the best Indian restaurants available in New York City.
Most of her historic academics are fulfilled with the musical and playing roles in Dramas. Rest she learned cooking when she came to Britain in the mid-fifties at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (Rada). Madhur wasn’t girl children who use to spent her time in the kitchen, as it’s only in London when she began her cooking skills. In 1960’s was the time when she gets the opportunity to work along with BBC as on the show on Indian cooking.

An overview of her work includes the best of BBC series, including ‘Madhur Jaffrey’s Indian Cookery,” which made her a household name in England.
Her achievement is being contributed in culinary world through her words. Her books have won awards from International Association of Culinary Professionals and James Beard Foundation also received for her writings the recognition from The New York Times, Newsweek, Sunday Observer, Gourmet, Readers Digest, and Food & Wine.

5) Atul Kochhar

Culinary Experts

Top 12 Amazing Indian Chefs that are World Famous

In the world of Kitchen, our next renowned Chef is Atul Kochhar. Khochhar (born 31st August 1969, Jamshedpur). As he is also known as the British based chef, restaurateur and television personality. He is the first Indian chef who received a Michelin star at the age of 31, awarded in Benares restaurant in London in 2007. With his glorious work he is a regular guest on BBC’s Saturday Kitchen, also he has launched his own television show (Atul’s Spice Kitchen).

At the age of 20, in 1989 he started his career along with The Oberoi group of hotels in India; he worked over there for next five years with Oberoi Group till 1994. In the year 1994 the young chef moved and joined the restaurant renowned chef Bernard Kunig, until 2001, and moving the year 2002 he joined another venture of Marks and Spencer’s as a consultant chef on Indian diets. In 2007, he opens his own Restaurant and Bar (Benares) in London, which is counted one of the finest restaurants on Indian food in the city. With only going with hikes he also opened his first restaurant in Ireland, in 2008. And in the year 2013, he opened Rang Mahal in Dubai JW Marriot Marquis Hotel. With his achievements, he received an Honorary Doctorate Degree from the University of Southampton.
The chef is also involved in the children’s charities Barnardo’s, Great Ormond Street Hospital and save the children. He is also an Ambassador for Find Your Feet.

6) Ritu Dalmia

Culinary Expert

Top 12 Amazing Indian Chefs that are World Famous

The Lady Chef Ritu Dalmia Born in Kolkata to a Marwari Family, 1973, she is an Indian Celebrity chef and restaurateur. The chef and co-owner of the famous Italian restaurant Diva in Delhi, she established it in 2000, with the co-founder Gita Bhalla under partnership firm “Riga Food”. She has also started with her hosting a TV cookery show “Italian Khana “for NDTV Good Times for three seasons, also published her first cookbook by the same name in 2009.At the age of her 16, she joined her family business of marble stone. She learned and started liking Italian cuisine during the period when she got the opportunity to be in Italy for sourcing for her work. At the early age only 22, she started her first restaurant ‘MezzaLuna’. Without any professional training, the chef is one of India’s best-recognized faces in the culinary world.

With hosting the TV series “Italian Khana” regularly for three seasons she won numerous television awards. She also has been playing a role as consulting chef with Divattra, the spa restaurant at ‘Ashok Hotel’, Delhi.
In 2011, she has been awarded the Order of the Star of Italian Solidarity by Government of Italy.

7) Tarla Dalal

Culinary Experts

Top 12 Amazing Indian Chefs that are World Famous

One of the best selling cookbook author and host of cooking TV series ‘Cooking up with Tarla Dalal’ Tarla Dalal was one of the best and most recognized across Indian Kitchens. How we can forget her cooking shows, despite that she also ran the largest Indian food web site. The culinary expert Tarla Dalal was born 3rd June, in Pune. She was born into a Marathi Brahmin family.
An entrepreneur Dalal started her innings with conducting cooking classes from her home in 1966, which also led her to the publication of her first cookbook. The book sold over 1,500,000 copies and over the time her popularity grew and became a household name, with housewives and chefs swearing by her recipes.
Later, she conducted cookery shows around the world.

• She was also honored “Women of the Year” Award for her proprietorship skills and revolutionizing the culinary industry in 2005, she had also received Padma Shri Award for her contribution in cooking industry and became the first Indian cookbook author to receive the honor.
She died in the year 2013 at the age of 77, following a cardiac arrest. Her website is currently listed amongst top 10 cookery sites of the world.

8) Hari Nayak

Culinary Experts
Top 12 Amazing Indian Chefs that are World Famous

Hari Nayak is another name from the culinary world, as famous Indian Chef, Restaurateur, Author, and Writer. He was born on 8th February 1974 Udupi, Karnataka. He is popular in North America with his skilled and quality culinary knowledge. He is not counted only a chef; as he owns several restaurants and has authored several books. He is famous for his simplistic cooking tips with Indian food. He worked in India before traveling towards the culinary institute; he had also worked in restaurants in London, New York, & Paris.

Presently he is known for his several topmost restaurants. The chef is graduated from the Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration in Manipal, Karnataka India. Also after graduating from the Culinary Institute of America in 1998, he worked in a restaurant in New York. Hari is also co-founder of “Cooking for life” which was founded by the great chef Vikas Khanna.
This Indian chef is been able to provide a new contemporary outlook on Indian Food, also as one that is creating an awareness of sorts in North America today.

9) Nita Mehta

Culinary Experts
Top 12 Amazing Indian Chefs that are World Famous

From the world of cooking, almost every chef is famous for his/her cookbooks as well. Moving to the next food expert Nita Mehta is an Indian celebrity, author, restaurateur, and a media personality. She was born on 12th January. Nita is best known for her cookbooks, cooking classes, and also as a celebrity judge on the shows for cooking, she has been called “cooking expert and “Nutrition expert”. Nita has been authored more than 400 cookbooks which have been sold out worldwide.
Since her teens only she has interest in cooking, she use baked cookies and cakes with the help of her neighbor aunts. Thus she decided to become a culinary expert passion as her path.
This chef has especially known for her some special contribution to her cooking books such as Olive oil, Vegetarian Chinese, Zero oil cooking, Diabetes Delicious, etc. She also runs her culinary academy (Nita Mehta Culinary Academy) in New Delhi, 2001. Including in her habits or hobbies, she loves to travel, visiting different restaurants and trying their dishes. In the year 2012, she turned restaurateur with the launch of her own restaurant Kelong at Sarabha Nagar in Ludhiana. As celebrity judge she has judged several cooking contests, such as Mallika –e-Kitchen in the year 2011 which culminated at JW Marriot in Chandigarh, also in the year 2011 later she appeared on the television cooking contest MasterChef India as a judge.

Her achievement worked out well when she received an award for Best Asian Cookbook Award at the world cookbook fair in Paris for her book Flavors of Indian Cooking.

10) Manish Mehrotra

Culinary Experts

Top 12 Amazing Indian Chefs that are World Famous

Manish Mehrotra is an Indian Chef. The chef was born in Patna, Bihar India. He completed his hotel management from the Institute of Hotel Management, Mumbai. Chef Manish developed an intense liking for the energy, order, and satisfaction of a high volume kitchen. After his completion in course of Hotel Management, he joined Taj Hotel Group as a kitchen management trainee where he widens his love and knowledge for food.
In 2000 chef joined Old World Hospitality’s Oriental Octopus and also traveled across Asia to train in Pan Asian Cuisine, his journey of nine years sharpen his cooking skills and his taste buds, where he developed a passion for unusual ingredients and flavor combinations. With the year 2009, he launched Indian Accent in New Delhi, where he designs a flavor with the contemporary Indian menu of Indian Accent.
• In the list of his achievements, he has won several awards which include Foodistan, a television cooking game show by NDTV GoodTimes.
• Best Chef in the year 2010 & 2012, with award Vir Sanghvi Award, American Express Best Chef of the Year in the year 2015.
• In the year 2016, his restaurant got ranked as “Best Restaurant in India” also at Ninth “Best Restaurant in Asia”.

11) Saransh Goila

Culinary Experts

Top 12 Amazing Indian Chefs that are World Famous

The young culinary expert Saransh Goila(born 17th February 1987) Delhi, India. At the age of 12 only he made his first Jalebi for his family and the love and being an enthusiast for food at an early age, the chef set his goals to just as his path. In the year 2008, he graduates from the Institute of Hotel Management, Aurangabad (Taj Group of Hotels). After his academics, he pursues his high professional training at Taj Kitchens and worked for a year in Leela Kempinski, Bangalore.The young boy got fame when is won the FoodFood Maha Challenge.He is also the author of the acclaimed food travelogue ‘India on my platter’. Saransh Is one of the youngest celebrity chefs and at age of 27, only his bucket of success is filled with a lot of achievements such as Brand Ambassador for Bergner-Austria for 8 months in the year 2013. Also, Record in Limca Book of Records is the first Indian Chef to travel 20,000 km by road in 100 days and discovered India’s rich foods.He has also hosted the web series The Spice Traveller on his Youtube Channel. Also numbers of TV shows also he has been hosted. Currently, he is based in Delhi and hosting Roti Rasta our India and Healthy Fridge on Food Food Channel.

12) Gaggan Anand

Culinary Experts

Top 12 Amazing Indian Chefs that are World Famous

Gaggan Anand is an Indian chef and the owner & executive chef of the progressive Indian Restaurant Gaggan in Bankok, Thailand.
The Chef roots are from Kolkata Indian, but origin to Punjabi family. The secret of this culinary amazing expert chef is that he didn’t have that keen interest in cooking initially, as he was more interested in music, as he has performed as a drummer in local rock bands before his cooking world.

He pursues his diploma in Hotel Management from a catering college (Indian Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology). He started with his training at Taj Group Only. Anand left his training later for pursuing his further career in Bangkok, where he gets the opportunity to work at Red, a restaurant that specialized in contemporary Indian cuisine.In the year 2010 December Anand opened Gaggan since the year restaurant has repeatedly placed on the Restaurant’s The World’s 50 Best Restaurants in List. As in his favorites foods list, he loves Amritsari chhole, Kerala fish fry and more. The love for his country made him visit India every Diwali, where his mother lives.
The chef was also profiled in Season 2’s Episodes 6 of Netflix Chef’s Table.Anand is also planning to close Gaggan in 2020 to start-up a 10 seat restaurant that opens only on weekends Fukuoka, Japan.

As above we have discussed the top amazing 12 chefs or culinary artists from India who just made India as a remarkable country worldwide in the cooking world. There are much more in the lists who are contributing in the cooking world with their unbelievable fusion, contemporary, and different style of cooking skills and setting a tough competition across the world. The fact of living is that we cannot imagine even how vast Culinary World is, as it’s is like an experiment which is being happened in the kitchens of great skillful chef’s.




Top 12 Famous Sports Personalities in India

Sports have been always greeted as a special occasion in our Indian culture, being an Indian we have always proud towards our sports champions and different trades of sports stars. We can also say we Indian connect well to our sports whether it is from Cricket, hockey, Football, Badminton, or any other sport we have always chased it for and supported in all way we can.

How a moment can be rid of from our childhood where we use to play in our streets with great participation in cricket sport. Those memories are still being cherished by us while sitting with any of our old friend circles. However, the numbers of newsprint to daily discussions are dedicated to cricket, will definitely assure that cricket has been always a favorite sport among all of us. Even though hockey is our official Indian Sport and football also enjoys a fair degree of popularity but cricket has been always loved the most by Indians. With the time a little ratio audience can be seen in a court of other sports as well, like our Indian traditional and Olympics Sports.

Moving ahead, with briefly every sport is blessed with some gems which have been always greeted like a god or stars for the particular sports. So from those pride of stars let’s have our Top 12 Famous Sports Personalities of India who have always contributed at their bests.

1.) Sachin Tendulkar:

Sachin Tendulkar (Master Blaster)Former Master Blaster, Indian captain and greeted a God of Cricket, star cricketer Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar has been always regarded as one of the greatest batsmen of all time in Indian Cricket Team. Sachin Tendulkar was born 24th April 1973, at the age of 11 he was introduced to his dream and he became the youngest test cricketer at the age of 16 years old. He was born to a well-known Marathi novelist, Ramesh Tendulkar at the Nirmal Nursing Home in Dadar Mumbai. Her Mother was also worked in Insurance Company. He developed an interest in Lawn Tenis and started idolizing John McEnroe. His achievements are just uncountable; he became the first cricketer to score 35 centuries (100 runs in a single inning) in Test play. Sometimes when dreams are bigger you are unstoppable and you forget other valuable achievements, as our Indian little master was keen to just fly all over towards his dreams, and to fulfilling he ignored even his academics. All we can say cricket born to Sachin Tendulkar. With his records we cannot imagine how this God of cricket being contributing but let’s have some highlights of his major expressions of achievements:

  • In 1998 he made 1,894 ODI runs, which is a record for the most ODI runs by any batsman in a calendar year.
  • Most number of Test runs: 15,921
  • Most number in ODI runs 18, 426
  • Fastest to 10,000 runs in Test Matches (195 innings-along with Brian Lara (WI) and Kumar Sangakkara (SL).
  • Most numbers of centuries in World Cup history
  • Most fifties in Tests: 68 and many more records where he always justifies the passion he aimed for.

Currently, he is the member of Indian’s upper house of parliament (Rajya Sabha).

2.) Saina Nehwal:

Saina-NehwalMoving ahead our next famous sports personality is our Haryana Badminton Player Saina Nehwal, A Girl who break the records and make a remarkable achievement in Badminton sport. Saina Nehwal counted among the world’s top players in women’s badminton and she has won a number of the championship. At the age of her teen only she won the Under-19 championships and from there that only she went from strength to strength as she grows her game quickly and started winning major trophies in the professional circuit. This Haryanvi sporty Woman was born on 17TH March 1990 in Hisar Haryana. She has a younger sister and her father worked at Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agriculture University Haryana.In her education Nehwal passed her high school from St. Anne’s College Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad.  In her early childhood days, she started his coaching by Nani Prasad because of her keen interest towards it. She enters the limelight when she burst the records in Under-19 national championships. She also won the Asian Satellite Badminton Tournament two times record.

  • Her major achievements; in 2006 she won the Philippines Open Tournament. Also, she won the Indonesia Open in 2009.
  • Nehwal won the gold medal in the women’s singles category and rounded off the year with 2010 Indonesia Super Series title.
  • In 2014, 26th January Saina also won the singles title at the India Open Grand Prix.

At very young age she has been proving herself and setting the records for our upcoming Sports stars.Nehwal also has achieved some good rewards through her quality performances where she just got awards, as she awarded the Arjuna Award in 2009 and a year later, the government of India honored her with Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian honor in India. In 2016 she is also awarded the Padma Bhushan.

3.) Vishwanathan Anand:

Viswanathan-AnandA five-time winner in chess, this sports star is a Grandmaster and dominated the world of chess for the six years from 2007 to 2013. Vishwanathan Anand a chess champion was born on 11 December 1969, Mayiladuthurai, Tamil Nadu, India. He was born into a Brahmin family, his father; Vishwanathan Iyer worked with Southern Railways, where his mother Susheela was a housewife. We all know the achievers have some inspirations behind their success, although Anand mother was a huge fan of chess and taught him to play the game at his very early stage about five to six year. In 1983 at the age of 14 he won the National Sub-Junior Chess Championship and at age of 16, he becomes the national champion. Her mother supported and motivated him always to build up his career as a chess player. At his early stages only he becomes very famous chess player. His academics were also being highlighted as more with his championships in his chess career.His major contributions are big in numbers, so let’s have some of his popular and good rewards:

  • At age of 18, he became the Indian’s first grandmaster, though he won the World Junior Chess Championship.
  • The luckiest year was 2000 when Anand played World Chess Championship and won his first title after several years of near-hits where he beat Alexei Shirov to clinch the World Chess Championship.
  • In the year 2013, the defending champion has faced 22-year-old Magnus Carlsen who was the winner of the 2013 candidate’s championship.

Not stopping here the champ is also considered one of the best contemporary chess players in the world. He is a five-time winner of the World Chess Championship and was undisputed World No.1 From 2007 to 2013. He has been awarded Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award and In 2007 he was presented the Padma Vibhushan.

4.) Abhinav Bindra

A famous shooter Abhinav Bindra is the most famous Indian Sports Person in India. He has won the gold medal for Olympics in the year 2008. A shooter achieved for his self as the first Indian in shooting the 10 m Air Rifle and winning the Gold Medal. The renowned shooter Abhinav Bindra was born on 28th September 1982 in Dehradun, Indian. He is born in a well-to-do Punjabi Sikh family.

During his academics only and at the age of 15, he participated in the Commonwealth Games. He came in the fame when in 2010 he won the Gold medal in the 10m Air Rifle. Being a support his parents have been always motivated him and with that interest to encourage in their way they had an indoor shooting range installed at their home in Patiala. His first noticing was when he won the bronze medal in 2001 Munich World Cup. With this flow after his graph was settled up with several medals in Commonwealth Games over the years and has also won the World Shooting Championship.

Besides, this he is the first Indian to win an Individual gold medal at the Olympic Games. He has been honored with the Arjuna Award in 2000 and with Padma Bhushan.

5.) Sania Mirza:

Our Indian is enlisted with great Sports personalities from divergent sports. In which Sania Mirza is one of the top doubles tennis players in the world. This Tennis star was born in Mumbai on 15th November 1986 where his father was in a construction business and mother was also in a printing business. She has a younger sister in her family. At her early age only she was shifted to Hyderabad and there only she started learning Lawn Tennis from her father at the age of six. In her academics, she is graduated but her real call was always to become a professional tennis Player.

Her career graph was quite impressive as in 2001 she started playing ITF tournaments and the following year she won three titles. She becomes a professional in 2003 and started playing in major tournaments. She has been regarded as one of the finest doubles players without any doubts.

Mirza Awards and Achievements are remarkable though which she was awarded the Arjuna Award from the government in 2004, also in 2006 she was awarded the Padma Shri and also The Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award.

6.) Dhyan Chand:

Major-Dhyan-ChandHockey is our official Indian Sport, and this sport also had his gem. With Three Olympic gold medals in hockey, Indian hockey player Dhyan Chand was undoubtedly among the finest sportsmen ever who just grace the game. He was also known as “The Wizard” of his supernatural strokes in a hockey game. He was famous for his tremendous control over the ball and was an expert at dribbling. He was captain of Indian hockey team. He was offered a German citizenship and the post Colonel in the German Army by Adolf Hitler. Dhyan Chand was born 29th August 1905 in Allahabad. At his age 16, he joined Indian Army. During his army stint, he started playing hockey seriously. Later, 1922 he started playing in army hockey tournaments.

  • From the years 1928, 1932 and 1936 he was the part of Indian hockey teams and that time he won Olympic gold medals for Indian Hockey Team. In his sporting career, he had scored more than, 1,000 goals out of which 400 were international ones.
  • He was also honored with Padma Bhushan, also on 29th August on his birthday we celebrate a National Sports Day in India.

7.) Leander Paes

From the tennis Sport, we have a professional tennis player Leander Paes in India. Throughout his career, he won eight doubles and six mixed doubles Grand Slam titles. He was born into Goan parents in Kolkata where he was raised. He completed his schooling from La Martiniere and later went to the St. Xavier’s College. From an early age he took his profession to be a tennis player, at the age of his five he started his coaching from Britannia Amritraj Tennis Academy. He tastes his first success when he won Wimbledon Junior title to become the No. 1 in the junior world ranking.

  • With his whole career graph, he played and contributed well to the nation. He becomes a professional in 1991, and the very next he played along with Ramesh Krishnan in the quarterfinals of the doubles event in Barcelona Olympics.
  • Leander Paes has rewarded with an astonishing eight doubles and six mixed doubles Grand Slam title wins. He won a bronze medal for India in 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.
  • He is also has been presented with the Arjuna Award in 1990 for his achievements in Tennis Sport, not only this but he was also honored with Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna, and Padma Shri award in India.

8.) Mary Kom

MC-Mary-KomMary Kom is the only woman boxer who represented our nation and also managed to qualify for the 2012 Summer Olympics where she also won a Bronze Medal. The star boxer was born on 1st March 1983 in Kangathei, Manipur, India. She was the eldest of four siblings. She was a great supporter of her family as she managed to secure and took care of her younger siblings and also did worked in the field with her parents to help them. She was a girl with different interests who just use to play a variety of sports like Hockey, football, and athletics, but surprisingly not boxing!

  • She got inspired by the Dingko Singh after he won gold at Asian Games in 1988. Her major winnings, the first career win came in 2000 for her, when she won the Best Boxer Award at the First State Level Invitation at the women’s boxing championship in Manipur. She has also won total of five National Championship held in West Bengal.
  • The year 2008, she participated in the Asian Women’s Boxing Championship in India where she won a silver medal.

Moving to her awards and achievements she is the best for being a five-time World Amateur Boxing Champion, a feat which makes her one of the best ever women boxer world ever produced.She has been honored with Padma Shri in 2010 and also Padma Bhushan In 2013. Mary Kom won a Gold Medal in flyweight category as well in the year 2014.

9.) Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj-SinghHow we can miss our nation Cricket another champ Yuvraj Singh an Indian International cricketer, who plays all forms of the game. This star was born on 12th December 1981 in Chandigarh India. He made is cricket debut in March 2003 against New Zealand. He is one of the most popular talented all-rounder and most favorite player in India.

He represented India 304 times till date in ODIs with scoring about 8701 runs at an average. He was also diagnosed with a cancerous tumor, where we have seen his performance during a World Cup 2011 where he was not well; still, he made our nation proud and made us winning that Cup. An evident can be seen included his blood vomiting. That was a historic win for an Indian Cricket team.His achievements and Awards are just like an icing on a cake, our Indian Heartthrob Yuvraj Singh holds the fastest records as T20 fifty by the score it in 12 balls. He was being awarded the Arjuna Award in the year 2012 by the president of India. In 2014 he was also awarded Padma Shri Award.

In the year 2014 February, he was honored with FICCI Most Inspiring Sportsperson Award.

10.) Milkha Singh

Milkha-SinghMoving to our Indian other sports Leader Milkha Singh also known as “The Flying Sikh” is our former Indian track and field sprinter who was the first Indian male athlete to win an individual athletics gold medal at the Commonwealth Games. This Flying Sikh is highly respected for his sporting achievements. Milkha Singh was born on 20th November 1929, Govindpura, Muzaffargarh District, Pakistan into a Sikh Rathore Rajput Family. During the partition in India, he was still a teenager, he also witnessed the killings of his parent’s several siblings before his eyes. By winning several Gold medals in international sporting events like Commonwealth Games and Asian Games he made his motherland proud.Throughout his career, it wasn’t an easy for him to achieve all these achievements, as he tried to join army thrice initially where he was rejected, however, finally he got selected in his fourth attempt. In the year, 1951, he was posted at the Electrical Mechanical Engineering Centre in Secunderabad and that’s he was introduced at athletics.

The living in a rural place a young Milkha Singh had a habit of running the 10km distance to reach his school. Realizing later, that he had potential to become the best at he started training five hours daily, often in running on terrains or Hills. He was also chosen to represent India in the 200m and 400m races in Melbourne 1956 Olympic Games.

His achievements and awards are like in the year 1958 he won his major events.

  • The flying Sikh Milkha Singh also won the Gold Medals in 200m and 400m competitions at the Asian Games and Gold at the 440 yards event in Commonwealth Games.
  • In 1959, he was given Padma Shri for his glorious achievements in the field of Sport.
  • Our nation proud sports soul has donated his medals to the nation which were displayed at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.

11.) Sushil Kumar

Sushil-KumarThe young freestyle wrestler of our nation who became the first Indian to win back to back individual Olympic medals, Sushil Kumar won a silver medal at the 2012 London Olympics and the bronze medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The Wrestler star was born on 26th May 1983, Baprola village, located in outskirts of New Delhi.

At the age of 14, Sushil Kumar training as the wrestler at the ‘akhada’, one of his trainer was the famous wrestler Satpal. In 1998 he won his first tournament when he emerged as the gold medal winner at the World Cadet Games. Later Two years, he went on to win the gold medal yet again at the Asian Junior Wrestling Championship.

His awards and achievements made him a one of the popular sports person in Indian. He was bestowed with the highest sporting honor in India, in the year 2008 with the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award. Also in the year 2011, he was honored with Padma Shri. Unlike other wrestlers of past, Sushil Kumar is also popular personality and endorses plenty of products. He is India’s popular best ever freestyle wrestlers and the great role model who has inspired many youngsters to take up the wrestling sport.

12.) Bhaichung Bhutia

Bhaichung BhutiaLastly, how can we forget a star from the sports world of our frequently getting popular Football these days? Bhaichung Bhutia is a retired Indian footballer of the Sikkimese-Bhutia descent who played as a striker. This striker born on 15th December 1976, Tinkitam, the man who made us fall in love with Indian Football.
It was quite hard to find ever to move beyond cricket. However, Bhaichung Bhutia managed that and changes that for us. He is that one player, or we can say a warrior, who made a mark in a game. He carved a special place for himself and achieved to set a record in Indian football’s history. Coming from a small village Tinkitam, Sikkim, it was never easy for him a long way like a star that marked the goals in football. At the age of 9, he received the scholarship at the Tashi Namgyal Academy, Gangtok. He impressed everyone over there by his football strokes including former Indian Bhaskar Ganguly.
In 1997 back to East Bengal, that time he created the history by becoming the first player to score a hat-trick in the hotly contested derby against arch-rivals Mohun Bagan.
The year 2008 where the AFC Challenge Cup, enabled India to compete for the Asia Cup for the first time since 1984 and also winning the SAFF Championships thrice, was the most successful era where Indian team led.
Even after he retired, his commitment toward Indian football was unquestionable. He worked as a manager with United Sikkim; also in Delhi, he started a school, where 30% of the children are from the underprivileged sections of the society.

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32 Popular Indian Bollywood Hindi Movies Actors/Actresses of all time

We all love watching movies as it is a significant part of entertainment. We come across individuals who just love to watch the First Day First Show, no matter what happens. To some of us it is just a “time-pass” and to some it can be the only means of enjoyment. And why not? India has produced some of the very brillant actors and actresses in past few decades, and many of acted so well in comedies, dramas, horror movies that they became superstar overnight. Today India is a largest hub of Hindi movies and the biggest film-making industry (know as bollywood) in the world. In India different categories of movies have been made like, art films, commercial films, documentaries, biographies etc. Some of our favorite movies have also been nominated for the Greatest movie award:”The Oscar” But, how often we remember those crews or the team whose relentless hard work makes a film successful? Ironically enough, we hardly think of the director, script-writers, cameramen, choreographer, stunt-man’s etc without whom a film success is virtually impossible.

We have tried to create a list of film actors and actresses from India with photos. Many of these Indian actors not only specialize in film, but also in television and even in theaters, They are some of the most popular and best Indian actors the country has ever seen. Actors on the list include everyone from Shahrukh Khan to Madhuri dixit to Dilip Kumar. In short it covers all old and young Indian actors. So below are the 32 Popular Indian Bollywood lead actors and actresses of all time:

(1) Nargis:

<img src="Nargis.jpg" alt="image of Nargis most popular bollywood hindi movie actress of all time">
Nargis was a pioneer of acting in Indian Cinema

Starting with Nargis. She is undoubtedly one of Great actresses that India has ever produced. Throughout her career (from 1940s towards the 1960s), Nargis appeared in various commercially effective as well as significantly appreciated movies. Among her best-known roles had been that of Oscar-nominated film Mother India released in the year 1957, an overall performance that received her Best Actress award at the Filmfare Awards. Another significant work of her during that period was Raat Aur Din released on 1967, which is why she was handed the initial National Movie Award that was held for the very first time and she was awarded as the Best Lead Actress. Nargis played significant roles in movies like Barsaat, Andaz, Awaara, Deedar, Shree 420, and Chori Chori. In the year 2011, Rediff. com listed this iconic lady as the best actress ever, stating, “An actress along with range, design, grace as well as an incredibly comfortable screen existence, Nargis can be quite a leading woman to celebrate.” The postal seal of approval of encounter value one hundred paise had been issued through India Post was released in Nargis‘ honour upon Dec 30th, 1993. Search engines Google celebrated Nargis Dutt on her behalf 86th birthday celebration on 06 1st, 2015. Unfortunately enough she expired on May 2nd 1981, and although she stopped performing at the top of her career, she had provided enough excellent performances that could put the woman amongst the best of all time.

(2) Raj Kapoor:

<img src="Raj-Kapoor.jpg" alt="image of Raj-Kapoor most popular bollywood actor of all time">
Raj Kapoor – The Showman of the millennium

He is known as “the greatest showman of Hindi Cinema” and would simply walk into the list of Indian Bollywood Movies Actors of all time. He is highly regarded as one of the biggest and most important actors as well as filmmakers within the history associated with Indian cinema. Having been the winner of a number of accolades such as 3 Nationwide Film Honours and eleven Filmfare Accolades in India. The Filmfare Lifetime Accomplishment Award is termed after Raj Kapoor. He also received  a two-time nomination for the Palme d’Or grand reward at the Règles Film Event for their film Awaara and also Boot Polish. His performance in film Awaara had been ranked among the top ten best performances ever by the magazine Time. His films drew worldwide viewers, particularly inside Asia along with Europe. He was named as “the Clark Gable of the Indian film industry”. Raj Kapoor is actually appreciated each by movie critics as well as movie followers. Film historians and film buffs talk about him since the “Charlie Chaplin of Indian native cinema” since this individual often described a tramp-like figure, who else, despite difficulty, was still happy and truthful.  His other significant films where played a lead role included Anhonee, Aah , Chori Chori, Anari , Chhalia  and Dil Hi to Hai. He additionally produced the actual hit interpersonal films like Boot Polish.and Ab Dilli Doorway Nahin. The Government of India honoured him the Padma Bhushan in 1971 with regard to his efforts to the artistry. India’s greatest award throughout cinema the Dadasaheb Phalke Award was granted to him in the year 1987 also by the Government of India. A postage seal of approval, that embossed his face, was launched by Indian Post in order to honour him on fourteen December 2001.To felicitate him, the brass sculpture of his was revealed at Stroll of the Celebrities at Bandra Bandstand in Mumbai on March 2012. Google famed his 90th birthday in the year 2014.

(3) Madhubala:

<img src="Madhubala.jpg" alt="image of Madhubala most popular bollywood actress of all time">
Madhubala – The Beauty Queen

She is perhaps the most beautiful actress that Indian cinema has ever produced. Her career span was from 1942 till the year 1962. She made an appearance in traditional films associated with Hindi cinema. She is considered as the “Venus of Indian cinema” and the one who has “Beauty with Tragedy” Madhubala received broad recognition on her performances within films for example Mahal, Amar, Mr. and Mrs. ’55, Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi, Mughal-e-Azam as well as Barsaat Ki Raat. Madhubala‘s performance inside Mughal-e-Azam set up her being an iconic celebrity of Hindi Cinema. Her last movie was Jwala, even though shot in the 1950s, was launched in 1971. It had been the movie Mughal-e-Azam which marked exactly what many think about to be Madhubala’s greatest as well as definitive portrayal, as the condemned courtesan Anarkali. With Mughal-e-Azam, Madhubala revealed the world precisely what she might do. Madhubala acted within as many as 70 films through 1947 in order to 1964, however only 15 of which had been a blockbuster at the box office. She was the 1st woman who marked her presence in Hollywood.. In the early 1950s,Madhubala became one of the most desired actresses throughout India, this girl attracted the showbiz industry. She sprang out in the US magazine, TV shows, Arts everywhere. In May 1952, she appeared to be featured with an article by using a full internet page photograph below the title: “The Biggest Superstar in the World and this woman is not Beverly Hills”. The article identified Madhubala‘s great popularity around India, plus explored the woman wide plead and large group of followers. Academy Accolade winner North American director Frank Capra, though visiting Bombay for Overseas Film Pageant of Asia, was excited to give her break on Hollywood, only to be declined by her father Ataullah Khan. One of her co-actors and legends Dilip Kumar regrets that if she would have lived longer she would have been the top lead actress of her time. She will remain as a all time popular actress in the hearts of Indian public. In 2017 10th August, the newest Delhi centre of Madame Tussauds introduced a statute of Madhubala, as Anarkali (of Mughal-E-Azam fame) as being a tribute for the legendary presenter. It was inaugurated in Delhi on1st December 2017.

(4) Dilip Kumar:

<img src="Dilip-Kumar.jpg" alt="image of Dilip-Kumar most popular bollywood actor of all time">
Dilip Kumar TheTragedy King

I don’t think this iconic actor of Indian Cinema needs any introduction. Till the day Indian Cinema and Bollywood would exist, Dilip Kumar will be remembered, perhaps forever. Known popularly as the “Tragedy King” He is certainly one of the greatest Indian actors of all time. Kumar was one of the greatest Indian celebrities, and a leader of technique acting, predating Hollywood approach actors for example Marlon Brando. He acted more as many as six decades and played in more than 65 films. They include Andaz , Babul, Deedar, Aan ,Devdas, Azaad, Naya Daur,Yahudi, Madhumati, Kohinoor, the epic drama Mughal-e-Azam, Gunga Jamuna, and Ram Aur Shyam. On 1976, Dilip Kumar went on a five-year break right from film levels of performance and made a comeback with character role on the film Kranti in 1981 in addition to continued her career taking part in leading roles  in movies such as Shakti, Karma, Saudagar. Her last appearance was in Qila in the year 1998. He is the winner often Filmfare Prizes and is the best recipient of the first Filmfare Actor Honour (1954). The actor still secures the history for the most Filmfare Awards picked up with 8 wins. Pundits have well-known him as among the greatest characters in the heritage of Indian Cinema. Kumar‘s method had precisely influenced the future of several Indian actors which include Amitabh Bachchan, Naseeruddin Shah, Shah Rukh Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Manoj Kumar, Rajendra Kumar, Dharmendra, Rajesh Khanna, Aamir Khan, Akshay Kumar and so on. Not only being such a great actor himself, Dilip Kumar has launched successful actors like Dharmendra, Johny Walker, Aruna Irani etc. He also has his name in Guinness Book of World Records for winning most number of awards by an Indian film star. Kumar was awarded with the Padma Vibhushan in 2015, Padma Bhushan in 1991,Dadasaheb Phalke award in 1994. He was even awarded with Nishan-e-Imtiaz in the year 1998 by the Government of Pakistan which is its highest civilian award.

(5) Raaj Kumar:

<img src="Raaj-Kumar.jpg" alt="image of Raaj-Kumar most popular bollywood actor of all time">
Raaj Kumar The Dialogue King

A very popular actor of the yesteryear who acted in more than 70 movies and whose profession spanned over 4 decades. Raaj Kumar’s first appearance in Bollywood was in 1952 movie Rangili as well as appeared in films such as Aabshar, Ghamand, and Lakhon Mein Ek, but it had been as the Royal Prince Naushazad in Sohrab Modi’s Nausherwan-E-Adil he became popular. In 1957, he accomplished prominence together with his brief part as the spouse of Nargis in Mother India which was nominated for The Oscar in 1957.This individual followed this particular with the unglamorous role of the mill employee in Paigham alongside Dilip Kumar. In Sridhar’s Dil Ek Mandir, Raaj Kumar played the character of cancer affected individual for which the actor won the Filmfare Honor in the Best Supporting Acting Professional category. Having been cast along with Sunil Dutt, Shashi Kapoor and Balraj Sahni throughout Yash Chopra’s family episode Waqt more than 40 years ago. He grew to become known for their distinct type of dialogue delivery. His some other notable movies included Hamraaz, Heer Raanjha, Maryada, Lal Patthar and also Pakeezah. Over time of unsuccessful films  in the late 1973s and earlier 1980s, he had notable achievements as a assisting actor in Kudrat, Ek Nai Paheli, Marte Atteinte Tak, Muqaddar Ka Faisla and Jung Baaz. In the year 1991, he reunited with other veteran professional Dilip Kumar after thirty-two years in Subhash Ghai‘s Saudagar. Their last hit success in 1992 was the movie Tirangaa and his final movie was God and Gun in 1995. Through his début film Rangili in 1952 until his final film God and Gun, he had memorable performances in 60-odd films.

(6) Nutan:

<img src="Nutan.jpg" alt="image of Nutan best bollywood actress of all time">
Nutan was a memorable actress

This successful actress appeared in more than 70 Hindi motion pictures in a job spanning practically four decades. Regarded as one of many finest women actors in the history regarding Hindi theatre, Nutan ended up being noted regarding playing unusual characters along with her routines often acquired praise in addition to accolades. Nutan holds often the record of 5 wins of the highest Actress prize at Filmfare, which was held only by her over 30 years until it finally was combined by her niece Kajol in 2011. She’s overall the most-awarded actress at Filmfare, with half a dozen awards along with Jaya Bachchan. In year 1974, she was awarded the Padma Shri by the Authorities by the Indian Government. This actress starred in movies as Nagina and Humlog. Her role in Seema garnered her widespread identification and a Filmfare Award intended for Best Performer. She went on playing primary roles throughout the 1960s before late 1971s and took to gain the merit on a number of other instances for her assignments in Sujata, Bandini, Miami and Principal Tulsi Tere Aangan Ki. Some of the girl other video clips of this interval include Anari, Chhalia, Tere Ghar Ke Saamne, Saraswatichandra, Anuraag plus Saudagar. From the 1980s, Nutan started participating in character positions and extended working until eventually shortly ahead of her loss of life. She made mostly motherly roles a wonderful films while Saajan Ki Saheli, Meri Jung and even Naam. Your ex performance throughout Meri Jung earned the woman a 6th and very last Filmfare Merit, this time from the Best Actress classification. Filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali explained of him / her, “They no longer make actors like the girl anymore.”In 2011, stated her the third-greatest actress of all-time. In 2013, while inducting her acting in Bandini in their report on one of “25 Biggest Acting Performances of Indian Cinema”, Forbes India discovered, “Nutan’s renegade lay in throughout portraying an entirely range of emotion without the hassle over-the-top histrionics”. A postage imprint, bearing her photo, was published to compliment her by India’s Minister State of Communication and Information Technology in March 2011. Google commemorated Nutan with a Design on her 81st birthday.

(7) Prithviraj Kapoor:

<img src="Prithviraj-Kapoor.jpg" alt="image of Prithviraj-Kapoor most popular bollywood actor of all time">
Prithviraj Kapoor a pillar stone in the film industry

He is considered as the pillar stone of Indian Film Industry. Kapoor began their acting profession in the cinemas of Lyallpur and Peshawar. In 1928, he relocated to Bombay with a financial loan from his aunt. There this individual joined the Imperial Movies Company. This legendary actor acted as an extra in the first movie, Do Dhari Talwar, he continued to play a lead role in his 3rd film, entitled Cinema Girl, in the year 1929. After showcasing in 9 silent movies, including Dhari Talwar, Cinema Girl, Sher-e-Arab as well as Prince Vijaykumar, Kapoor played a assisting role in India’s very first silent film talkie, Alam Ara. His overall performance in Vidyapati was a lot appreciated. His best-known efficiency is perhaps Alexander-the-Great in Sohrab Modi‘s directed film Sikandar. He additionally joined the particular Grant Anderson Theatre Organization, an English theatrical company which remained in Bombay for any year. Via all these many years, Kapoor continued to be devoted to the theatre and also performed upon stage frequently. He created a popularity as a really fine and flexible actor to both the stage along with screen. His filmography career features the film: Mughal-E-Azam, in which he delivered an outstanding performance as the Mughal emperor Akbar, which will be remembered for lifetime. Another film Harishchandra Taramati in which he played the main lead as Porus in Sikandar-e-Azam which was unforgettable and  finally the stentorian grandfather on Kal Aaj Aur Kal, in which the person appeared and the son Raj Kapoor and grandson Randhir Kapoor. Kapoor also starred while in the legendary Punjabi film: Nanak Nam Jahaz Hai. The actor also starred in the Punjabi films Nanak Dukhiya Sub Sansar together with Mele Mittran De. He also served in the Kannada movie Sakshatkara, directed by Kannada director Puttanna Kanagal as Rajkumar’s father in the film. Indian Government awarded him with the Padma Bhushan  in1969 and also the Dadasaheb Phalke Award four decades ago for their contributions in the direction of Indian film industry.

(8) Guru Dutt:

<img src="Guru-Dutt.jpg" alt="image of Guru-Dutt most popular bollywood actor of all time">
Guru Dutt The Master Actor

He was a versatile actor and certainly one of the leading Indian Bollywood Movies Actors of all time. In the year 2010, he was awarded as the “top 25 Asian actors of all time”. He was most famous for making lyrical as well as artistic movies in well-known Hindi movie theatre of the 1950s, and growing its industrial conventions, beginning with his 1957 film Pyaasa. Several of their later functions have popularity. His films go joker when re-released; especially in Indonesia, France and also Japan. An inspiring performance came from him in the movie “Chaudhvin Ka Chand”. A Muslim love-triangle,that featured him along with Waheeda Rehman and Rehman. It was well directed by T. Sadiq together its title track “Chaudhvin Ka Chand Ho” had a special colour sequence. The only time, one can find out Guru Dutt in colour. Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam, the critically as well as commercially attracted film, had been directed by Abrar Alvi, that won your pet the Filmfare Best Director‘s award. The film starred Tragedy Queen Meena Kumari and the actor himself together with Rehman and also Waheeda Rehman in assisting roles. Dutt more or less created commercially effective films like Baazi, Pyaasa, Kaagaz Ke Phool, Chaudhvin Ka Chand and Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam had been the first of this type kind in Hindi film industry. The only film produced by Dutt that was regarded as a catastrophe was Kaagaz Ke Phool, which is a classic in today’s age but the loss incurred in that film was more than recovered through his following project, Chaudhvin Ka Chand.. Having been part of a special school involving Indian movie directors, such as the likes connected with Raj Kapoor, Mehboob Khan and Bimal Roy, who had been able to obtain the mixture of accomplishment in artistic as well as commercial films between the mid-1950s and mid-1960s. Pyaasa had been rated among the best one hundred films ever by Time magazine.In the year 2002 Sight & Sound critics’ ‘ and also directors’ survey, two of their films, Pyaasa and Kaagaz Ke Phool, were one of the top one hundred sixty greatest motion pictures of all time. In 2002 Sight & Sound poll rated Dutt at73 in its listing of all-time best directors, therefore making your pet the 8th highest-ranking filmmaker in Asia of all time.

(9) Waheeda Rehman:

<img src="Waheeda-Rehman.jpg" alt="image of Waheeda-Rehman most popular bollywood actress of all time ">
Waheeda Rehman a renowned actress during late 60s

Another well-known and very popular actress who started her acting career back in the year 1954, where she acted in few Telegu films initially. The girl first appeared in Hindi film which was CID with Dev Anand. Later on, she had been seen in a number of successful movies including Pyaasa, 12 O’Clock, Kaagaz Ke Phool, Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam as well as Chaudhvin Ka Chand. Other significant works of her consist of Solva Saal, Baat Ek Raat Ki, Kohra, Bees Sal Baad, Guide, Teesri Kasam, Mujhe Jeene Perform, Neel Kamal and Khamoshi. Waheeda Rehman set up a great professional relationship along with Dev Anand, and with each other as a set number of successful movies to their credit. The hits from the pair consist of CID, Solva Saal, Kala Bazar, Baat Ek Raat Ki as well as Guide, Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja and also Prem Pujari. She reached at the top with the film Guide and had been much sought after. Rehman was cast as Gulabi in Satyajit Ray‘s Bengali movie Abhijan. She worked partnered Kishore Kumar in a comic film Girl Friend. She continued to taste achievement in the late 60’s when the girl was associated with well established celebrities. She delivered hits with Dilip Kumar in 3 successive years; Dil Diya Dard Liya,Ram Aur Shyam and Aadmi in 1968 were major hits.There were other significantly acclaimed movies with Rajendra Kumar such as Palki, Dharti along with Shatranj, 2 films with Raj Kapoor like Ek Dil Sau Afsane and the well recognized Teesri Kasam, which was the actual debut picture of Basu Bhattacharyya; She also acted in several films opposite to Biswajeet for example Bees Saal Baad ,Kohra; this particular helped the actress continuing to obtain lead functions in the earlier seventies. Her career’s greatest hit Khamoshi came in 1970, opposite Rajesh Khanna. Her significant achievements include the Best Actress Award which was given to her in the Filmfare Awards for her performance in Guide and also she won the National Award for her outstanding performance in Reshma Aur Shera in the year 1971. Later on she continued to play character roles that were significant in movies like Kabhi Kabhie, Trishul, Jwalamukhi, Namkeen,Namak Halaal ,Mashaal, Chandni, Rang De Basanti,Om Jai Jagadish, Water, Rang De Basanti , 15, Park Avenue and Delhi 6 which were all praiseworthy.

(10) Meena Kumari:

<img src=" Meena-Kumari.jpg" alt="image of Meena-Kumari most popular bollywood actress of all time">
Meena Kumari a dialogue queen

She was termed as the Tragedy Queen of Indian Bollywood Film Industry and certainly an Indian Bollywood Movies Actress of all time who still remains “uncomparable” till date. Meena Kumari received four Filmfare Awards in the Best actress category and also was the recipient of the inaugural Filmfare Awards back in 1954 where she received Best Actress Honour for Baiju Bawra together she successively won the second Filmfare Awards (1955) for Parineeta. Kumari created history in the 10th Filmfare in 1963, by getting all of nominations for best lead actress for her performance in Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam. In the thirteenth Filmfare in 1966, Kumari won her last lead actress Filmfare award in the movie named Kaajal. The best hallmark associated with Meena Kumari laid throughout her capability to depict the particular struggle existed amongst Indian female specifically in the 50s and also 60s. Kumari’s onscreen character is referred to as a perfect sort of a traditional Bharatiya Nari through the Indian movie fraternity, for example Mohammed Zahur Khayyam along with Javed Akhtar. Her depiction of “Sahibjaan”, a nautch girl having a golden heart in Pakeezah under the direction of Kamal Amrohi became the historical record. Several films of Meena Kumari were critically acclaimed which include Baadbaan released in 1954, Azaad in the year 1955, Ek Hi Raasta in 1956. She came into limelight from the year 1952 till 1956.especially with these films. Particularly in the year 1957 she became the Tragedy Queen of Indian Cinema with films like Sharada, Sahara,Chirag Kahan Roshni Kahan, Dil Apna Aur Preet Parai,Bhabhi Ki Chudiyan. Perhaps her landmark movie “Pakeezah” were released in the year 1972. According to Bhawana Somaayam, an Indian Film critic:”Pakeezah is just like finery on celluloid, I cannot envision anybody different in this role except Meena Kumari. In here remembrance India Post released a postal stamp embossing her name in the year 2011 on the 13th of February. Meena Kumari‘s publicity substance and collectibles, including art works and images of her films, were displayed on the Womanhood Festivity at Osianama Liberty Mumbai India on 24th February 2016. Each year, on Meena Kumari‘s date of birth, numerous content articles are imprinted and TV programmes shown to remember her, as well as modern magazines continue to distribute stories on her personal living and profession.

(11) Vyjayanthimala:

<img src="Vyjayanthimala.jpg" alt="image of Vyjayanthimala most popular bollywood actress of all time">
Vyjayanthimala the ‘twinkle toes’

She is a very well renowned Indian Film Actress who was considered as the very first superstar in the Indian film Industry. Vyjayanthimala was one of the greatest Bollywood celebrities with a profession lasting nearly two decades. She was the very first South Indian actress to become Bollywood celebrity and lead the way for other south Indian actresses in order to storm into the film industry. Vyjayanthimala is an famous dancer as well as was among those who brought in semi-classical dancing to Bollywood. Her following dance figures in the girl films experienced earned the woman the title associated “twinkle toes”. Successfully after she established herself as a commercial movie actress, Vyjayanthimala was seen in Devdas, playing the role of Chandramukhi. Her performance in the movie earned her the best actress as a supporting role in the 4th Filmfare Awards, but she refused it stating that her character in the film was not s supporting one. In fact she was the first ever actress to do so. Vyjayanthimala appeared within series of successful films for example New Delhi, Naya Daur and Aasha. She arrived at the peak of her success in the year 1958, when a couple of her movies: Sadhna and Madhumati – grew to become huge crucial and industrial hits. She was selected for two Filmfare Awards with regard to Best Actress Award regarding Sadhna as well as Madhumati and also won the award for the former one. In the year 1962, in Dilip Kumar‘s Ganga Jumna she played a village woman Dhanno who speaks Bhojpuri dialect. She was applauded for the performance, although some regards this her best performance as of today. She received her 2nd Filmfare Honor for Best Actress on her role in Ganga Jamuna. This star went to obtain her 3 rd Best Actress Award on the 12th Filmfare Awards for her role in Sangam. Then she was critically acclaimed for her play in the traditional drama Amrapali, where she played the character of Vaishali., nonetheless it was a enormous box business office failure, which left Vyjayanthimala, who had big expectations in the film, disappointed to the point where the lady decided to give up films. In the long run of her career, Vyjayanthimala was generally seen in from the commercial perspective successful films such as Suraj, Jewel Thief and Prince with a few other well appreciated movies like Hatey Bazarey and Sunghursh.

(12) Suraiya:

<img src="Suraiya.jpg" alt="image of Suraiya most popular bollywood actress of all time">
Suraiya – “Malika-E-Husn”

One of the oldest and popular actress during the pre-independence who also a playback singer at that time. She was very popular during the timeframe starting from 1940 till 1960. From 1948 to 1951, this actress became the singing movie star of Bollywood, earning much more for her shows than every other actor during that time, female or male, which included stars like Dev Anand, Raj Kapoor, Dilip Kumar, Nargis and Madhubala. She received 1.5-2 lakh rupees as remuneraion per movie, where other actors were obtaining fifty thousand to one lakh rupees. This lady had an inborn talent of singing, dancing and acting from the childhood years. She acted in several memorable films like Mirza Ghalib, Phool, Afsar, Shayar, Jeet, Anmol Ghadi and Dastan. Suraiya in her prime was known as ‘Malika-e-Husn’ (beauty queen), ‘Malika-e-Tarannum‘ (melody queen) plus ‘Malika-e-Adakaari‘ (acting queen), all-in-one. In her career that 1936 till 1963, Suraiya sang 338 tunes in motion pictures (which have been mostly her very own films) and even 2 furthermore were non-film songs, particularly, ‘tum rahe kahan ko piya‘ together with ‘hum tum karenge pyar’. She acted in 67 movies,that do not effectively include the unfinished films like Jaanwar (with Dilip Kumar), Paagal Khaana with Bharat Bhushan as well as an Indo-British film in Wajid Ali Shah getting directed simply by British overseer, Herbert Marshall, with Ashok Kumar in the role for Wajid Ali Sha. Suraiya was reputed for her elegance, dresses as well as jewellery within films for example Mirza Ghalib, Pyar Ki Jeet, Dillagi, Sanam, Dastan, Diwana and also Shama Parwana, while many associated with her movies had easy, non glamorous appearance. In actual life, Suraiya had been known for the girl love with regard to ethnic gowns and jewelry. At features, she used her diamond jewellery to her optimum advantage along with wore eye shadow. Even today in India, jewellery, clothes, etc .comes by Suraiya‘s name through many companies online, due to the styles popularised by the girl in the woman films through her accents, such as ‘Suraiya’ earrings, ‘Suraiya’ bangles, ‘Suraiya’ burkas as well as ‘Suraiya’ cups. She was a regular face in magazines like “Lux” soap calendars in the year 1950 and soap campaigns. In the year 1996, Suraiya was presented with the Life Time Achievement award for her contributions to the Industry. In 1999, she was also awarded with the Bimal Roy Memorial Trophy, implemented by the Bimal Roy obituary and Motion picture Society, Mumbai.

(13) Ashok Kumar:

<img src="Ashok-Kumar.jpg" alt="image of Ashok-Kumar most popular bollywood actor of all time">
Ashok Kumar was known as “Dadamoni”

He was one of the pioneer’s of Indian Hindi Film Industry, popularly known as “Dadamoni”, who is considered as one the leading Indian Bollywood Movie actors of all time. In 1943 “Kismet” was released which was directed by Gyan Mukherjee  , featuring Ashok Kumar was the first anti-hero movie in Indian Cinema that  broke all pre-existing records at the  box office, becoming the first Hindi movie towards gross 1 crore. The grand success of Kismet made Ashok Kumar the best superstar in Indian motion picture. Such was initially his level of popularity at the time the fact that, a famous personality said, “Ashok’s attractiveness grew each individual passing day. The guy seldom went out, however, wherever having been spotted, he was surrounded by fans. Page views would come for a stop and the most useful the police it is fair to use lathis to stop his devotees. “After Kismet, Ashok Kumar became quite possibly the most bankable celeb of the times, delivering a good succession of super hit movies for example Chal Chal Re Naujawan, Shikari, Sajan, Mahal, Sangram and Samadhi. He was the producer of  several films for Bombay Talkies while which include Ziddi, which will established the careers of heroes like Dev Anand and Pran, Neelkamal, which in turn marked the debut of Raj Kapoor, in the widely known film Mahal on 1949 during which he co-starred with Madhubala. Ashok Kumar turned over to elderly roles, especially in 1950s, except for the 1958 classic Howrah Bridge. Regardless of the arrival of the younger stars like Dev Anand, Dilip Kumar as well as Raj Kapoor, Ashok Kumar remained among the stars from the era along with hits such as Afsana, Nau Bahar, Parineeta, Bandish and also Ek Hi Raasta. Their most effective film of this era had been Deedar, by which he performed second actor with Dilip Kumar. Ashok Kumar was seen in a number of movies with Meena Kumari and co –starred with Nalini Jaywant with whom it was believed he had an affair with. This individual played the particular cigarette-smoking criminal or even police officer in many films in the late 1950s, which was a revolutionary style. Ashok Kumar played important roles in several milestone movies almost during 60s and 70s, including JewelThief, Aashirwad for which this individual won the Filmfare Honour as well as National Award in 1969, Purab aur Pashchim, Pakeezah, Mili, Chhoti Cuando Baat as well as Khoobsurat. He made the road to entry in the film industry for his brothers Kalyan (Anup) and Kishore Kumar.Where Anup is remembered intended for Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi (1958), Kishore become a very well-known singer who was perhaps the most popular among the three brothers. He was awarded with with the Dadasaheb Phalke Prize in 1988, the highest countrywide award for cinema performers, by Indian Government and also acquired the Padma Bhushan in 1999. In his remembrance the Star Screen Awards honoured him with “Special Award” in 2007 after his death.

(14) Dev Anand:

<img src="Dev-Anand.jpg" alt="image of Dev-Anand most popular bollywood actor of all time">
Dev Anand The Evergreen actor

An evergreen hero of the 50’s and 60’s Dev Anand will be remembered for his elegant acting and supreme dialogue delivery which made him quite unmatched in the film industry. Anand got his very first big break from Ashok Kumar. This individual spotted Anand hanging around within the studios as well as picked your pet as the leading man for the Bombay Talkies creation Ziddi (1948), co-starring Kamini Kaushal, that became an immediate success. The rapid-fire type of dialogue shipping and a penchant for nodding while talking became Dev’s style within films for example House Number 44, Wallet Maar, Munimji, Funtoosh, C.I.D. and Paying Guest. Within the 1950s their films had been of the secret genre or even light humour love tales or have been films along with social importance such as Ek Ke Baad Ek as well as Funtoosh. Their style had been lapped upward by the target audience and has been widely copied. He starred in a thread of package office achievements for the rest of the 1952s opposite newbie Waheeda Rehman in C.I.D., Solva Saal, Kala Pani and Baat Ek Raat Ki. The pair acted inside Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja and Prem Pujari later on. In 1955, he co-starred together with Dilip Kumar in Insaniyat. With his performance in Kala Pani, this individual won the first Filmfare award with regard to Best Acting Professional for the movie. He tried films associated with tragic type movies, like Pocket Maar, Kala Pani, Bombai Ka Baboo and also Sharabi. Dev also performed a few negative riles, such as Jaal where he played a smuggler, then being an absconded member of a gang in Dushman, so that as a black marketer in Kala Pani. He paired successfully with Suraiya ,Kalpana Kartik, Nutan and Waheeda Rehman ended up being popular among the viewers in the late 50s and sixties. His movies Rahi and Aandhiyan, were being screened together with Raj Kapoor‘s Awaara. Through the early 50s till middle of the sixties, the actual trio regarding Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor and Dev Anand were regarded to be most popular. His stardom grew in 1960’s where he acted in famous romantic drama’s like Manzil,Tere Ghar Ke Samne, Kinaare Kinaare, Maya, Asli-Naqli, Jab Pyar Kisi Se Hota Hai, Mahal and Teen Deviyaan. Such was his enigma that he was often compared with a dynamic Hollywood actor Gregory Peck.

(15) Rajesh Khanna:

<img src="Rajesh-Khanna.jpg" alt="image of Rajesh-Khanna most popular bollywood actor of all time">
Rajesh Khanna the actual superstar

A popular Indian actor, movie producer as well as politician that is known for his work in Hindi film industry. He was known as the “first superstar” and also the “original superstar” of Indian cinema. This individual actor starred in 15 successive solo hit films through 1969 till 1971, which is still a unmatched record. He did 106 solo films which 97 were released in1967 as well as in 2013. He acted in 22 movies with multiple stars. 82 of the 127 films along with Khanna since the lead leading part of them 117 released and also 11 unreleased were significantly acclaimed motion pictures with rankings above four stars from 5 through film testers of various magazines with unanimous votes. During the early part of his career he starred in super hit films like Aradhana, Doli, Bandhan, Ittefaq, Do Raaste, Khamoshi, Safar, The Train, Kati Patang, Sachaa Jhutha, Aan Milo Sajna, Mehboob Ki Mehendi, Choti Bahu, Anand and Haathi Mere Saathi,Andaz and Maryada. From1976 till 1978, Khanna acted within five box office hits and in 9 films which were not in a commercial sense successful. 7 of the not successful films had been critically recognized and have accomplished strong conspiracy status through the years among the audiences; these movies included Mehbooba, Bundal Baaz, Tyaag, Palkon Ki Chhaon Mein, Naukri, Chakravyuha and also Janta Hawaldar. By late 1979 and early 1991, it was Rajesh Khanna all the way givibg back-to-back hit films like Amar Deep, Phir Wohi Raat, Bandish, Thodisi Bewafaii, Dard, Kudrat, Dhanwan, Ashanti, Avtaar, Agar Tum Na Hote, Souten, Jaanwar, Asha Jyoti, Awaaz,Naya Kadam,Hum Dono, Babu, Aaj Ka M.L.A. Ram Avtar, Shatru, Insaaf Main Karoonga, Anokha Rishta, Nazrana, Angaarey, Adhikar, Amrit, Awam and Rupaye Dus Karod. But ideally Rajesh Khanna will remembered for ever because of his performances in movies like Kati Patang, Amar Prem, Shehzada, Apna Desh, Mere Jeevan Saathi, Aap Ki Kasam, Ajnabee, Namak Haraam, Maha Chor, Karm, Phir Wohi Raat, Aanchal, Kudrat, Ashanti, Agar Tum Na Hote, Awaaz, Hum Dono and Alag Alag. It was during this time that the ever popular trio of R.D. Burman, Kishore Kumar, and Rajesh Khanna started working together and produced some ever green music too.For his contributions in Indian cinema Khanna was awarded with Padma Bhushanand was honoured with The First Superstar of Indian cinema at the Dadasaheb Phalke Academy Awards.  A stamp was also released in his name and a road was named after him to felicitate the legendary actor.

(16) Shammi Kapoor:

<img src="Shammi-Kapoor.jpg" alt="image of Shammi-Kapoor most popular bollywood actor of all time">
Shammi Kapoor ruled bollywood during 70’s

He was a prominent lead actor in Hindi cinema who made his name in the late 1950s till the early 1970. He has acted in several notable and hit films like to deliver hits like Tumsa Nahin Dekha, Dil Deke Dekho, Singapore, Junglee, College Girl, Professor, China Town, Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya, Kashmir Ki Kali, Janwar, Teesri Manzil, An Evening in Paris, Bramhachari, Andaz and Sachaai. Kapoor started out along with serious functions but with Filmistan’s Nasir Hussain directed Tumsa Nahin Dekha and Dil Deke Dekho with Asha Parekh, this individual attained the of a light-hearted, and stylish lad. In the first half the 1960s, Kapoor was observed in successful movies like College Girl, Basant, Singapore, Boyfriend, Professor, Dil Tera Diwana, Vallah Kya Baat Hai, Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya, Tiongkok Town, Kashmir Ki Kali, Bluff Master, Janwar as well as Rajkumar. Sharmila Tagore as well as Saira Banu made their own Hindi movie debuts along with Shammi Kapoor in Kashmir Ki Kali and Junglee respectively. He and Asha Parekh had been paired within four movies, of which the actual murder mystery Teesri Manzil and Dil Deke Dekho were quite a hit. In the early 1970s, Kapoor’s bodyweight problem demonstrated a barrier as actively playing a hero, and also the last film this individual played as a lead role was Andaz. He played to character roles in movies like Zameer, Hero, Vidhaata, Hukumat, Batwara, Tahalka, Chamatkar, Namak as well as Prem Granth. This actor did the social drama serial known as Chattan shown on Zee TV over a year within the 1990s. He eventually reduced film performances by the later 1990s as well as early 2000s with releases in the19 99 Salman Khan and Urmila Matondkar starrer Jaanam Samjha Karo, 2002 release Waah! Tera Kya Kehna and also the delayed 2006 release of his final appearance like a character acting professional. He made their last look in Imtiaz Ali’s directorial venture Rockstar co-starring his or her grand-nephew Ranbir Kapoor, his grandson associated with his sibling Raj Kapoor. He was bestowed with the Filmfare Best Actor Award in 1968 for his performance in Brahmachari and Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor for Vidhaata in 1982. This famous actor was also felicitated with Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award in the year 1995 and also many more.

(17) Shashi Kapoor:

<img src="Shashi-Kapoor1.jpg" alt="image of Shashi-Kapoor1 most popular bollywood actor of all time">
Shashi-Kapoor was another successful actor in Kapoor family

Shashi Kapoor created successful pairs along with Raakhee, Sharmila Tagore as well as Zeenat Aman from the later sixties towards the mid-eighties. He additionally acted opposing actresses Hema Malini, Parveen Babi, and also Moushumi Chatterjee in many movies. After their own first film together Sharmelee became the blockbuster, Raakhee was regularly paired with your pet, and they served in strike films for example Jaanwar Aur Insaan, Kabhi Kabhie, Baseraa, the significantly acclaimed Trishna, however, Doosara Aadmi, Bandhan Kuchchey Dhaagon Ka, Bandh Honth, along with Zameen Aasmaan were not quite successful. He starred with Sharmila Tagore in hits like Waqt, Aamne Samne, Suhana Safar, A Gale Lag Jaa, Vachan, Paap Aur Punya, Swati, the acclaimed New Delhi, which fetched Kapoor National Movie Award with regard to Best Acting professional in 1986, Some other films together with Sharmila, for instance My Love, like, Anari, Gehri Chot, Maa Beti were not effective. With Zeenat Aman, this individual worked in hit motion films such as Chori Mera Kaam, Deewaangee, Roti Kapda Aur Makan, Heeralal Pannalal, Pakhandi, Bhavani Verse, Satyam Shivam Sundaram and also the pair observed flops including Krodhi, Vakil Babu plus Bandhan Kuchchey Dhaagon Ka. He did 10 movies opposite Hema Malini. Like a pair, Shashi and Hema Malini experienced 6 hits such as Abhinetri, Aap Beati, Trishul, Aandhi Toofan, Apna Khoon, Maan Gaye Ustaad and four flops — Jahan Pyar Mile, Naach Uthe Sansaar, Do Aur Do Paanch and Anjaam. Kapoor‘s some other successful films include Haseena Maan Jayegi and Ek Shriman Ek Shrimati, each with Babita, Kanyadan and even Pyar Ka Mausam, the two opposite Asha Parekh, Chor Machaye Shor opposite Mumtaz, Abhinetri, Aap Beati together with Maan Gaye Ustaad, with Hema Malini, Bezubaan with Reena Roy, Chakkar Kali Ghata, Kalyug, Vijeta and Pyaar Ki Jeet all with Rekha and Bepanaah with Rati Agnihotri. Additional films consist of multi-starrers just like Dil Nenni Pukara, Trishul, Neeyat, Aandhi Toofan, Naina, Phaansi, Salaakhen, Fakira, and also Junoon. This individual also starred with Rajesh Khanna in Prem Kahani. Shashi Kapoor growing up artist worked with Ashok Kumar throughout blockbusters which include Sangram along with Samadhi where Ashok Kumar was the single lead leading man, which were massive hits in box workplace. He performed Ashok Kumar‘s younger sibling in Benazir where Ashok Kumar is the main men lead main character. Ashok Kumar played the actual supporting acting professional in seven films by using Shashi since the lead idol from 1975-1985 of which Chori Mera Kaam, Aap Baeti, Shankar Dada, Apna Khoon and Maan Gaye Ustaad became superhits, while Hira Aur Paththar and Do Musafir became flops. In 2011, having been honoured using the Padma Bhushan by the Government of India for his contributions to Indian Cinema. In the year 2015, he was awarded with the 2014 Dadasaheb Phalke Honor, making him the third person in his family members to receive the greatest award with Indian Movie theater after Prithviraj Kapoor in addition to Raj Kapoor.

(18) Sharmila Tagore:

<img src="Sharmila-Tagore.jpg" alt="image of Sharmila-Tagore most popular bollywood actress of all time">
Sharmila Tagore was a popular face in film magazines

She was a very popular Indian actress who has made remarkable contributions in the both Hindi as well as Bengali film Industry. Tagore began her career being an actress in Satyajit Ray‘s 1959 Bengali film Apur Sansar, since the ill-fated new bride of the name character. She later made an appearance in Shakti Samanta’s Kashmir Ki Kali in 1964. Samanta inducted her in numerous more movies, including An Evening in Paris in1967, in which the actress became the very first Indian celebrity to appear in a bikini,that established Tagore as fairly of a sex symbol throughout Hindi motion pictures. She additionally posed inside a bikini for your glossy Filmfare magazine in1968. However when Tagore was the chairperson of the Main Board associated with Film Accreditation 36 many years later, the lady expressed issues about the extensive use of bikinis in Indian films. Samanta later together Tagore along with Rajesh Khanna for films such as Aradhana and Amar Prem. Some other directors combined them with each other in Safar, Daag, as well as Maalik. The pair of Khanna-Sharmila gave seven hits — Aradhana, Safar, Amar Prem, Chhoti Bahu, Daag, “Raja Rani” and also Avishkaar. In accordance with the review of the film made in 2014 through the Hindu newspapers, the movie did nicely at the package office along with taking into consideration, the particular inflation since 2014, typically the film might have grossed a lot more than 100 crores. She starred in Gulzar’s 1975 motion picture, Mausam in addition to won often the National Movie Award with regard to Best actress. She furthermore played the supporting part in director Mira Nair’s 1991 film Mississippi Masala. The lady was the maximum paid Bollywood actress through 1970 in order to 1976 together with Mumtaz. This lady starred opposing Dharmendra around Devar, Anupama, Mere Hamdam Mere Dost, Satyakam, Yakeen, Chupke Chupke and Ek Mahal Ho Sapno Ka; Amitabh Bachchan in Farrar; Sanjeev Kumar in Mausam, and Besharam; and Naseeruddin Shah within the Bengali film Mangaldeep. Tagore was among the International Competition’s Jury People at the Cannes Movie Festival in 2009. Within 2013, she was granted Padma Bhushan by the Indian Government. Along with this she was also the recipient of two National Film Awards and two Filmfare Awards.

(19) Sanjeev Kumar:

<img src="Sanjeev-Kumar.jpg" alt="image of Sanjeev-Kumar most popular bollywood actor of all time">
Sanjeev Kumar a heart touching performer

He was one of the most versatile actors that Indian Cinema has ever produced. He acted within genres which range from romantic series to detective series. Kumar also actively played roles which were not so glamorous, for example characters nicely beyond their age. Films such as Arjun Pandit, Sholay and Trishul, along with the remodelled Tamil films in to Hindi like Yehi Hai Zindagi, Naya Din Nayi Raat, Devta, and Ram Tere Kitne Naam exemplify his talents. He also did suspense-thriller movies such as Qatl, Shikar, Uljhan and Trishna. Kumar additionally proved the ability to perform comedy inside films for instance Manchali, Itni Si Baat, Pati Patni aur Woh, Angoor, Biwi O Biwi and Hero. His double role in the movie Angoor had been listed one of the 25 greatest acting shows of Indian cinema through Forbes India on the event of remembering100 years associated with Indian Movies. His performances within films for example Charitraheen, Angaare, Grihapravesh, Chehre Pe Chehra, Sawaal as well as Yaadgaar, although they were unsuccessful at box office, but were critically acclaimed by several critics.Kumar usually demonstrated the willingness to consider unconventional functions that questioned him being an actor. His role as Mirza Sajjad Ali, any obsessed Lucknowi (citizen associated with Lucknow), inside Satyajit Ray’s classic Shatranj Ke Khilari exemplified this aspect. Possibly his greatest roles were in the blockbuster movies Sholay and Trishul. The portrayal from the character Thakur, from Sholay, released in Aug 1975 had been one of his iconic acts. In Naya Din Nayi Raat, Sanjeev Kumar performed the nine-role epic by Sivaji Ganesan brought in the Tamil film Navarathri, that was also formerly acted by Akkineni Nageswara Rao in Navarathri. This particular film improved his position and popularity as a severe performer around Bollywood. This individual stood his or her ground against top superstars like Rajesh Khanna in Bandhan and Aap Ki Kasam; Amitabh Bachchan and Shashi Kapoor in the Yash Chopra multi-starrer film Trishul (1978) along with Dilip Kumar in the Subhash Ghai movie Vidhaata. He starred with Hema Malini in the famous comedy-drama Seeta Aur Geeta, with Rakhee in Angaare, Paras, Trishna, Shriman Shrimati and Hamare Tumhare. Their hits along with Leena Chandavarkar included Apne Rang Hazar, Manchali as well as Anhonee. Having been paired frequently with Sulakshana Pandit in films for example Uljhan and also Waqt Ki Deewar along with Moushmi Chatterjee in Itni Si Baat and Daasi. He won several awards out of which are two National Awards which he won for the movies Dastak and Koshish. Another memorable performance was in the movie Khilona for which he won the Best Actor award. Kumar was nominated for 14 Filmfare prizes during his film career.

(20) Amitabh Bachchan:

<img src="Amitabh-Bachhan.jpg" alt="image of Amitabh-Bachhan most popular bollywood actor of all time">
Amitabh Bachchan the superstar of the millennium

He was known as “The Superstar of the Millennium” he is arguably one of the most Popular Indian Bollywood Movies Actors of all time if not the best. He was versed with many names like the “angry young man” for his roles in movies like Deewar, Trishul etc. He is also called popularly as “Big B” He is a pillar stone not only in Indian Cinema but a dominant character in the world cinema as well. He was so popular in the 1970’s and 1980’s that once French director François Truffaut called him “one-man industry”. Mr. Bachhan rose to become a star in the late 1970’s. wherein 1972 released his comedy film: Bombay to Goa which was somewhat of a  success but the turning point of his career was in the year 1973, “Zanjeer” was released. Zanjeer was a crime film with violent action which was a  sharp contrast to the romantically themed films that had generally preceded it, and it established Amitabh in a new persona—the “angry young man” of Bollywood cinema.He earned his first Filmfare Award nomination for Best Actor, with Filmfare later considering this one of the most iconic performances of Bollywood history. He rose to be a superstar in the year 1975 which continued in 1982 as well. In 1975 two of his major blockbuster films Deewar and Sholay was released. Deewar was ranked as one of the Top 25 Must-Watch Bollywood Movies by Indiatimes Movies.In this same year, the judges of the 50th annual Filmfare Awards granted it using the special differentiation award the Filmfare Greatest Film of Fifty Years. In 1999, Sholay was declared as “Film of the Millennium” by BBC. In 1976, he appeared in Yash Chopra’s Kabhie Kabhie, for which he was nominated for Best Actor in Filmfare Awards. His further success came in Kasme Vaade  in 1978 and Don which was released in the same year as well as Trishul. In the year 1977, he won his first Filmfare Award in the Best Actor category for Amar Akbar Anthony. During this fabulous run in his career he delivered several other hits like Shaan,Shakti,Ram Balram, Naseeb,Lawaaris,Satte Pe Satta and Desh Premee. Then came another turnaround in his career in the year 1983 with the film Coolie. He suffered a massive injury during the shooting that almost took his life but he somehow survived that and came back to deliver more hits like Agneepath in 1990. In early 2000 he featured in movies like: Ek Rishtaa:The Bond of affection, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham... and Baghban. As an acting professional, he carried on to perform in lots of characters, getting critical compliment for their performances in Aks, Aankhen, Khakee as well as Dev. Later in the year 2005-06 he made crucial performances in films like Bunty Aur Babli, the Godfather tribute Sarkar, and Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna. Of late he is working in his production house and is seen on multiple award functions and TV shows.”Hottest Vegetarian” through PETA India that he received the title associated with “Asia’s Most sexy Vegetarian” within a contest survey run simply by PETA Asia.

(21) Mithun Chakraborty:

<img src="Mithun-Chakraborty.jpg" alt="image of Mithun-Chakraborty most popular bollywood actor of all time">
Mithun Chakraborty popularly known as “Mithunda”

Popularly known as Mithun Da, he is man with many traits. He is at a time actor, producer, writer, social worker, singer a TV presenter and also a former politician. He is notably the winner of three National Awards for his performances in Mrigayaa, Tahader Katha, and Best Supporting Actor in Swami Vivekananda. Chakraborty will remain memorable for his role as Jimmy in 1982 all-time-blockbuster movie Disco Dancer, that was a super hit in Indian and also in numerous other nations, especially in Russia. In Russian Federation, Chakraborty as well as Raj Kapoor are the most widely used Indian stars. Apart from Disco Dancer, Chakraborty can also be remembered with regard to his overall performance in movies such as Suraksha, Saahas, Wardat, Pyar Jhukta Nahi, Dance Dance as well as Agneepath. He received the Filmfare Award regarding Best Assisting Actor for his part as Krishnan Iyer Nariyal Paniwala for the film Agneepath. Mithun Chakraborty actually ruled Bollywood in the nineteen-eighties, with the model of impossible heroics and made-for-the-front-row lines because he starred in more than 110 produces in this 10 years. Chakraborty performed the business lead role associated with Bheema within the super-hit multi-starer movie Hum Paanch. His dance was so popular in Disco Dancer that young stars follow them even today. He was once termed  as Michael Jackson of India. His 1985 super hit movie Pyar Jhukta Nahin reconfirmed the top legend status. In which same season, he was as well appreciated for his performance as Javar in the JP Dutta movie, Ghulami. Chakraborty went on to star in a lot of romantic along with family a movie during the nineteen-eighties, such as Mujhe Insaaf Chahiye, Ghar Ek Mandir, Swarag Se Sunder as well as Pyaar Ka Mandir. All these films continue being his almost all commercially productive films thus far. He was at the same time widely recognized as being an action idol in pictures such as Jagir, Jaal, Dilwaala, Watan Ke Rakhwale and also Waqt Ki Awaz. His performances by no means won just about any award in year 1986 and 1987 as the Filmfare Awards were being never declared due to techie reasons. While Chakraborty often had larger number of emits, sometimes it influenced the business involving his own video clips, as occurred in 1989, where he previously a record 19 films. During 1990-99 he had another 100 plus releases where hits such as Shandaar, Gunahon Ka Devta, Pyar Ka Devta, Trinetra as well as Mere Sajana Saath Nibhana followed. Jallad released in 1995 won him Filmfare award for Best Villain in Star Screen Awards. In the late 2000, he played memorable roles in films like Guru. H also paired with Akshay Kumar and delivered entertaining movies like Housefull 2, OMG- Oh My God, etc. Of late he is seen as guests in several TV shows.

(22) Sri Devi:

<img src="Sri-Devi.jpg" alt="image of Sri-Devi a most popular bollywood actress of all time">
Sri Devi a popular actress from the south

She is an Indian film celebrity and movie producer that has worked within Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam and Kannada films. She is regarded as the very first Female Movie superstar of Bollywood and one of the most popular stars of Indian cinema of all time. Her debut as lead actress was in Solva Sawan in Bollywood and gained wide public attention with the movie Himmatwala .She appeared in a string of commercially successful movies such as Mawaali,Tohfa, Naya Kadam, Masterji, Maqsad, Nazrana, Mr. India, Waqt Ki Awaz and Chandni. She was acclaimed critically for commercially successful movies such as Sadma, Nagina, ChaalBaaz, Lamhe, Khuda Gawah, Gumrah, Laadla and Judaai.In 2012, Sridevi returned to films after a 15-year-long hiatus with English Vinglish. An elite dancer she was very popular within the time frame of 1983and all the way till1997. Her film Tohfa that was released in 1984 was the blockbuster of the year. She formed a formidable pair with Jeetendra and together produced many hit movies. She was declared as “Unquestionably Number 1” on the cover of Filmfare magazine. In 1986, Nagina was released which the second super hit movie of that year and that was made Sridevi hold on to the number 1 position amongst top Bollywood heroines at that time. It was rated as ‘Top ten Snake Movies of Hindi Cinema’ by Times of India. Apart from Nagina, 1986 also noticed Sridevi providing box-office strikes in Subhash Ghai’s multi-starrer Karma as well as Feroze Khan‘s Janbaaz. Based on CNN-IBN Bollywood Blockbusters, “Sridevi‘s popularity increased so much which despite possessing a guest look in Janbaaz, she totally overshadowed the actual film’s business lead heroine Dimple Kapadia“. Sridevi followed typically the success about Nagina by way of playing a comic journalist during the 1987 film Mr.India, described by just Rediff  as “one of the extremely iconic films of that time”. It was directed by Shekhar Kapur, and was one of the top grossing gets of the season and also identified a place throughout Hindustan Times’ list of ‘Top 10 Devoted Films associated with Hindi Cinema’. Rediff also expressed that “Sri was a total show-stealer on the film”. Sridevi‘s imitation regarding Charlie Chaplin in the motion picture was defined by the Times during the India when “the most all hilarious work she has at any time done”. Rediff also presented Sridevi within the list of ‘Super Six Comedy Heroines’ mentioning that “her mobile confront expressions could possibly give Jim Carrey restless nights” reckoning that “her most significant plus point is usually her power to be absolutely uninhibited at the camera”. In the year 2013, she was awarded with Padma Shri, and was ranked as one of “India’s Greatest Actress in 100 Years” in a CNN-IBN poll held nationally.

(23) Rekha:

<img src="Rekha.jpg" alt="image of Rekha most popular bollywood actress of all time">
Rekha was a dominating performer

Rekha has served in more than 180 movies in career comprising over 50 years. All through her profession, she has frequently played powerful female figures and, aside from mainstream movies, appeared within art motion pictures, known as a parallel cinema in India. In1980, Rekha made an appearance in the comedy drama Khubsoorat, by Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Khubsoorat was some achievement and Rekha was valued for her comedian timing. This won the actual Filmfare Honour for Greatest Film as well as Rekha received her very first Best Actress award. The Tribune explained the movie as “a lively funny,” observing that “Rekha’s spunky overall performance gives the motion picture its organic zing “Film World magazine reported in this same year, “Rekha‘s carried out it. Easily, successfully. From the plump, pelvis-jerking, cleavage-flashing temptress, she has metamorphosed into a smooth, accomplished celebrity. Gone tend to be most of the vano mannerisms, pouts, wiggles and also giggles. It additional noted which her prospects begun to enhance significantly, since leading filmmakers had began taking much more notice associated with her and be more eager to toss her within their films. Rekha went on in order to star opposing Amitabh Bachchan in many films, the majority of which were superhits. She additionally had a good alleged off-screen relationship along with him, that was widely documented on within the media, along with sharply criticised, as having been a wedded man. This particular relationship resulted in 1981, once they starred throughout Yash Chopra‘s drama Silsila. The film was a major scandalous of the films with each other; Rekha performed Bachchan‘s love, whilst Bachchan‘s real life wife, Jaya Bhaduri, played out his spouse. This was their last assignment together. Within 1981, she starred in Umrao Jaan, a film version of the Urdu novel Umrao Jaan Nyata (1905), authored by Mirza Hadi Ruswa. Rekha played it role of the courtesan along with poet through 19th millennium Lucknow also it was an accomplishment. In the same year, Rekha starred in Ramesh Talwar‘s family drama Baseraa, which noticed her actively playing a woman who else marries the woman sister’s spouse, after the second option loses mental stability. She came out as Sadhna in the in a commercial sense successful Ek Hi Bhool, against Jeetendra, played the part of a tricked wife who also leaves your girlfriend husband. In the year 1982, she obtained another Filmfare nomination with regard to Jeevan Dhaara, in which the lady played a fresh unmarried lady who is the only earner in her prolonged family. In 1983, this actress played a supporting role of a attorney in Mujhe Insaaf Chahiye, garnering an additional Filmfare nomination in the Assisting Actress group. Although her popularity dipped in 1990s and early 2000s she still remains a ever glamorous actress in Indian cinema. She was awarded with National Film Fare Award for Best Actress in 1981 for Umarao Jaan. and Padma Shri in 2010 by Indian Government.

(24) Dharmendra:

<img src="Dharmendra.jpg" alt="image of Dharmendra most popular bollywood actor of all time">
Dharmendra was the action king

A lead actor in Bollywood who was also termed as “He-Man” due to his action movies was a very popular actor in Indian Cinema. He worked with Nutan in Soorat Aur Seerat, Bandini, Dil Ne Phir Yaad Kiya and Dulhan Ek Raat Ki, along with Mala Sinha in Anpadh, Pooja Ke Phool as well as Baharen Phir Bhi Aayengi, with Nanda in Akashdeep, with Saira Banu in Shaadi and also Ayee Milan Ki Bela and with Meena Kumari in Main Bhi Ladki Hoon, Kaajal, Purnima and Phool Aur Paththar. He had the solo leading man role in Phool Aur Patthar, that was his very first action movie. Meena Kumari immensely assisted him to determine himself one of the A-listers of this time. Phool Aur Paththar became the actual highest-grossing motion picture of 1966 and Dharmendra received their first Filmfare nomination with regard to Best Acting professional. His overall performance in Anupama was significantly acclaimed. He or she received any Filmfare greatest actor don for an activity hero part in the year 1971 hit video Mera Gaon Mera Desh. Having performed romantic along with action main character parts, started to be known as versatile acting professional by 75. His comedian timing with comedy movies such as Tum Haseen Main Jawan, Do Chor, Chupke Chupke, Dillagi and Naukar Biwi Ka was valued. His majority of successful films was along with Hema Malini, who went on to become his wife. The actual couple played out together in numerous films such as Raja Jani, Seeta Aur Geeta, Sharafat, Naya Zamana, Patthar Aur Payal, Tum Haseen Major Jawaan, Jugnu, Dost, Charas, Maa, Chica Bhatija, Azaad, and Sholay. His best performance is perhaps included in Satyakam with Hrishikesh Mukherjee, along with Sholay, that is listed by Indiatimes as one of the “Top 25 should see Bollywood films of most time”. In 2005, the judges from the 50th yearly Filmfare Honours awarded Sholay the unique distinction associated with Filmfare Greatest Film of Fifty Years. Dharmendra went on in order to star in many action motion pictures between 1976-84, including Dharam Veer, Charas, Azaad, Katilon Ke Kaatil, Ghazab, Rajput, Bhagawat, Jaani Dost, Dharm Aur Qanoon, Main Intequam Loonga, Jeene Nahi Doonga, Hukumat in addition to Raaj Tilak. Along with Rajesh Khanna, he made a cameo appearance within the 1986 B-film Mohabbat Ki Kasam. In 1997, this individual received the Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Honor. While taking the honor from Dilip Kumar and his wife Saira Banu, Dharmendra was emotional and said that he never received any Filmfare award in spite of having worked well in a lot of successful films and almost a hundred well-known movies. In the mid-seventies, Dharmendra was identified one of the most good-looking men on the planet.He acquired a Special Prize for the “contribution around Indian Cinema” at the Kalakar Awards. In 2005, he or she received often the Zee Cinema Award regarding Lifetime Accomplishments. He was granted a Lifetime Success Award at the Pune Worldwide Film Event (PIFF) in 2007 and in the same year 2007, they received a good IIFA Lifetime Achievement Merit.

(25) Jaya Bachchan (Bhaduri):

<img src="Jaya-Bachchan.jpg" alt="image of Jaya-Bachchan most popular bollywood actress of all time">
Jaya Bachchan a versatile actress

She is definitely an Indian movie actress as well as a politician. She actually is recognised among the finest Hindi film stars of the girl time, especially known for rewarding a naturalistic style of performing in both popular and “middle-of-the-road” cinema. Creating her motion picture debut like a teenager within Satyajit Ray’s Mahanagar, Bachchan‘s first display screen role being an adult was at Guddi, by Hrishikesh Mukherjee, along with whom she’d collaborate in a number of films. She acted in renowned movies including Uphaar, Koshish and also Kora Kagaz, among others. The lady appeared together with her spouse Amitabh Bachchan in motion pictures such as Zanjeer, Abhimaan, Chupke Chupke, Mili and Sholay. Following marriage with Amitabh Bachchan and also the birth of the children, Bachchan restricted your ex work inside films. Right after her work in the Silsila, she took an indefinite break from films. She came back with Govind Nihalani‘s Hazaar Chaurasi Ki Maa more than a decade ago. Since then, this wonderful actress has appeared in many critically along with commercially effective films for example Fiza, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham… along with Kal Ho Naa Ho, all that garnered critical approval, as well as a number of awards plus nominations. Though she attempted to break out from her traditional roles with glamorous appearence in Jawani Diwani, along with a negative personality of the heroine faking reverie, in Anamika, she had been mostly recognized for jobs of the type which were acknowledged with epitomising middle-class feeling, which the girl played amiably in shows of “middle-cinema” directors like Gulzar, Basu Chatterjee as well as Hrishikesh Mukherjee. These pictures include Uphaar, Piya Ka Ghar, Parichay, Koshish and even Bawarchi, carried out with noticeable sensitivity. By then, she was obviously a popular celebrity. In Gulzar’s Koshish, Bhaduri and Sanjeev Kumar performed a disabled couple who were hearing impaired. She later described the actual film because “a studying experience” which usually motivated the to do interpersonal work at a later date. She very first acted  with her husband Amitabh Bachchan in the film Bansi Birju, accompanied by B.Ur. Ishara‘s Ek Nazar. Amitabh had gone through a series of flip films, and when the majority of lead heroines refused to utilize him inside the Salim-Javed processed Zanjeer the lady stepped into the particular film. The actual film ended up being a hit together with gave increase to Amitabh Bachchan‘s angry-young-man image. The pair made successful films as Abhimaan, Chupke Chupke and Sholay. During their career, this lady won 8 Filmfare Honours: including 3 for Best Actress as well as three with regard to Best Assisting Actress, that makes her the entire most-awarded artist in the woman acting groups, along with Nutan. She has been awarded the Filmfare Life time Achievement Honour in 2007. In 1992, She ended up being awarded often the Padma Shri by the Indian Government.

(26) Naseeruddin Shah:

<img src="Naseeruddin-Shah.jpg" alt="image of Naseeruddin-Shah most popular bollywood actor of all time">
Naseeruddin Shah played many award-winning roles

Shah has served in films such as Nishant, Aakrosh, Sparsh, Mirch Masala, Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyon Ata Hai, Trikal, Bhavni Bhavai, Junoon, Mandi, Mohan Joshi Hazir Ho!, Ardh Satya, Katha, as well as Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro, to name a few. Shah became popular in Bollywood movies with the 1980 film Hum Paanch. In 1982, he acted in the movie Dil Aakhir Dil Hai directed by Ismail Shroff, opposite Rakhee. One of his important movies, Masoom, was launched in 1983 and had been shot in St Joseph’s College, Nainital. His following major achievement in well-known films is the 1986 multi-starer film Karma where this individual acted together with veteran Dilip Kumar. Glaring roles with regard to films for example Ijaazat, Jalwa and Hero Hiralal implemented. In 1988 he played opposing his spouse Ratna Pathak as Inspector Ghote, the actual fictional investigator. Keating’s books in the Merchant-Ivory English dialect film An ideal Murder. This individual acted along with Aditya Pancholi in motion pictures like Maalamaal and Game. He has been in several multi-starer Bollywood videos as well, like Ghulami, Tridev and. He highly believed that this distinction between art and also commercial shows had mostly reduced, particularly with the company directors of the previous also creating commercial pictures. In 200 his desire playing Mahatma Gandhi has been realized if he played Gandhi in Kamal Hassan‘s significantly acclaimed Hey Ram that focused on typically the assassination associated with Gandhi through the assailant’s viewpoint. Shah received critical approval by actively playing the part of Mohit, the drunken coach to some deaf along with a mute child in Iqbal, which was authored by Vipul T Rawal.Shah ended up being praised regarding his functions in the 1999 Aamir Khan-starer Sarfarosh, wherever he performed Gulfam Hassan – the ghazal singer-cum-terrorist mastermind — and in Neeraj Pandey‘s vitally acclaimed The Wednesday. Shah has also starred in worldwide projects, for instance, Monsoon Wedding ceremony and a Hollywood comic guide adaptation of The League regarding Extraordinary Men in the year 2003, just where he played out the function of Captain Nemo. He worked well in Vishal Bhardwaj‘s Indian adaptation connected with Shakespeare’s Macbeth, titled Maqbool, in 2003, and Rajiv Rai‘s Asambhav opposite Arjun Rampal with Priyanka Chopra in 2004. Then he went on to operate in The Great New Wonderful in 2005. In 2011, Shah was observed in The Dirty Picture. He also acted in Anup Kurian’s The Blueberry Hunt. Shah made the Pakistani video debut inside Khuda Ke Liye by Shoaib Mansoor, where they played a brief cameo. His second Pakistani film Zinda Bhaag was initially selected as the country’s recognized entry for the 86th Academy Awards to get the best Foreign Language Movie award. He has won 3 National Film Awards and was also honored with Padma Shri in 1987, Padma Bhushan in 2003 by Indian Government.

(27) Smita Patil:

<img src="Smita-Patil.jpg" alt="image of Smita-Patil most popular bollywood actress of all time">
Smita Patil played roles with social messages

Smita Patil belongs in an era of stars, including Shabana Azmi who is highly associated with the significantly political movie theater of the 1973s. Her function includes movies with similar cinema directors like Shyam Benegal, Govind Nihalani, Satyajit Ray movie Sadgati in 1981. Aravindan Chidambaram, and Mrinal Sen along with forays in to the more industrial Hindi motion picture industry theatre of Mumbai. Patil had been working like a TV information reader and also was additionally an accomplished professional photographer when Shyam Benegal found her. In the year 1977, the girl won the actual National Honor for ‘Best Actress’ on her performance within the Hindi movie Bhumika. In her pictures, Patil’s personality often signifies an intelligent beauty that appears in alleviation against the traditional background associated with male-dominated movies (films such as Bhumika, Umbartha, and Bazaar). Smita Patil became noted for her performances in videos that described empowered women. With time she has been accepted through commercial filmmakers and through Raj Khosla and Ramesh Sippy and B. Ur. Chopra, all of them agreed she was “excellent”. Her followers, too, increased with her new-found stardom. Patil’s glamorous roles drew more business films such as Shakti and Namak Halaal : It was revealed the particular permeable limitations between “serious” cinema plus “Hindi cinemamasala inside the Hindi industry. Throughout 1984, the lady served as being a jury person in the Montreal World Movie Festival. Movie director  V. Sridhar is the first one to set her opposing Rajesh Khanna in Dil-E-Nadan in 1982. Right after success of the film, Smita and Khanna were combined in effective films just like Aakhir Kyon?, Anokha Rishta, Angaaray, Nazrana, Amrit. The actual songs “Dushman Na Kare Dost Neh Who” and even “Ek Andhera Lakh Sitare” from the L. P. Omprakash directorial endeavor Aakhir Kyun became popular. After the release of Aakhir Kyon? her reputation and your ex pairing along with Khanna had been at its top. The flick Nazrana launched posthumously right after her demise and became package office achievement with movie being one of the top 10 highest-grossing films in the year 1987. Each of the films together with Khanna have been different and talked about numerous social problems. In the roll film Awam ,Smita seemed to be paired reverse Raj Babbar in assisting role while Khanna was at the business lead role. Back in 1987, Amrit  by Mohan Kumar grew to become fifth highest-grossing film on the year. Her association using artistic movie theatre remained powerful, however. her best (and regrettably final) part came whenever Smita re-teamed with Ketan Mehta to try out the energetic and screaming Sonbai in Mirch Masala. Smita won compliments for actively playing a spirited employee who fights against the lecherous small official. Within the centenary involving Indian movie in Apr 2013, Forbes included the performance from the film upon its listing, “25 Best Acting Shows of Indian native Cinema”. Throughout the making connected with Chakra, Smita Patil utilized to visit the slums in Bombay. It lead to another National Award. Throughout her profession, she obtained two Nationwide Film Honours and a Filmfare Award. The girl was the person receiving the Padma Shri, India’s fourth-highest civilian honour in 1985.

(28) Shabana Azmi:

<img src="Shabana-Azmi.jpg" alt="image of Shabana-Azmi most popular actress of all time">
Shabana Azmi has greatly contributed to Indian Cinema

One of the finest and most popular actors that the Bollywood Film Industry has ever produced. Azmi has made an appearance in more than 120 Hindi and Bengali films both in the mainstream as well as independent movie theater, and since 1988 she has served in several overseas projects. A number of her movies have been reported as a type of progressivism that portrays Indian society, the customs and also traditions. Along with acting, Azmi is an interpersonal and can certainly rights beaver. She is the actual wife associated with poet along with screenwriter Javed Akhtar. She actually is an Information Ambassador from the United Nations Populace Fund (UNPFA). In gratitude of Azmi‘s life in addition to works, the particular President regarding India offered her the nominated (unelected) membership in the Rajya Sabha, the upper home of legislative house. She continued to receive typically the National Movie Award consecutively for three many years from 1983 to 85 for her functions in Arth, Khandhar, and Paar. Godmother earned the girl another Nationwide Film Honor, taking the woman tally in order to five. Azmi’s acting continues to be characterized with a real-life representation of the jobs played through her. In Mandi, she acted like a madam of the whorehouse. With this role, the lady put on weight as well as chewed betel. Real life portrayals continued within all movies. These types of included often the role of your woman called Jamini resigned to her future in Khandhar and a common urban Indian wife, homemaker, and mom in Masoom. She additionally acted inside experimental and even parallel Indian cinema. Deepa Mehta‘s 1996 film Fire depicts her as a lonesome woman, Radha, in love with the sister-in-law. The actual on-screen interpretation of lesbianism (perhaps the very first in Indians cinema) received severe protests and risks from numerous social organizations as well as through the Indian regulators. Her part as Radha brought their international reputation with the Silver precious metal Hugo Prize for Greatest Actress in the 32nd Chicago, il Film Event and Court Award with regard to Best Celebrity at Outfest, Los Angeles. This wonderful actress has also obtained five Filmfare Awards, together with was privileged among “women in cinema” at the thirtieth International Motion picture Festival involving India. 23 years ago, the Government connected with India granted her along with Padma Shri, the fourth maximum civilian honor of the nation.

(29) Amir Khan:

<img src=" Aamir-Khan.jpg" alt="image of Aamir-Khan most popular bollywood actor of all time">
Aamir Khan – Mr. Perfectionist

A very versatile actor who has made rapid strides to become already a legendary actor in the Bollywood Film Industry. Aamir experienced their first taste of success in Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak. The movie director of this movie was Mansoor Khan, that is his relative and boy of Nasir Hussain. This individual played you lead part in this motion picture which received him the very first National Movie Award (Special Jury Award). Qayamat Se Qayamat  Tak was a successful during that period which assisted Aamir began his profession as a encouraging actor within Hindi movies. The next year, Raakh was launched which additionally had Aamir in the business lead role. This particular film furthermore became popular however, not like Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak. Aamir won the actual National Motion picture Award (Special Jury Award) for his or her admirable overall performance in this video. For the appearance, he could be often synonymous to being the “Chocolate Hero” of Indian native cinema. Consequently, Aamir Khan acted in many films back in the 1980s as well as early nineties such as Dil, which was the very best grosser inside 1990, Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar, Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin, Rangeela, and also Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke. Khan was the screenwriter for the picture Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke. He or she received his / her first Filmfare Award with regard to Best Acting professional for performing in Raja Hindustani in 1996. They received the 2nd award within this category regarding Lagaan in 2001. The actual film had been nominated for your Academy Honour in the group of the Best Language Film the third Indian film to become nominated in this particular category. It was the first effort of his particular production home, Aamir Khan Productions. Nearly all films by which he behaved are industrial successes along with grossed large revenues. Their other accomplishments include Andaz Apna Apna in which this individual acted along with Salman Khan.When it was released, the particular critics failed to give it an optimistic review. But with the passage of time, film production company has accomplished the position of the cult film. Aamir Khan took the four-year break from acting after Lagaan. He came back to Stardom when he performed the prospect role with Mangal Pandey: The Rising in July 2004. He consequently acted around Rang De Basanti which is why he obtained a Filmfare Critics Prize for BestActor. Within 2007, he or she directed her first dvd Taare Zameen Par which film gained him typically the Filmfare Merit for Very best Director. The following year, Ghajini was released also it was the best grosser on 2008. The particular comedy roll film 3 Idiots in 2009 was obviously a major success in his job, which was the most notable revenue making Hindi movie in history. It had been simply a good unparalleled task. Other significant films through which he were are Ishq together with Ajay Devgan, Juhi Chawla, and Kajol, Ghulam, that has film they sung like a playback vocalist, Sarfarosh., Dil Chahta Hai with Saif Ali Khan, Akshaye Khanna, and Preity Zinta, in addition to Fanaa with Kajol. However his recent success perhaps surpasses everything he achieved so far. The 2014 release PK and Dangal that was released in 2016 have both created history in becoming the most popularly viewed films ever breaking all box office records and incomes.

(30) Shah Rukh Khan:

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Shah Rukh Khan – The Romantic Superstar

A superstar of the modern era started his journey by getting the business lead role of the commando in a drama Fauji. Having been much congratulated for their work as well as soon grew to become the heartthrob of adolescent girls bagging functions in some other serials like “Circus” and also ‘Dil Dariya’, the former becoming delayed because of various factors. He additionally had a small role within a made for TV film known as In Which Annie Gives It All those Ones. His big screen break came in Deewana wherever he served alongside the actual then best actress associated in Bollywood Divya Bharti along with won the particular prestigious Filmfare Award with regard to Best Actor Men. He had furthermore starred previously in a small part in ‘Dil Aashna Hai’. This was accompanied by another hit Raju Ban Cara Gentleman. Following a few much more films that did typical or much less at the package office, Khan made the initial choice towards all guidance to choose negative roles and performed obsessive, fairly psychotic figures in Darr and Baazigar. To our surprise typically the films had been massive strikes and Shahrukh earned his or her first Best Actor honor and had been also selected in the villainous role group. His performing was congratulated all and was thought to be upcoming King. Exactly the same year this individual bagged often the Critics Honor for greatest performance within Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa, a film he or she often recalls as among his favourites. A series of visits followed as to what would be kept in mind as one regarding Khan’s the majority of iconic shows; a film that is arguably India’s biggest successful and really complete with a good of episode, comedy, love, thrills along with a bit of activity as well. The particular epic Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge was released on 2011 nevertheless plays inside a Mumbai theater, thus getting the greatest running motion picture in the historical past. Coincidentally Showmanship superstar Ben Cruise is the initial option as the primary lead however the role visited Shahrukh that is now nicknamed ‘Tom Cruise of India’. Khan has come a long way since that time with a thread of gets under the belt including some of Bollywood’s biggest both in national plus international marketplaces namely Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham…, Devdas, Swades, Chak de! Indian, Om Shanti Om, My Name Is Khan, RA. One, Don 2, Jab Tak Hai Jaan and also the highest grossing Chennai Express thus creating him the exact undisputed megastar of  Indian subcontinent with a document number of Very best Actor trophies and numerous awards. His or her fame will not stop right here; following launch of his / her films abroad he has already been credited since the world’s greatest movie star and even was called among the fifty most powerful individuals by Newsweek. Even with all of the success and also a statue one of the elite inside Madame Tussaud’s, he is offered as being probably the most humble together with down to earth individuality although his particular wit is actually unmatched through even the best lawn mowers of business. It has led to your pet being a sponsor of many TV  programs, video game shows as well as award features including India’s version connected with ‘Who Desires to Be A Millionaire’ He is an energetic philanthropist financing numerous relief projects and also charities along with being individually involved in all of them though they prefers to save this aspect from the lime lighting. His bigger than life character continues to succeed hearts worldwide with a enthusiast following starting billions. Dr. murphy is the face with brands for example Pepsi, Label Heur and it has a eight billion dirham property advancement project composed of multiple home towers within the UAE given its name him named ‘Shah Rukh Khan Boulevard’. He co-owns two creation houses ‘Dreamz Unlimited’ along with ‘Red Chillies Entertainment’ as well as the IPL Cricket team ‘Kolkata Knight Riders’. and the recipient of Padma Shri as well.

(31) Salman Khan:

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Salman Khan – The “Dabangg” Hero

Salman Khan is definitely a superstar in Indian Film Industry  who else appears in Bollywood movies. Khan made his presence felt in 1989 with an assisting role within the family drama Biwi Ho To Aisi, following that he had their breakthrough part in Sooraj Barjatya‘s successful romance Maine Pyar Kiya, for which this individual earned the nomination for your Filmfare Honor for Greatest Actor. Throughout the early nineties, he starred in the activity drama Baaghi: A Cool dude for Really like, the actions film Patthar Ke Phool, and the romantic Saajan, which were monetarily successful. But his some other releases during this time period, including Suryavanshi, Jaagruti, as well as Dil Tera Aashiq, unsuccessful commercially, creating brief drawback in his profession. In year 1994, Khan showcased in the Barjatya-directed family crisis Hum Aapke Hain Kaun..!, which turned out to be the highest-grossing Bollywood movie to that stage; the achievement of the motion picture established his or her career inside Bollywood. That year, he or she featured together with Aamir Khan in the humour Andaz Apna Apna, which usually despite as being a box-office lemon has developed any cult position in Indian. Khan continued to play along with Shah Rukh Khan throughout Rakesh Roshan’s melodramatic thriller Karan Arjun, which surfaced as the year’s second highest-grossing Hindi movie. In 1998, Khan featured with Sohail Khan’s Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya, and also appeared quickly in the intimate drama Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, both these styles which rated among the top-earning Bollywood shows of 98. For the second option, he was granted the Filmfare Award with regard to Best Assisting Actor. In 1999, Khan starred around three in a commercial sense successful production: the funny Biwi Number 1, the actual romantic theatre Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, and also the family drama Hum Saath-Saath Hain. In 2003, Khan earned compliment for actively playing a scorned lover inside the romantic picture Tere Naam, and made a short appearance from the family performance Baghban. This individual went on to try out the business lead in the top-grossing Hindi motion pictures Garv, Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, No Entry, and Partner. Khan produced his TV debut through hosting 2 seasons from the gameshow 10 Ka Dum (2008-09). Following a number of commercial downfalls from 2006-08, he starred in the motion thriller Desired, a box-office hit. Higher commercial accomplishment followed together with Dabangg, along with Khan highlighted as the sponsor of the TV game demonstrate Bigg Boss, going on in order to host 6 more months of the present. In 2011, Khan produced the particular children’s movie Chillar Celebration under the production organization Salman Khan Being Human being Productions, which often won your pet the Nationwide Film Prize for best Children’s Movie. Also that yr, he starred in a couple of the highest-grossing films in the year-the action-comedy film Body guard. Khan implemented these using roles in many top-grossing videos that built him the very first actor having nine shows grossing more than 1 billion dollars at the box-office These include a task in Bajrangi Bhaijaan, which is why Khan obtained his 9th nomination for that Filmfare Merit for Ideal Actor, getting the most selected actor inside category not having winning. Like a producer on the film, Khan won some sort of National Motion picture Award regarding Best Well-known Film Offering Wholesome Amusement. Sultan was a sports activities drama concerning the life with the eponymous imaginary wrestling champ.

(32) Madhuri Dixit:

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Madhuri Dixit a Glamourous Queen

She first made an appearance on Bollywood’s tinsel display screen in 1986 along with two produces ‘Abodh‘ as well as ‘Swati‘, and also from after that continued to appear in around 66 films, as well offers lent the girl voice like a playback vocalist in ‘Devdas’ and ‘Wajood’. She has received approximately twelve awards through Filmare, Celebrity Screen along with Zee on her performances within ‘Dil’, ‘Beta’, ‘Hum Aapke Hain Kaun’, ‘Dil Toh  Pagal Hai’, ‘Devdas’, ‘Raja’, ‘Mrityudand’, in addition to ‘Lajja’. Within 1999 the girl got wedded to Doctor Sriram Madhav Nene, the Cardiovascular Doctor, belonging to the exact same Caste since the Dixit family members, and moved to Denver colorado, Colorado, Oughout. S. The., where the lady subsequently offered birth to 2 sons, Arin and Jones in Mar, 2003 plus March eight, 2005 correspondingly. Since Dec of 2006, the Angelito family briefly living in Indian as Madhuri is glaring in ‘Aaja Nachle’ that is being aimed by Anil Mehta, and even produced by Yash Chopra. Madhuri Dixit began her profession with Rajshri productions Abodh. She shipped hits such as Tezaab, Ram Lakhan, Prem Pratigya, Dil, Saajan, one hundred days, Beta, Khalnayak, Hum Apke Hain Koun, Raja, Dil Toh Pagal Hai, Pukar, Devdas. She gained 11 main awards together with nominations for 26. She grew to become the celebrity of the centuries in 2000. In Guinness Book associated with Records Centuries versions she actually is reported because the highest compensated Indian presenter. She grew to be the Zeenews Best  actress ever in 2003. The girl won the BBC survey of greatest actress actually. She started to be the Rediff best thespian ever. Madhuri is one of the the majority of loved as well as admired individual in the movie industry. A show was made through Ram Gopal Verma as being a tribute on her named “main madhuri dixit banna chahti hoon”. She was awarded the particular National Citizen’s Award upon August twenty five, 2001, in Delhi. This particular award identifies excellence in a variety of activities influencing national living.

However this is not all, actors like Hema Malini, Pran, Om Puri, Amrish Puri, Anupam Kher, Kajol, Rani Mukherjee and modern-day talents Vidya Balan, Irfan Khan, Nawajuddin Siddique are the names which cannot be ignored by any stretch of the imagination. We hope this list grows even further and we get great Talents even in future.

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