6 Important Tips for Buying Homes in India

Buying a new home in India can be an exhausting experience, both financially and emotionally. However, with the right guidance, one can overcome the hindrances involved. Here are six vital considerations for the first time home buyers that will help them prevent any feud or problems.

  1. Decide your purpose – It is better to determine what you require from your property before purchasing it. Are you buying it to transform your rent money into mortgage payments, in order to avoid them go to waste? Or you are planning to purchase your dream home? Some people also invest in properties with a motive to give them on rent and make a sound income from the property every month. Zeroing down your objective will help you identify the property, area, and locality, as you will buy the property according to your need; whether you are looking for a condo, or a single-family house, or a multi-family building.
  2. Get the feature list ready – Next is to make a checklist of the things you like and dislike. The property should fulfill your desires as much as possible. Your list must include basic desires such as easy connectivity to main roads, safe surroundings, and proper electric and water supply. Moving forth, you can also see if the smaller details match your taste like the bathroom layout and the kitchen décor.
  3. Check for Home Loan – Before making any commitment, check how much loan are you eligible for. The bank or the lender should be willing to lend you the amount you require to purchase your dream property. However, it may happen that you think you can afford an INR one crore, but the bank considers you to be eligible for only seventy lakhs depending upon factors such as your salary, the number of other debts that you have taken, the stability of your job, etc.
  4. Calculate Down Payment – Based on the loan you are eligible to receive from the bank, calculate how much money you can put in the down payment. Along with checking the property taxes in your nearby areas, have a look at the monthly installments you will have to pay. In addition, estimating the cost of maintenance and insurance is also advisable. Lastly, analyze the finishing cost of the property.
  5. Finalize the property – Now comes the challenge of looking for the property. Identify the locality and properties that interest you and meet your requirements. You can consult your real estate agent for his opinion, check online listings, and ask your friends if they know of a property that fits your budget. Post finalizing the property; do remember to verify all the necessary legal documents, which will prevent you from a treachery. These documents must include the Title Deed, Commencement Certificate, building layout, Completion Certificate, and the Occupancy Certificate.
  6. Send your proposal – Once you have inspected the home and you are completely satisfied with all the available amenities and infrastructure, you can decide on the amount you are prepared to shell out for that particular property. Consult your agent in this decision and ask him to make an offer to the seller. The seller should either agree with your offer or propose a counter-offer.

Once the cost is finalized, you should move forward to complete the paperwork and close the deal. The legal documentation involved in the purchase of a property is almost the same everywhere in the country, whether you buy a flat in Chennai or a villa in Bangalore.

7 Strong Vastu Tips for Your House to Attract Peace and Prosperity

A home is not just a place you live in, but it is about a place where you get peace, comfort, positive energy and it depicts your identity. Vastu means dwelling, which is a house for both humans and god. When we talk about Vastu Shastra for home it is based on different energies that is generated through atmosphere like cosmic energy, solar energy, lunar energy, thermal energy, wind energy, light energy etc.,

These energies need to be arranged properly to bring in prosperity, achievements and peace in life and at home. If your house is built with these principles, you will enjoy all the peace and happiness in your life.

Some of the easy Vastu Shastra for home tips that you can follow are

1.) Washing your Feet and Hands: Vastu Shastra in Hindi books say that it is all about attracting more and more positive energies. You can attract these energies by following simple things like washing your feet and hands once you come back home. Even more you can Light up the house when it is dark to get positive energy inside your house. Show incense sticks to the god and offer a small prayer every morning and in the evening to get rid of all evils.

2.) Keep the clutter away: Cleanliness is the key to positivity. Make sure you remove the clutter as much as possible. Discard the things that you think you haven’t utilized since past one year and will not use them again. Keep your home free of dust and keep everything neatly in your house. Clutter always ads to frustration and arguments among family members. A clean home always attracts more positivity.

3.) Keep house free from large number of sharp edges: Make sure you check the corners of your house carefully to ensure there are no open edges. Before you buy an apartment you should check if the home has sharp edges as they can attract negative energies. Also after you purchase a new home and get it furnished, make sure the furniture have rounded edges.

4.) Furnish your bedroom (enhance your relationship): Use soothing colours while you are doing the interiors of your bedroom. Soft furnishings and soothing colours for painting walls can enhance your relationships. You can keep some happy pictures of your relationship as it builds your relationship stronger. Make sure the bed is not placed right in front of the mirror and it attracts bad dreams.

5.) Use salt to get rid of negative energy: Salt is indeed a healer. You can use keep salt in bowls and place these bowls in corners of your home to eliminate negative energy.

6.) Wind Chimes: Use wind chimes as the bells that tinkle can break negative energy and help shower positive energy in the house.

7.) Swastik: – According to Indian Vastu Shastra using Swastik the holy symbol in your house can help gain wealth and prosperity. You can draw Swastik symbol and OM on the outer side of your home. So simply embed Swastik sign to bring prosperity into your like and home.