23 Popular Indian Dishes (recipes) that are world famous

Indians are food lovers. Be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian we Indians love the taste of them all. Not only we are fond of eating but we also love to prepare the delicacies which will make other food-lovers happy. Perhaps that is the reason why India has produced some Great chefs who have made their names not only in India but also all over the World. People like Sanjeev Kapoor, Vikash Khanna, Ranveer Brar, Madhur Jaffrey and many more are constantly working on the innovation of different types of mouth watering recipe’s that will open up a new dimension of classical Indian variety of dishes. We could also see that several cooking shows are held on television to bring up new and talented chefs who could pull up new recipes and show it to the World. Such is the demand for this food making art that can draw people from any part of the globe no matter what religion, what profession, or what sector he belongs to.

Today, I am going to discuss about few popular Indian dishes or recipes that are famous not only in India but also all over the World:

(1) Chicken Tikka Masala:

<img src="Chicken-Tikka-Masala.jpg" alt="image of a spicy dish chicken tikka masala popular indian dish in the world">
A spicy Chicken Tikka Masala

This has to be one of the tastiest and spicy dishes that has been ever prepared. It was invented by Kundan Lal Gujral who prepared this in a kitchen in Lahore. This is basically a chicken breast tikka, small parts of chicken which are marinated in spices together with yogurt, that is definitely then cooked in a tandoor oven, as well as served in sauce. A tomato and coriander sauce is normal, but not any recipe to get chicken tikka masala is definitely standard; a new survey observed that of forty-eight different dishes, the only widespread ingredient seemed to be chicken. The main sauce commonly includes the vegetable tomatoes (frequently seeing that purée), a cream, coconut lotion, and seasoning. The spices and fowl pieces could possibly be colored red using food products such as turmeric, paprika, tomato purée as well as with meal dye. The actual dish gives you some identity with Spread or Butter chicken, at the method connected with the creation and look. This reddish fried chicken on the outside and luscious from inside can blow out the mind of even the toughest of critics.

(2) Biryani:

<img src="chicken-biryani.jpg" alt="image of chicken biriyani most popular indian dish in the world">
A delicious Chicken Biryani

This recipe stands-out as one of the best dishes if not the best dish in the World. This delicacy originated among the Muslims who belonged to the subcontinent. This dish is prepared with different spices, meat that can be mutton, chicken, beef, prawn, egg or even fish and then rice. Since it is a common dishes in the Indian subcontinent, some green vegetables are also used while preparing biryani. Sweet corns may be used according to the season and if is available in the market. A type of biryani such as the Navratan biryani is cooked using fruits and other richly sweet ingredients like kismis and cashew, pineapples and apples as well. Often the spices in addition to condiments applied to biryani are ghee (clarified butter), nutmeg, mace, white pepper, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, these types of leaves, coriander, mint retains, ginger, onions, tomatoes, plus garlic. The exact premium options include saffron. In all biryani, the main active ingredient that comes with the marinades is the roasted chicken and beef; special variations also use meat and species of fish. The recipe may be served with bile chutney and also raita, korma, curry, a good sour denture of aubergine (brinjal), cut egg (optional), and greens. Biryani can be several types, like the Kachhi Biryani, Tehari (the vegetable version),Beef Biryani, Delhi Briyani, Hyderabad Biryani(the most famous of all), Sindhi Biryani,Memoni/Kutchi biryani,Dindigul Biryani, Bohri Biryani, Kalyani Biryani and so on.

(3) Rogan Josh:

<img src="Rogan-Josh.jpg" alt="image of spicy Rogan-Josh most popular indian dish in the world">
A mutton Rogan Josh

This unique dish originated during the Mughal Empire and was brought by them in Kashmir. They were actually influenced by Persians who introduced this dish. This basically is a recipe prepared by lamb with an exotic essence that is cooked in pure ghee or clarified butter and that is the reason why they are called the Roughan. It is often also termed as the ‘Rogan Gosht’ as the ‘Gosht’ in Urdu means meat. Apparently, ‘rogan josh’ or ‘rogan gohst’ means the same..Rogan josh includes braised lamb chunks barbequed with a gravy based on browned onions and even shallots, low-fat yogurt, garlic herb, turmeric as well as perfumed spices or herbs (cloves, these types of simply leaves( cardamom as well as cinnamon). The characteristic excellent red color traditionally originates from numbers of dried Kashmiri chilies which have been de-seeded to lessen their heat: these types of chilies (whose flavor approximates that of paprika) are substantially milder compared to typical dried out cayenne pepper associated with Indian delicacies. The recipe’s spice is certainly one of fragrance rather than temperature, and the conventional dish is actually mild sufficient to be valued by palates that may not have access to be trained to tolerate the warmth of chilies. In addition, dried up flowers or perhaps the root of Alkanna tinctoria are utilized in some variations of the formula to provide a red color. Saffron is also the portion of some standard recipes. Here in India, this item is prepared with goat rather than mutton simply for the fact that goat meat is easily available as in compared to a genuine lamb.

(4) Tandoori Chicken:

<img src="Tandoori-Chicken.jpg" alt="image of grilled Tandoori-Chicken most popular indian dish in the world">
A well-grilled Tandoori Chicken

Another supremely tasty and aromatic dish that was again invented by Kundan Lal Gujral. It is a famous Indian dish that is known to be very popular in the United States. The raw poultry is marinated in a combination of yogurt and also the spicy blends which are prepared for tandoori. Cayenne, red soup powder or even Kashmiri red-colored chili natural powder is used to provide it the fiery reddish hue. A greater amount of turmeric produces a good orange color. In more gentle versions, each red, as well as yellow meals coloring, are now and again used to accomplish bright colors, but turmeric powder is actually both moderate and colorful, as is paprika, a nice red pepper powder snow. The marinated chicken lies on skewers and grilled at the great heat in a warmed clay stove known as the tandoor. It really is heated along with charcoal or perhaps wood that aggregates to the smoky flavour. The particular dish may also be cooked within a standard range, using a throw or rotisserie, or over very hot charcoal. The speciality of this dish is that it can be served as a starter as well as the main-course dish. It can be served with the Naan, if used as a main course. There are different verities of Tandoori Chicken like the Chirga (a whole chicken roasted), Tandoori Murgh (a roasted chicken along with almonds), Murgh Kabab Seekhi (a whole chicken which is stuffed entirely), Kookarh Tandoori (a whole chicken steamed), Tandoori Murgh Massaledarh (Whole chicken stuffed with spice); and Murghi Bhogar (another Chicken in prepared in ‘Bhogar’ style). In India, this dish became popular after it was served for the very first time to the then honourable Prime Minister of India, Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru.

(5) Indian Kebab:

<img src="Indian-Kebab.jpg" alt="image of red chicken kebab most popular indian dish in the world">
A fried Chicken Kebab

This is also a dish prepared of meat which has originated from the Middle East region. Despite the fact that kebabs tend to be cooked with a skewer, various types of kebab are generally not. Kebab food can contain cut up or maybe ground beef or seafoods, sometimes together with fruits and vegetables; cooked properly on a skewer over a flame, or similar to a hamburger for a grill, cooked in a griddle in an range, or as being a stew; and also served with assorted accompaniments in accordance with each menu. The traditional various meat for kebabs is most usually mutton as well as lamb, yet regional dishes may include meats, goat, hen, fish, or maybe more rarely as a result of religious prohibitions, pork.”Kabab” in Arabic word means ‘roasted meat’. There are several kinds of Kabab that are available namely the Kakori kebab, Shami kebab, Kalmi kebab, Kacche gosht ke chapli kebab, Tunde ke kabab, Sambhali kebab. A very popular kabab dish known as the Reshmi kebab is a world-famous dish that is prepared in many parts across the globe.

(6) Masala Dosa:

<img src="Masala-Dosa.jpg" alt="image of Masala-Dosa a most popular indian dish in the world">
A Masala Dosa with chutney and sambhar

A very famous South-Indian dish that is very popular all over the world. Although its preparation pattern varies from one city to another. It is actually prepared from grain, lentils, spud, methi, as well as curry simply leaves, and offered with chutneys and sambar. Masala dosa is actually stuffed dosa. The two components are the dosa and the padding. The dosa is made within the usual method by placing rice as well as lentils immediately in drinking water and then milling it to some batter. The actual stuffing is made of boiled carrots with a flavoring of mustard seeds and also garnishing associated with grated coconut, coriander, along with lemon juice. Mysore masala dosa has a red-colored chutney produced from red chillies, onion, in addition to garlic put on the inside from the dosa prior to placing the spud stuffing along with it. Normal ingredients include almond, husked black gram, mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, sodium, vegetable oil, oranges, onion, natural chillies, curry leaves, along with turmeric. The different kinds of Masala Dosa that are available in India are Paper masala dosa, Mysore masala dosa, Madras special masala dosa, MTR masala dosa etc,

(7) Idli:

<img src="Idli.jpg" alt="image of idli with pickles a most popular indian dish in the world">
The Idli is similar to a rice cake

This is also a very popular dish that also mainly originates from South India. It is a typical item that can be considered a ‘rice cake’ This is considered widely as a very popular breakfast item common to Indian public. To create Idli, 4 parts raw rice (Idli rice or even parboiled rice) to one component whole white-colored lentil (urad dal, Vigna mungo) tend to be soaked individually for at least several hours in order to six hrs or immediately. Optionally spices or herbs such as fenugreek seeds could be added during the time of soaking for more flavor. As soon as done placing, the lentils are floor to a good paste and also the rice is actually separately coarsely ground, chances are they are mixed. Next, the actual mixture will be left to be able to ferment overnight during which the volume will certainly more than dual. After agitation some of the mixture may be held as a beginner culture for batch. The actual finished idli batter is usually put into greased moulds of the idli holder or “tree” for sizzling. The perforative molds enable the idlis to become cooked equally. The woods hold the particular trays over a level of cooking water within a pot, as well as the pot is definitely covered till the idlis have finished(about 10-25 minutes, based on size). A method is to make use of leaves rather than molds. To make an Idli that much more delicious, it is served with chutney’s which is made of coconut, the onion based chutney also known as the kaara chutney and even with fish curries that are spicy by nature.


<img src="Kofta.jpg" alt="image of Malai Kofta most popular indian dish in the world">
A Malai Kofta with gravy

It belongs to the meatball category and the dish has originated from the South Asia, Middle Eastern, Balkan and the Central Asian cuisines. The koftas comprises balls about minced as well as ground meat-usually beef, chicken, lamb, or simply pork-mixed utilizing spices and onions. For South Eastern medicine and the Mid East, koftas are usually crafted from lamb, beef, mutton and also chicken, where Greek, Cypriot, and Balkan versions may make use of pork, meats, lamb, or possibly the mixture of three. In India, vegetarian forms include koftas made from potato, calabash, paneer, or plátano. In Europe, kofta often is served simply because fast food meal in kebab shops. Koftas in Indian are usually offered cooked within a spicy curry/gravy and are consumed with cut rice or perhaps a variety of Indian breads. Within Iran, Afganistan and Azerbaijan, koftas tend to be served having a spiced gravy, as dried out variations are thought to be kebabs. Shrimp as well as fish koftas are found within Indian subcontinent, West Bengal, some areas of the Gulf, and also parts of Egypt. Vegetable Kofta is quite popular in India, a popular such dish is the Malai Kofta. Another popular Indian dish is Nargisi kofta where hard-boiled as it are surrounded in a level of hot and spicy kofta various meats. In Bengal, a region regarding eastern koftas are made of prawns, species of fish, green plums, cabbage or perhaps meat, like minced goat meat.

(9) Dhokla:

<img src="Dhokla.jpg" alt="image of Dhokla a most popular indian dish in the world">
Dhokla is an ideal dish for breakfast

Dhokla originated from Gujarat located in the western part of India. Its made with some sort of fermented crepe mixture derived from grain and divide chickpeas. Dhokla can be enjoyed for breakfast, being the main study course, as an area dish, or maybe as a snack food. Dhokla is incredibly similar to Khaman, the similar words that are used for each other quite frequently. Grain Rice and break up chickpeas, or chana dal, inside a particular percentage in order to attain the desired structure and taste are condensed overnight. Typically the mixture is usually ground, as well as the paste is definitely fermented regarding four to five several hours or overnight. This is spiced by adding soup pepper, Coriander, ginger along with baking soft drinks. The fermented batter will then be steamed for approximately 15 minutes over a flat food and slice into parts. These cut pieces are generally seasoned inside hot necessary oil with mustard seeds. Green chilies which are chopped can also be toasted and, at times, an equal level of water and also a little glucose is in addition to this oil. Often the pieces usually are then taken out of the dish. It is sometimes also melted in warm oil using cumin seed. It is usually dished up with fried chilies in addition to chutney created from coriander. Then it is garnished having coriander and quite often with roughly grated coconut. Different types of dhokla include the Khatta Dhokla, Rasia dhokla, Khandvi dhokla, Cheese dhokla, Toor dal dhokla, Sandwich dhokla, Rawa dhokla, Mixed dal dhokla, Green peas dhokla and the Meetha dhokla.

(10) Rajma:

<img src="Rajma.jpg" alt="image of Rajma a most popular indian dish in the world">
A Rajma is also called the ‘kidney beans’

Rajma a popular Southern region Asian veggie dish from the Indian subcontinent, composed of red beans(also called kidney beans as they look like human kidney) inside a thick gravy with many indian spices whole salt and usually dished up with rice grain. Although these beans are just not of South Asian origins, it is a part of regular diet regime in India in addition to Nepal. Typically the dish produced after the reddish kidney beans were delivered to the Indian subcontinent coming from Mexico. Like a popular recipe, it is well prepared on crucial occasions. Rajma served using boiled hemp, is a popular denture throughout north India with Nepal. Among the best Rajma is probably grown inside the Nepal slopes, north Indian state with Himachal Pradesh and the Jammu region for Jammu and Kashmir. Rajma chawal functioned with chutney of Anardana is the well-known dish about Peerah, any town with Ramban section of Jammu. Going more, the Rajma of Chinta Valley around Doda center, a short length from the community of Bhaderwah of Jammu province are usually said to be within the most popular. These are generally smaller in size as compared to most Rajma grown on plains and possess a slightly sweetish taste. Often the combination of Rajma and almond generally provides as a leading favourite associated with North Indians and Nepalis. Rajma will be prepared having onion, garlic cloves and many marinades in the Indian subcontinent, and it is one of many staple food items in Nepal. This dish is well-liked throughout the Indian subcontinent.

(11) Shahi Paneer:

<img src="Shahi-paneer.jpg" alt="image of a delicious Shahi-paneer most popular indian dish in the world">
A Shahi Paneer is high protein rich recipe

Shahi paneer is often a preparation connected with paneer cottage cheese (especially low or non-fat) in a dense gravy derived from cream, the vegetable tomatoes, and spices or herbs from the Of India subcontinent. It can be mainly taken with roti, naan, grain, other loaves of bread. Paneer certainly is the word meant for cottage cheese, and even shahi may be the term with regard to royal (in reference to often the Imperial Court). Similar dinners include paneer butter masala and kadai paneer.Paneer Butter Masala is one of the hottest vegetarian curries in Indian native cuisine. Paneer (Indian low-fat cottage cheese cubes) is definitely dunked in a very rich together with creamy tomato gravy as well as served in conjunction with roti (Indian breads) as well as flavoured hemp. The difference concerning Paneer Butter Masala and also Shahi Paneer is that many whole herbs are used with Paneer Butter Masala although Shahi Paneer has a nicer taste when comparing Paneer Butter Masala.

(12)Dal Makhani:

<img src="Dal-Makhani.jpg" alt="image of Dal-Makhani most popular indian dish in the world">
A Dal Makhani is a tasty Punjabi dish

This superb dish originated through the Punjab area of the Indian subcontinent. The main ingredients tend to be whole dark lentil (urad), red renal beans (rajma), butter as well as cream. The dish get’s its richness from the utilization of cream, but it can also be ready with low fat yogurt, milk or any dairy. Dal makhani was created by Punjabis and is today recognized as some sort of quintessential Indian dish, along with variations in the dish are usually served in several different eating places internationally. Dal makhani’s recognition is due to some extent to it is versatility inside a meal: the particular rich all-vegetable dish works well as a major meal, incorporated as part of a new buffet (thali), or applied as an association to a food. In The indian subcontinent, soups in addition to curries using a red or perhaps yellow lentil base are a important program, however as a result of dal makhani’s rich structure and long preparation method, many Indians only take in the food on times of significance, like birthdays, countrywide holidays, marriages etc.

(13) Pakora:

<img src="Pakora.jpg" alt="image of Veg Pakora most popular indian dish in the world">
Veg Pakora with spicy chutney

It’s a very popular dish in India that is mainly used as a ‘snack’. which is a fried treat (fritter) from the Indian subcontinent, especially in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Nepal. Pakoras are created if you take one or two components, such as red onion, eggplant, spud, spinach, plantain, paneer, cauliflower, tomato, or even chili spice up. They are also sometimes prepared along with bread, buckwheat, groundnut, seafood, or poultry. They are drizzled with a mixture made from g flour after which deep-fried. The most famous varieties consist of pyaaz pakora, made from red onion, and aloo pakora, produced from potato. Some other variations contain paalak pakora, made from greens, and paneer pakora, created from paneer (soft cottage cheese). When onions, on their own, are ready in the same way, they may be known as red onion bajji. The variation associated with pakora made out of wheat flour, salt, as well as tiny components of potato or perhaps onion (optional), is called noon bariya usually found in far eastern Uttar Pradesh in India. Pakoras are usually offered as a treat or appetiser. They are well-known as a junk food snack in Great Britain, obtainable in Indian as well as Pakistani dining places. They are also frequently served along with tea in order to guests being released on the to attend Indian native wedding ceremonies, and they are usually accompanied with tamarind chutney, yogurt sauce, brownish sauce, or even ketchup.

(14) Kati Roll:

<img src="Kati-roll.jpg" alt="image of a Kati-roll most popular indian dish in the world">
A Kati Roll is covered in paratha

It is really a street-food meal originating from Kolkata, India. In the original contact form, it is a skewer-roasted kebab covered in a paratha bread, even though over the years numerous variants possess evolved which now go with general name associated with kati roll. The name is derived in Bengali where it is actually spelled as ‘kathi’ which means a stick. Kati Rolls usually contain coriander chutney, ovum and poultry etc. a kati roll is really a kati kebab wrapped within a layered paratha bread. Paratha is bread that is kneaded into a string, then coiled into a circular patty. It really is then compressed with a moving pin as well as partially deep-fried in essential oil on a tawa (griddle). These types of semi-cooked parathas are after that kept apart until required, at which period they’re place back within the tawa. If an ovum is to be additional, it is usually put into the tawa and the paratha put on the top of egg; these people both prepare together and also the paratha will get coated on a single side using the egg. Kati kababs tend to be chicken or even mutton (lamb) chunks marinated in spices or herbs and prepared on skewers (the “kati”) over coals in a sigri. When ready, these are removed the skewers and thrown with onions, chillies along with sauces around the tawa, prior to being set in a slim strip about the centre from the paratha (egg side upward, when applicable). At this stage, the majority of roll suppliers will include various kinds of sauces, a dash associated with vinegar, the squeeze regarding lime, occasionally a tremble of chaat masala and perhaps some julienned carrots. Everything is then folded up in papers. In Kolkata, the document usually handles only 1 / 2 the roll; elsewhere the actual paper covers more and even the entire roll.

(15) Chana Masala:

<img src="Chana-Masala.jp" alt="image of Chana-Masala most popular indian dish in the world">
A Chana Masala is widely accepted dessert.

Chana Masala actually “mix-spiced small-chickpeas”), also known as channay, chole masala, chole or even chholay, is a meal from the Indian subcontinent; significant in Native Indian and Pakistani cuisine. The primary ingredient is really a variety of chickpea called chana or kala chana (meaning black chana). They are smaller than common chickpeas(about 1 / 2 the diameter) with a more powerful flavour as well as firmer consistency even after becoming cooked. Chole is the name for your larger and also lighter colored chickpea generally found in the actual West. They are known as kabuli chana within Hindi-Urdu. Chana masala is rather dry along with spicy having a sour citrus fruit note (the flavor generally comes from coriander and onion). Chana are often replaced through chole in many restaurants and each version tends to be widely offered as desserts and road food inside India and Pakistan.

(16) Baingan Bharta:

<img src="Baingan-Bharta.jpg" alt="image of Baingan-Bharta most popular indian dish in the world">
Baingan Bharta is a Indian national food

Baingan B harta or a mashed eggplant is a dish from the Southern part of Asia which originated in Punjab, bearing some sort of resemblance to a baba ghanoush. Baingan Bharta is a portion of the national foods of India, Pakistan, in addition to Bangladesh. It is just a vegetarian platter that is served by mincing eggplant (baingan) that is certainly grilled around charcoal or maybe direct flames. This natural meal with a smoky flavour. Typically the smoked plus mashed eggplant is then combined with sliced tomato that is well cooked, browned onion, turmeric, garlic, cumin, fresh cilantro (coriander leaves), chilli white pepper, and mustard oil or possibly a neutral plant oils. Traditionally, typically the dish is normally eaten with the Indian flatbread (specifically roti or paratha) and is also delivered with almond or raita, a natural yogurt salad. Throughout states for instance Bihar and even Uttar Pradesh, it is made hot which has a famous food called while “Litti. ” Baingan Bharta is usually part of famous cuisine in India,  and its part’s, including Karnataka, Bihar, Maharashtra, Punjab, as well as West Bengal and in Pakistan along with Bangladesh,. In Maharashtra, specifically in the northern Khandesh region, ‘vangyache bharit’ as they call it really is served within social events including marriages.

(17) Banana Chips:

<img src="Banana-Chips.jpg" alt="image of Banana-Chips most popular indian dish in the world">
Banana Chips are a common snack

These chips happen to be dried pieces of plums (fruits for herbaceous house plants of the genus Musa within the soft, great “dessert banana” variety). They are definitely covered utilizing sugar as well as honey and have absolutely a charming taste, or simply they can be toast in petroleum and spices or herbs and have some salty and also spicy preferences. Banana fries are commonly in India, Uk and Indonesia (as kripik). Variants about banana casino chips may be blanketed with candies instead. Banana chips act like chifle, generally made from stronger, starchier plant varieties of the main genus Fantasía commercially described as plantains or possibly “cooking bananas”. There are usually two main types of variations that are part of these item. They are a Fried chips and Dried chips. The Fried banana chips are usually made out of under-ripe clown slices deep-fried in sunflower oil or even coconut essential oil. These debris are dried out (like spud chips) and is salted, spiced, sugar covered or jaggery coated. Occasionally banana flavour is additional. If fresh bananas are utilized, they emerge oily. They may be used for sweets, not with regard to dry chips. In case of Dried banana chips a few varieties of clown chips could be produced only using food lacks. Banana pieces that are just dehydrated aren’t dark yellow-colour and crunchy, but rather tend to be brown, leathery and chewy. They are really sweet and also have an intense banano flavor. They are ideally produced from bananas which are fully fresh. Another type is made through baking within an oven, even though this process might not result in the exact same intense plátano flavour.

(18) Papri Chat:

<img src="Papri-Chat.jpg" alt="image of Papri Chat most popular indian dish in the world">
Papri Chat prepared with tomatoes and onion

Papri chaat, is a popular conventional fast food as well as street meals from the Indian native subcontinent, remarkably in To the north India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Many various extra dishes all through India will also be referred to as papri chaat. A few restaurants in the US serve the standard version from the dish. “Papri” refers to the wafers, and the term “chaat” produced from Sanskrit action-word “Caṭ” indicates tasting having a fingertip is actually traditionally cooked using sharp fried bread wafers referred to as papri, together with boiled peas, ferv. potatoes, fat free yogurt and tamarind chutney and capped with chaat masala as well as sev.The papri are typically well prepared with processed white flour and ghee or essential oil. Mint, cilantro, and spices or herbs may also be used. The actual dish offers sweet, bitter, tangy and also spicy tastes and a rich and creamy and crunchy texture. Papri chaat is usually purveyed as well as consumed in mobile meals stalls within India. Within India, it really is more popular within the northern area of the nation compared to other locations.


<img src="Bhelpuri.jpg" alt="image of Bhelpuri most popular indian dish in the world">
Bhelpuri is a very tasty snack

Bhelpuri is a tasty snack, and it is a type of chaat. It is made from puffed grain, vegetables along with a tangy tamarind sauce. It is sometimes identified using the beaches associated with Mumbai, for example Chowpatty or even Juhu. Bhelpuri is made from puffed rice as well as Sev (a fried treat shaped such as thin noodles made from besan flour) combined with potatoes, onions, Chat masala and chutney and blend (a mixture of different types of deep-fried snacks), since the base from the snack. Bhelpuri has a stability of nice, salty, sour and hot and spicy flavors, with assorted textures too, including crispy and crunchy from the puffed rice and also fried sev. Other popular ingredients include tomato vegetables, and chilis added to the camp; In north India quality recipes also created by adding ferv. potatoes reduce into little pieces. Various chutneys provide a special, tangy or even spicy taste. There are 2 popular chutneys used: the dark brown fairly sweet one created mainly through dates along with tamarind (saunth chutney) along with a green hot chutney produced from coriander simply leaves and eco-friendly chillies. The types of bhelpuri include Sevpuri, Dahipuri, Sev papdi chaat,Churmuri etc.

(20)Pani Puri (Gol Gappa):

<img src="Pani-Puri.jpg" alt="image of Pani-Puri most popular indian dish in the world">
Pani Puri served with green chutney

Panipuri has numerous names, based on the region. Within Haryana it really is called paani ke patashe; in Madhya Pradesh fulki; in Uttar Pradesh golgappa,to the West Bengal, Bangladesh, and Nepal, phuchka; in some parts of Odisha Gupchup, in some parts of Gujarat, pakodi; in some parts of Bihar, South Jharkhand, and Chhattisgarh, gup chup. They are also typically referred to as gol gappay in the Punjab region associated with Pakistan Puchka differs through panipuri when it comes to content as well as taste. This uses a combination of boiled g and mashed potatoes since the filling and it is tangy instead of sweetish as the water is actually sour and also spicy. This consists of a circular, hollow puri, fried sharp and full of a mixture of flavoured water (commonly known as imli pani), tamarind chutney, soup, chaat masala, potato, red onion or chickpeas.

(21)Gulab Jaamun:

<img src=" Gulab-Jaamun.jpg" alt="image of Gulab-Jaamun a very popular indian dish in the world">
Gulab Jaamun is a very sweet dish

They really are a milk-solid-based Southern Asian dish, particularly well-known in the Indian subcontinent, remarkably India, Nepal (where it really is known as Lal mohan), Pakistan and Bangladesh, as well as Myanmar. It is also typical in Mauritius, Fiji, the southern part of and far eastern Africa, Malay Peninsula, and also the Caribbean nations of Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Suriname and Jamaica. It is created mainly through milk solids, typically from recently curdled dairy. It is often garnished with dried out nuts for example almonds to improve flavour.While preparing this item solids derived from milk are prepared through heating dairy over a lower flame for a long period until the majority of the water content material has evaporated. These whey, which is derived from milk, known as khoya in Indian, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan, are kneaded into a bread, sometimes having a pinch associated with flour, after which shaped into little balls as well as deep-fried in a low temperature of approximately 148 °C. The balls are after that soaked in a light sweet syrup flavored with eco-friendly cardamom and also rose drinking water, kewra or even saffron. Gulab jamun can be obtained commercially, in South Oriental restaurants or perhaps pre-prepared possibly in tins or because kits to become prepared in home.


<img src="Jalebi.jpg" alt="image of Jalebi most popular indian dish in the world ">
Jalebi is a North Indian dish

Jalebi, also known as zulbia, is a nice popular within countries associated with South Asian countries, West Parts of Asia, North African continent, and Eastern Africa. It really is made by deep-frying maida flour (plain flour or all-purpose flour) mixture in pretzel or round shapes, that are then drenched in sugars syrup. They may be particularly well-known in Armed forces europe and the Indian native subcontinent. The actual sweets tend to be served comfortable or chilly. They have a fairly chewy consistency with a crystallized sugary outside coating. Citric acid or even lime juice may also be added to the actual syrup, along with rose drinking water. Jalebi is actually eaten along with curd or perhaps rabri (North India) together with optional some other flavours for example kewra (scented water). This particular dish is not really to be mistaken for similar desserts and variations like imarti and chhena jalebi.


<img src="Samosa.jpg" alt="image of Samosa most popular indian dish in the world">
Samosa with three different chutney’s

Finally the most spicy snack of all is the Samosa which I am sure evey Indian will like to have any time and in any occasion.The samosa is really a fried or even baked meal with a tasty filling, for example spiced carrots, onions, peas, lentils, macaroni, noodles, parmesan cheese, minced lamb or minced beef. This tree nut may also be added. The size as well as consistency can vary, but usually it is clearly triangular or perhaps tetrahedral in form. Indian samosas are usually vegan, and often having mint chutney. Samosas really are a popular entrée, appetizer or maybe snack from your cuisines from the Arabian Peninsula, Southeast Asian countries, Central Parts of Asia, Southwest Japan, the Mediterranean sea, the Indian native subcontinent, the actual Horn associated with Africa, Eastern Africa, To the north Africa and also South Africa. Because of cultural diffusion and emigration from these types of areas, samosas in today’s world will also be prepared within other areas.

18 Various Types of Monkeys Breed found on Indian Mainland

The fact cannot be denied that like the evergreen plants and trees, the existence of animals is essential for maintaining the ecological balance. The presence of different kinds or species of animals is too important for “us” the human beings as because as due to the presence of green trees we get sufficient amount of oxygen similarly because of the presence of animals plays a vital role in the nature in the sense that they eliminate threats that can cause a damaging effect. For e.g. there may be a plant or shrub that can be harmful to the growth of other animals and it is co-incidentally the primary food for a particular animal.  Similarly, a carnivore eating carcasses prevents it from getting rotten and thereby keeping nature healthy. In this way the animal’s becomes key in maintaining the balance. In fact, they are like an ornament which glorifies and enriches the torso of Mother Nature with their existence.

Fortunately, our country India has been blessed with the presence of varieties of animal breeds. Different types of Birds, Tigers, Monkeys, Elephants, you name it and you will find them all. In today’s topic, I am going to discuss different types of Monkeys Breed that are found on Indian Mainland. Although few of them are slowly becoming extinct primarily due to several factors but still they are considered a key subject in natures manual:

(1)Rhesus Macaque:

<img src="Rhesus-Macaque.jpg" alt="image of Rhesus-Macaque various types of monkey breed in india ">
Rhesus Macaque is the rarest monkey breed

This species of monkey is one of the rarest breeds found in India. They are found in most parts of South, Central and Southeast Asia like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Burma, Thailand, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Southern China and nearby areas. They can be seen scattered everywhere from grasslands, forested areas and leading up to human habitats. The rhesus macaque is brown leafy or dull in coloring and is new pink-faced, which is bereft of a pelt. Its tail ranges about a medium height of 20.7 to 22.90cm in length. A fully grown male monkey measures 53 cm on average as well as weigh regarding 7. 6 kg. Females are small, averaging 47 cm long. They weigh about 3 kilos.They have heavy scapulae as well as a wide ribs cage. This monkey has 32 teeth’s which is similar to humans. This type of monkeys is known for their self-awareness because they are extremely animated communicators by the way of body gestures through there flexed muscles which also indicates there alertness, the presence of mind and intelligence.

(2)Bonnet Macaque:

<img src="Bonnet-Macaque.jpg" alt="image of a yawning Bonnet-Macaque various types of monkey breeds found in india">
A Yawning Bonnet Macaque

These breeds of monkeys are known to have the longest tails of all other monkeys in India. They are usually found in nearest parts of the Indian Ocean, and also the places like the Godavari and Tapti Rivers. These types of monkeys have a distinct type of behavior in a way they are diurnal in nature and are about 35 to 60 cm long with the tail that can be as long as 68cms which generally starts 35 cm. An adult male can weigh from 5.5 kgs to 9 kgs and a female monkey can weigh about 3.5 kg to 4.5 kgs. There estimated lifetime is about 35 years. In this kind of monkey’s males are dominant over the females. Their group is characterized by the male which is the leader of the pack. Body gestures include smacking of the lip, opening or closing of the mouth very rapidly with the tongue stuck in between their teeth’s and pressing of the lips against each other which gives a sound. They also make a grimacing sound which is a sign of submission of a weak individual surrendering to the stronger opposition during a fight which also is an indicator of pulling back of the upper lip and showing teeth. They also bear a distinct call which is an alarm against leopards, pythons and other predators.

(3)Assam Macaque:

<img src="Assam-Macaque.jpg" alt="image of a looking Assam-Macaque variuos types of monkey breed in india">
An Assam-Macaque at the forests of Bhutan

Like the Rhesus, the Assam Macaque is also one of the oldest monkeys in the Southeastern parts of Asia mostly in Bhutan, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, and Tripura in northeastern India, into northern and southeast of Myanmar. They body complexion include their face which is dark brown and purple in color.  On the head, they have a dark bunch of hairs which goes down their cheeks which are then directed back side of the years. They are usually 51 to 73.5 cms in length and the tail is about 15 to 30 cm in length. A fully grown Assam Macaque is about 5 to 10 kilos in weight. These animals are both comfortable living in the land as well as in the trees. They travel in groups that range between 13to35 in numbers which consist about 31% adult females and the adult males are about 16% and the rest young ones of different ages.

(4) Arunachal Macaque:

<img src="Arunachal-Macaque.jpg" alt="image of Arunachal-Macaque sitting on tree-top various types of monkey breeds in india">
A big Arunachal Macaque on the tree-top

This monkey breed hails from the Arunachal Pradesh which is in the North Eastern part of India. It was discovered in the year 2004. This type of monkey is also known as the “deep forest monkey” and it is believed that there breed is slowly on the way of elimination and hence one of the valuable breeds of animals found in the country. The features of this monkey are similar to that of the Assam, Tibetan and Bonnet macaque which are found in Southern part of India. They do have a large physique with a dark face and along with it comes a short tail.

(5) Stump-Tailed Macaque:

<img src=" Stump-Tailed-Macaque.jpg" alt="image of Stump-Tailed-Macaque scratching its babies back various monkey breeds found in india">
A Stump-Tailed Macaque scratching its babies back

Also known as the bear monkey, they are found mostly in South Asia in the areas of Assam and Meghalaya to eastern Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, and Tripura. A slow-moving creature, they mostly feed on fruits, different types of vegetation that include seeds, roots, and leaves. However, they also eat crabs in the fresh water, different frogs, insects as well as birds as well. These monkeys have a usual covering of fur in its body, but it does not have hairs. The Males grow about 51.7 to 65 cm long and they weigh about 9.7 to 10.2 kilos in weight and females are 48.5 to 58.5 cm in height and about 7.5 to 9.1 kilos in weight. Due to its thick covering in the body, it enables these types of monkeys to live in cold climates and in a height as many as 4000 meters. These types of monkeys are usually found in evergreen forests where there are broadleafs, and places of high altitude depending upon the amount of rainfall in that place.

(6)Lion-Tailed Macaque:

<img src="Lion-Tailed-Macaque.jpg" alt="image of a standing Lion-Tailed-Macaque various monkey breeds found in India ">
The standing pose of a Lion Tailed Macaque

The unique characteristics of this type of monkey are that it has a white main surrounding its neck like that of a lion and the entire color of its physique is black. This hairless faced monkey has black facial colour as well with about 61 cm in length and weights from 2 to 10 kilos. Its tail length is about 25 cm and it has a thick black tuft at the end which is why they called the Lion Tailed Macaque. They live in a group of 10 to 20 animals which have more females and lesser number of males. They mainly feed on fruits, seeds, flowers, and different kinds of plants. Sometimes they also hunt small hatchlings and also are fond of pigeon eggs. They live on a particular territory and whenever they are attacked by other groups they cry loudly and if it does not work they are not afraid to engage in a quarrel. Usually their survival period is about 20 to 30 years.

(7)Pig-Tailed Macaque:

<img src="Pig-Tailed-Macaque.jpg" alt="image of Pig-Tailed-Macaque standing various monkey breeds in india">
A heavy weighted Pig-Tailed-Macaque

These types of monkeys are usually found in southern Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. These monkeys are available mostly in rainforests up to 2000 meters and in plantations and gardens as well. The large males usually grow from 5 kilos to 15 kilos in weight. Their tail is short an erect which is similar to a pig and that’s why the name. The back side of the monkey is dark and they have light lower parts.  Their diet consists of fruits, seeds, berries, cereals, fungi and invertebrates, in a sense that they are omnivorous in nature. These types of monkeys can climb very efficiently, and also they are fond of water. They are usually found in groups, with males are primarily chosen as leader based on physical strength. A female is chosen on the basis of heredity. When a dominant female is the leader of the group, in that case a male manages the conflicts within the group. The maturity of sex reaches in between ages 3 to 5.

(8)Crab-Eating Macaque:

<img src="Crab-Eating-Macaque.jpg" alt="image of Crab-Eating-Macaque with a grey face various monkey breeds found in india ">
A Crab-Eating Macaque that has a mustache

This unique species of monkey is also known as the long-tailed macaque as well as cynomolgus monkey in the labs. Their tail is longer than their body length hence they are called long-tailed. The reason they are called crab-eating monkey is because they are often seen in beaches hunting for crabs. They are mostly found in the south-eastern parts of Asia. These monkeys usually feed on fruits, vegetables and insects as well. They are mostly seen in rainforests, temples, villages, mangrove forests as well as in shrublands. These monkeys were also seen in Thailand and Myanmar. They are about 38 to 55 cm long with weighing from 5 to 9 kilos which is heavier than females who weigh from 3 to 6 kilos. They do have short limbs but their long tail is used to balance themselves when they leap from one tree to the other. Their bottom is light grey in colour and the tail can be brown or grey. The males have moustaches as well as whiskers in the cheek and the females have whiskers in cheek only. They also have a distinctive white markings or spots on the ears. They travel in groups from 3 to 20 with fewer males than females. Their group is mainly female dominated group. In case of conflict the dominate leader plays the role to settle it. At the time of reproduction, an infant monkey of this species is about 320 grams in weight.

(9)White Cheeked Macaque:

<img src="White-Cheeked-Macaque.jpg" alt="image of White-Cheeked-Macaque showing teeth various monkey breeds found in india">
White Cheeked Macaque that has a velvet fur

One of the few endangered species in the world this breed is found mainly in Mêdog County in the southeastern part of Tibet and Arunachal Pradesh in northeastern India. They are mostly found in broad-leafed forests. They look similar to the Assam macaque, and that was the primary reason why many believed that both are of the same species. They are characterised by more visible whiskers, a thick hair bunch on the neck. Their whiskers are long which makes them different from other species of this breed. The tail of this creature does not have any hairs on the tail. These types of monkeys are slowly getting obsolete from nature. It was only in the year 2016 these rare monkeys were found in the forests of Arunachal Pradesh. Prior to that it was thought that they only existed in Tibet.

(10)Gray Langur:

<img src="Gray-Langur.jpg" alt="image of a black faced Gray-Langur various monkey breeds found in india">
A black-faced Gray Langur

This type of monkey is one of the oldest monkeys found in the sub-continent. They are usually found in the areas of urban in the subcontinental parts of India. These creatures prefer to live in high altitudes and can be found in about 13000 ft high in the Himalayas. They are black faced with unusually long limbs. Few species like the Kashmir Gray Langur or the Tufted Gray Langur have black feet as well. These are one of the biggest breeds of monkeys found all over Asia. A full grown male weighs about 18kilos and a female weighing up to 11 kilos. They can leap as many as 4.6 meters horizontally and 12.2 meters vertically. Other types of these species include: Tarai Gray Langur, Northern Plains Gray Langur, Southern Plains Gray Langur etc.These monkeys are also found in human habitats and mostly feed on vegetations, like seeds, plants, shoots, leaves etc. Basically they are herbivorous in nature.

(11)Golden Langur:

<img src="Golden-Langur.jpg" alt="image of Golden-Langur that has golden colored fur and hair various monkey breeds found in india ">
A Golden Langur with golden tuft of hair

These monkeys are found in western parts of Assam in India. These are one of the most beautiful species of monkeys and also becoming obsolete very soon. The body fur of the Golden Langur can be cream to golden in color. On top of the head male langur and in the chest the hair colors are darker and often rust, whereas, in case of females, the furs are lighter, silver color and white in nature. A golden langur has black colored face with the tail measuring as tall as 50 cm. These monkeys travel in troupes ranging from 8 to 50 in number and there are more females to one male. The smallest group of this monkeys that was seen were 4 whereas the largest was 22 in number with an average of 8.2 per group. These monkeys are mainly herbivorous feeding mostly on plantations, herbs, seeds, roots and different types of plants and leaves.

(12)Capped Langur:

<img src="Capped-Langur.jpg" alt="image of Capped-Langur with a hair tuft on head various monkey breeds found in india">
A Capped Langur has hair tuft on head like a cap

This unique breed of monkeys are found mainly in India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Myanmar. These types of monkeys are mostly common in North-eastern parts of India. The fur of this type of breed has grey to black on the back with whitish cream color or golden yellow on top of the belly. They have yellowish-red hue on their cheek as well as on the ears and the palms and the soles of the foot are blackish color. Its other features are a sacculated belly to assist within the breakdown associated with cellulose. The creature has bigger salivary boucles to assist it in digesting of meals. The tail of the langur is actually longer compared to head as well as body mixed. An adult male is about 68.4 to 70 cms tall and the height of a female is from 59 to 67 cm. The length of the tail varies from 94 cm to 104 cm and for females it is approximately 78 cm to 90 cm. Also, the weight of a fully grown male is from 11.5 to 14 kg and the female weighs about 9.5 kgs to 11.5 kgs. These monkeys are diurnal by nature and mainly survive on fruits, plantations and green vegetations. They can be mainly found in the sub-tropical, evergreen forests.


<img src="Nilgiri-Langur.jpg" alt="image of a black colored Nilgiri-Langur with brown hair on head various monkey breeds found in india >
A Nilgiri Langur that has brown hair on head

The Nilgiri Langur is a kind of Old goof found in the actual Nilgiri Hillsides of the Traditional western ghats within South India. Its variety also includes Kodagu in Karnataka, Kodayar Slopes in Tamil Nadu, and many more hilly places in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. This particular primate offers glossy dark fur upon its entire body and fantastic brown hair on the head. It really is similar in dimensions and long-tailed like the grey langurs. The females have a white-colored patch associated with fur within the inner upper leg. It usually lives in soldiers of 9 to 10 monkeys. The diet includes fruits, shoots and simply leaves. The types are categorized as susceptible due to environmental destruction as well as poaching because of its fur and also flesh, the particular latter considered to have aphrodisiac properties. The average weight of males is about 9.1 to 14.8 kilos and a grown female weighs from 10.9 to 12 kilos. The head along with the body is about 78 to 80 cm long with the addition of tail is about 68.5 to 96.5 cm in case of a male and a female body length is about 58 to 60 cm excluding its tail.

(14)Nicobar Monkey:

<img src="Nicobar-Monkey.jpg" alt="image of a pink brown faced Nicobar-Monkey various monkey breeds in india">
A Pink-Brown faced Nicobar Monkey

These types of monkeys are found in the Nicobar Islands in the Bay of Bengal. They leave in the broad-leafed forests of the tropical and the sub-tropical regions. The Nicobar long-tailed macaque has brownish in order to grey hair, with lighter in weight coloration upon its undersides. Its facial skin is pinkish-brown, with white-colored color places on the eyelids. Babies are created with a darkish natal covering, which lightens as they achieve maturity, which occurs in about 12 months of age. An adult male is almost one and half times more in weight than the females. A male monkey is two feet in height and about 8 kilos in weight. The canine teeth’s are longer in males than in females. They also prefer to live in high altitudes as they can also be found in places that are 2000 feet above sea-level.They mainly depend on vegetables, plants and fruits as their primary source of food, however in absence of these; they can eat crabs like the other primate the crab-eating macaque.

(15)Phayre’s Leaf Monkey:

<img src="Phayre’s-Leaf-Monkey.jpg" alt="image of Phayre’s-Leaf-Monkey that has brown and white mixed fur various monkey breed found in india">
A Phayre’s Leaf Monkey has whitish brown skin

The Phayre’s Leaf Monkey or the Phayre’sLangur is one of the most endangered species that are found in Southeast Asia. These apes are darkish grey-blue in color which includes brown within the dorsal part and have mainly brownish-white duvet on the ventral side. Top of the arms, hip and legs, and end are silvery-grey in colour, and, generally, the head as well as tail tend to be darker compared to rest of the upper body. The area round the lips and also eyes are white-colored. Young Phayre’s leaf monkey’s body becomes yellowish colored hair until regarding 3 months old when the duvet begins to modify. Adult Phayre’s also have somewhat longer tresses on the top of their own head. A female Phayre’s are usually slightly bigger than males. While males vary from 1.07 to1m long, females range between 1.15 to3 m in length. The actual tail associated with Phayre’s monkey’s range from 65 to 86 cm in length. Males consider an average of 7.4 kilos and females typically 6.2 kgs. Men Phayre‘s monkeys could be distinguished through females within the field can be observing variations between presencial markings. Within males, the actual white visual rings across the eyes are similar to the side from the nose, creating black remove uniform wide. In women, the whitened ocular bands around the eye bend inwards toward the particular nose leading to more of dark triangular form. They are usually diurnal and arboreal species who primary depend on fruits and vegetables as their diets.

(16)Hoolock Gibbons:

<img src="Hoolock-Gibbons.jpg" alt="image of a Hoolock-Gibbons hanging from a tree-topvarious types of monkey breeds found in india">
A Hoolock Gibbon hanging from a branch

These species are considered as the only ‘apes’ that exists in India. They a the second largest Gibbons in size. They are mainly found near the Brahmaputra and Dabang Rivers in the north eastern part of India. They are size of 60 to 90 cm and weigh 6 to 9 kg. Both the males and females are of similar stature, the difference is their colour. The males are black in physical colour with big and white eye-brows, and the females have a brownish mixed with grey coloured coat which is darkly coloured at the chest as well as in the neck.White rings around their eyes and mouths give their faces a mask-like appearance. Similar to the other gibbons, they are diurnal and arboreal, brachiating with the trees using their long hands. They reside together within monogamous sets, which risk out the territory. Their own calls in order to locate loved ones and defend against other gibbons from their place. Their diet plan consists primarily of fresh fruits, insects as well as leaves.

(17)Slow Loris:

<img src="Slow-Loris.jpg" alt="image of Slow-Loris with a velvet coat various monkey breeds found in india">
A Slow Loris with a unique fur

These types of species are found in south East Asia, which ranges from Bangladesh and North eastern part of India. Slower lorises possess a round head, a thin snout, and big eyes, along with a variety of unique coloration designs that are species-dependent. Their legs and arms are almost equal long, and their trunk area is lengthy and flexible, letting them twist as well as extend in order to nearby divisions. The fingers and ft of slower lorises possess several different types that give all of them a pincer-like grip and allow them to understand branches with regard to long periods of time. Sluggish lorises have a very toxic chew, a trait uncommon among mammals and distinctive to loris primates. Their toxic bite is discouraging factor to potential predators, and the contaminant is also put on the hair during combing as a type of protection for his or her infants. Adult males are highly jurisdictional. Slow lorises reproduce slowly and gradually, and the newborns are originally parked about branches or maybe carried by simply either parent or guardian. They are omnivores, eating smaller animals, berry, tree periodontal, and other crops. These species are also becoming obsolete in the coming days.

(18)Slender Loris:

<img src="Slender-Loris.jpg" alt="image of a Slender-Loris on a branch various monkey breeds found in india ">
A Slender Loris sitting on a branch

They are found in most parts of India and Sri Lanka. The Slender Loris spends nearly all of its existence in woods (arboreal), journeying along the leading of twigs with sluggish and exact movements. It truly is found in warm rainforests, clean forest, partially deciduous natural environment and swamps. The varieties have lifespans of 12-15 years and are usually nocturnal. Thin Lorises typically feed on pests, reptiles, shoots out of plant life and fruit. The actual red slim loris mementos lowland rainforests (up in order to 700 mirielle in altitude), tropical rainforests and inter-monsoon forests from the south traditional western wet-zone associated with Sri Lanka. The Red Loris vary from its near relative the grey slender Loris in its regular use of quick arboreal locomotion. It types small interpersonal groups, that contains adults regarding both genders as well as younger animals. This particular species is one of the social in the nocturnal primates. During hours of sunlight the creatures sleep within groups inside branch troubles, or curly up on a part with their minds between their own legs. Typically the groups additionally undertake common grooming as well as play in wrestling. Often the adults usually hunt individually during the night. They may be primarily insectivorous but also consume bird ova, berries, simply leaves, buds and sometimes invertebrates along with geckos and also lizards. To increase protein along with nutrient customer base they eat every part of the prey, such as the scales in addition to bones. They generate nests from leaves or even find hollows of trees and shrubs or a comparable secure spot to live in.

Top 25 Most Popular NRI’s (Non-Resident of India) in the world

I think most of us have a fair idea as to who an N.R.I(Non-Resident Indian) is. However, for those who do not know much about them I just want to briefly explain about these people so that the readers have a fair idea while going through this article and they are able to understand how significant have been the contributions of those people for the development of economy as well as in the other fields of not only India as well as the whole world. So who are the N.R.I’s? They are those people who are born in India or in other words of the Indian origin but they live outside of the Republic of India for business purpose. They mainly carry on their business outside India and stay abroad for an uncertain length of time. Their duration is uncertain because of their nature of the business which does not have a definite time period. It is important to know that the Non-Resident Indian’s are treated on equal footing with the citizens of India. In other words, they are also considered as citizens of India. The categories of N.R.I’s include Indian citizens working in foreign government agencies like:- United Nations Organisation (UNO)World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), etc., those official people who have transferred abroad on a temporary basis with special duties that include India diplomat missions to the offices assigned abroad.

Following are the list of 20 such influential Non-Resident Indian’s who have made our nation proud all over the world:

(1)Lakshmi Mittal:

<img src="Laksmi Mittal.jpg" alt="image of Lakshmi-Mittal most popular nri in the world">
Lakshmi Mittal

The chairperson of the ArcelorMittal which is the largest Steel manufacturing organization in the World. In the year 2005, he was ranked the third richest person in the World. But everything did not come easily in his life. Having born in a village devoid of electricity, water he came to Calcutta with his family and started with a small steel firm with his father Mohan Lal Mittal. He took up a firm in Trinidad and Tobago in 1989 which was running in heavy losses and made it into a profitable one. His biggest strength was that he could make a losing venture turn to a profit-making machine. His own company ISPAT INDO turned into ISPAT INTERNATIONAL and later on collaborated with INTERNATIONAL STEEL GROUP which currently operates in 14 nations and has a net worth of about 22 million USD. Mittal Group runs in shipping and delivery, electrical power, oil, coal and so on. He was awarded as one of the “100 more influential persons in the World” in 2007 by TIMES.

(2)Narinder Singh Kapany:

<img src="Narinder-Singh-Kapany.jpg" alt="image of Narinder-Singh-Kapany most popular nri in the world">
Narinder Singh Kapany

Born in Punjab, Narinder Singh Kapany is well known for his contributions in fiber optics and how it has helped in transmitting information in today’s era. He has specialized in innovating and managing technology and its transfer as well. Kapany was an AMP Partner, heading the Entrepreneur + Technical Experienced Program and even serving when Chief Technologist for Universal Communications Online business. Not too long ago he was the founder of K2 Optronics. He was also on the advisory board of various agencies. He was a part of the Youthful Presidents Group and later on became a member of the World Presidents Organization. He has also earned a lot of fame as scholar and researcher as he has written more than 100 scientific papers and four books on optoelectronics as well as entrepreneurship. Also known as a philanthropist, he has actively participated in arts and education. A chairman of the Sikh Foundation who has for more than 50 years funded various activities. Kapany also gifted USD $5, 00,000 to the Asian Art Museum that is in San Francisco in order to build a new gallery in its building that will display the collection of Sikh art that has been donated by him. His contribution has earned him many International accolades.

(3)Salman Rushdie:

<img src="Salman-Rushdie.jpg" alt="image of Salman-Rushdie most popular nri in the world">
Salman Rushdie

This 70-year-old author, who was born in Mumbai, is an Indian author of the Kashmiri origin who was well known for his contributions in the field of English literature. Rushdie, towards the beginning of his career, started working as a copywriter for an ad agency by the name of Ogilvy & Mather. His significant contributions include the second novel “Midnight’s Children” which won him the Booker prize in the year 1981. In 1993 he also won the “Booker of Bookers” prize for the same book. His fourth novel, which was the epic one, “The Satanic Verses” which was published in 1988 created a lot of controversies as it provoked several protests from Muslims from different counties. So much so, that he received threatening calls of Death from several activists for which he was taken under police protection by UK Government. Rushdie has so far written 11 novels and many short stories. His novels were translated and released in more than 40 languages. He was ranked 13th on the all-time greatest 50 British writers since 1945. He was also awarded knighthood by Queen Elizabeth II and was appointed Commandeur de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres of France in the year 1999 for his efforts in literary fields.

(4)Satya Nadella:

<img src="Satya-Nadella.jpg" alt="image of Satya-Nadella most popular nri in the world">
Satya Nadella

He is currently the C.E.O of the largest software company is the World that is Microsoft. He hails from Hyderabad and is also an India n American Business Executive. Nadela is responsible for leading many significant projects that involved cloud computing and has played a major role in developing the biggest of cloud infrastructures. Nadella changed the company’s route after he was empowered with the CEO position. During his term, he was instrumental in emphasizing visibility to cooperating with companies plus technologies which Microsoft likewise competes, which include Apple Inc., Salesforce, IBM, and even Dropbox. Compared with previous Microsoft campaigns contrary to the Linux operating system, Nadela announced officially “Microsoft Linux“. In the year 2016, Microsoft joined the Linux Foundation as a platinum member. Under the leadership of Nadela, Microsoft acquired many high-profile companies like the Mojang, a game company from Sweden, who made the popular game Minecraft, Microsoft Xbox, also he brought Xamarin, as well as Linkedin. In the following years after him becoming the CEO, Microsoft’s stock has risen to more than 60% which has been registered as highest of all time, which is an indication of him being a successful leader. In 2013, Satya Nadela was awarded as the Young Global Leader by World Economic Forum. Currently, he is drawing US$84million per annum as basic becoming one of the highest paid employees in the world.

(5)Amartya Sen:

<img src="Amartya-Sen.jpg" alt="image of Amartya-Sen most popular nri in the world">
Amartya Sen

Mr. Sen is a renowned economist and philosopher who, since 1972 has worked in India, the United Kingdom, and in the United States as well. Sen has been instrumental in contributing towards welfare economics, theory of social choice, economic and social justice, economic theories on famines, and the indexes of measuring the well-being of the citizens of developing nations. His greatest achievements being the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences which was awarded to him in the year 1998 for his outstanding contribution in welfare economics and also the Bharat Ratna in 1999. His other notable works include the impactful work in formulating the Human Development Report which is released by the United Nations Development Programme. This yearly book that positions nations on a wide range of financial and public signs owe much to the efforts by Sen among other public theorists advocates in the area of the financial statistic of inequality and poverty. He was awarded Johan Skytte award in the year 2017 for his success in the field of political science.

(6)Vinod Khosla:

<img src="Vinod-Khosla.jpg" alt="image of Vinod-Khosla most popular nri in the world">
Vinod Khosla

Vinod Khosla is a co-founder of Sun Microsystems, which created the JAVA programming language and the Network File system. He was also the founder of the Daisy Systems in the year 1981. In 2009 September, Khosla brought up two funds for investment for start-ups in cleantech and information technology. The Khosla Projects III properly secured US$750 thousand of trader responsibilities to spend in conventional early-stage and growth level companies. Khosla also brought up $250 thousand for Khosla Seeds, which will spend in higher-risk possibilities. He is a part of the Panel of Trustees of the Blum Middle for creating financial systems at the School of Florida, Berkeley. The center is concentrated on finding alternatives to deal with the problems of utmost poverty and illness in the underdeveloped sectors. He is also one of the consultants for HackerRank, which has designed a system for technological companies to examine candidates’ skills in programming. Khosla has dedicated approx. US$ 450million from his personal property to the several “green” projects that include solar-power parks, factories of ethanol etc.

(7)Sabeer Bhatia:

<img src="Sabeer-Bhatia.jpg" alt="image of Sabeer-Bhatia most popular nri in the world">
Sabeer Bhatia

His name has been made famous all over the world as the founder of ‘Hotmail’ which is India’s free web-based mail service. He worked as the President and CEO of Hotmail till it was taken over by Microsoft for a very high amount of US$400million in the year 1998.Sabeer then left Microsoft and started another venture which is known by the name Arzoo Inc. that is a firm based on e-commerce. His efforts is signified by the fact that in 2011, Hotmail registered 360 million authenticated users which is next only to Google’s GMail services. Recently he started a messaging service completely free which is known as ‘JaxtrSMS’ It is similar to the e-mailing services of Hotmail. According to him, this SMS service would be immensely beneficial for users in the sense that will be benefited from the data plan the user buys. He was awarded as the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ in 1997 by Draper Fisher Jurvetson which is a venture capital firm. Sabeer Bhatia was also chosen as one of the members of 100 young investors who had the biggest impact on technological advancement and presented him with the ‘TR100’ award.

(8)Zubin Mehta:

<img src="Zubin-Mehta.jpg" alt="image of Zubin-Mehta most popular nri in the world">
Zubin Mehta

A World famous name in Western classical music he is the biggest thing that has happened to the orchestra world. He was the Director of Music with the Montreal Symphony Orchestra right from 1961 till 1967, and Music Overseer of the Seattle Philharmonic Band of Los Angeles from 62 to 78, being the very youngest song director possibly for any North American band. In 1969, he was signed in as Adviser of Music to the Israel Philharmonic Band and in 1981; Mehta had become a long-term Director of Music for Life. Right from 1978 till 1991, he was in the position of Music Director of the Philharmonic of New York. From 1985, he has also been a main one conductor in music for the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino in Florence, Italy. His mastery on the orchestra has earned him the title of “Honorary Conductor” from several famous orchestra’s all over the planet. He has received many awards and accolades that include the Kennedy Centre Honors in September 2006, and in March 2011 he was awarded with the 2,434th star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood and was given the lifetime achievement award on October 2011 in Berlin. Zubin was also the recipient of the Tagore award 2013 on September which was granted to him by our honorary President Mr. Pranab Mukhejee for his contributions in world music.

(9)Pranav Mistry:

<img src="Pranav-Mistry.jpg" alt="image of Pranav-Mistry most popular nri in the world">
Pranav Mistry

This genius computer scientist heads the think-tank group of and is the Vice President at Samsung for the Research team. He has significantly worked and proven his efforts in the fields of Wearable Computing, Augmented reality, Ubiquitous computing, gestural interactions, Artificial Intelligence, Machine vision, Collective Intelligence as well as Robotics, Mistry is best known for his focus on SixthSense. Among some of his other projects, Pranav has developed Mouseless – an unseen pc mouse; SPARSH – a easy way to copy-paste information between electronic devices; Quickies – brilliant notes that can be explored, situated and can be used to deliver messages and reminders; Blinkbot – a look and flicker managed robot; a pen that can attract in 3D; and a community map that can act as Search engines of actual globe. Because of his significant contributions he was awarded the Young Global Leader in 2013 by World Economic Forum, 50 Most Creative People of the Year 2010, TR35 2009 award by Technology review, The Invention Award in the year 2009 y Popular Science etc. Truly one of the top and popular NRI’s in the World.

(10)Sunita Williams:

<img src="Sunita-Williams.jpg" alt="image of Sunita-Williams most popular nri in the world">
Sunita Williams

An astronaut in America who is also a Navy Officer in the United States. She was one of the members of the Expedition 14 and Expedition 15 conducted by   International Space Station. In the year 2012, she also acted as a flight engineer on subsequent journeys to Expedition 32 and was the commander in Expedition 33.Sunita was also the first person to run the Boston marathon from the Space station on 2007, April 16th. She used to hold the record for seven spacewalks which was the most by a woman and also the highest spacewalk time by a woman which is 50 hours and 40 mins. Sunita was a member of the STS-116 launch and she participated in the mission to third planet session of the extravehicular activity or the (EVA). She was also the part of the United States Navy in 1987. In September 1992, she led the H-6 detachment as the officer-in-charge which was sent to Miami, Florida for the relief operations in USS Sylvania. This capable lady was subsequently assigned for USS Saipan as the Jet Handler plus the Assistant Air Boss. Williams was working on Saipan in Summer 1998 any time she ended up being selected by NASA as astronaut programmer. She has logged more than 3000 airline flight hours in more than 30th aircraft varieties.

(11)Rohinton Mistry:

<img src="Rohinton-Mistry.jpg" alt="image of Rohinton-Mistry most popular nri in the world">
Rohinton Mistry

A well-known writer who has earned his fame internationally due to his literary works won two Hart House literary prizes during his University days. He was the 1st person to win two such prizes. Mistry was also the winner of the Canadian Fiction Magazine’s annual Contributor’s Prize for the year 1985. Mistry’s notable contribution came in his first book that was titled as Swimming Lessons and Other Stories from the Firozsha Bag which was published in the year 1987. His second book, the novel ‘Such a Long Journey’, was released in 1991. It bagged the Governor General’s Award, the Commonwealth Authors Award for Best Book, and the W.H. Smith/Books in North America(Canada) First Novel Award. This famous book was also shortlisted for the Booker and for the Trillium Award. It has been translated in languages German, Remedial, Norwegian, Danish and Japanese. A film was made on this book titled ‘Such a long Journey’ in 1998. Mistry’s third book which was his second novel “A Fine Balance” was published in 1995, that won the Giller Award in 1995, and the Los Angeles Periods Book Award for Stories in 1996. It was chosen for Oprah’s Book Team in Nov 2001 and marketed millions more duplicates throughout Northern United States. It won the 1996 Commonwealth Writers Award and was shortlisted for Booker prize in 1996.

(12)Pan Nalin:

<img src="Pan-Nalin.jpg" alt="image of Pan-Nalin most popular nri in the world">
Pan Nalin

Nalin is a famous and well-known movie director, film writer and a maker of documentaries. His contributions are significant in the filmmaking where he has won many awards for remarkable films like Samsara, Valley of Flowers and Ayurveda: Art of Being. This is his first ever film that won him over 30 International awards. A tragicomedy script that was made by Nalin, Slightly Sane won the CJ Entertainment’s Prize for The Best Worldwide Venture at Pusan Worldwide Movie Event, Southern part of South Korea. Nalin is also working on British language pictures; the line-up has a movie on life of Buddha, an action-adventure impressive project, The First Soldier and paranormal thriller named H2O. His feature film Valley of Flowers was sold in 35 countries worldwide as is considered a huge hit. Nalin was also awarded Spain’s award Vida Sana in 2006 for his contributions in the ecology. In 2007, TMG (David Flint’s Triangular Press Team UK) granted Pan Nalin as one of the Top 50 Go-getters in International Popular Press in the industry of movie, drama and theatre.

(13)Venkatraman Ramakrishnan:

<img src="Venkatraman-Ramakrishnan.jpg" alt="image of Venkatraman-Ramakrishnan most popular nri in the world">
Venkatraman Ramakrishnan

He is a famous structural biologist’s   who won the Nobel Prize in 2009 along with Thomas A. Steitz and Ada E.Yonath “for studies of the structure and function of the ribosome” He is the head panel of U.S. National Academy of Sciences. In 2007 his immense contribution towards Medicine earned him the Louis-Jeantet Prize. Ramakrishnan is also well-known for his work in on histone and chromatin framework. He was also in the supervision of many PhD students and post doctoral researchers. As per the news in the year 2015, his research papers are the most that have been published in top-rated magazines like the ‘Nature’, ‘Science’ and the ‘Cell’. The main recognition of Ramakrishnan has been due to the determination of the structure (atomic) of the 30S ribosomal subunit. Due to continuous passionate work towards achieving excellence he was also awarded the Padma Vibhushan in the year 2010 which is considered as the second highest civilian award. His research works towards Molecular Biology also earned him knighthood in the year 2012. Lately, he was included in 25 Greatest Globally Living Indian’s in the year 2013 by NDTV.

(14)Mira Nair:

<img src="Mira-Nair.jpg" alt="image of Mira-Nair most popular nri in the world">
Mira Nair

She is a well known an internationally acclaimed filmmaker who is known for short films, and documentaries. Her first feature film was Salaam Bombay! that earned her the Golden Camera award at the Cannes Film Festival in the year 1988. The same film was also nominated for the Academy Award for the Best Foreign Language film. Nair is also the maker of several notable films like: –Monsoon Wedding, The Namesake, Mississippi Masala etc. In the year 2002, Nair directed the film Hysterical Blindness which won the Golden Globe award. In the year 2012 Nair directed the film: The Reluctant Fundamentalist which was opened in the Venice Film Festival in the year 2012 and was released all over the world in the year 2013. Nair has also a film-makers lab in Uganda by the name of Maisha Film Lab. In the year 1998, Nair used the profits made from the film ‘Salaam Bombay!’ to set up the ‘Salaam Balak Trust’ which is working with the streets children in India.

(15)Ajit Jain:

<img src="Ajit-Jain.jpg" alt="image of Ajit-Jain most popular nri in the world">
Ajit Jain

Mr. Jain currently leads various types of reinsurance businesses and is also the President of Berkshire Hathaway Insurance group at present. Initially, Jain started his career with IBM as a salesperson for their operations in data processing. He was awarded as the ‘Rookie of the Year’ in his field in 1973. In 1978 he joined McKinsey & Co. but however he left this company in the year 1983 and joined Warren Buffet and started working on the operations of Insurance. Warren Buffet once said that Jain’s mind is an ‘Idea Factory’ and Jain is been thought to succeed as taking over the baton from this World famous American business tycoon. Ajit is also known for his philanthropic activities as he founded the Jain Foundation in the year 2005 that is located in Washington. It is a non-profitable organization whose main function is to find a remedy to the limb-girdle muscular dystrophies caused by dysferlin protein deficiency which was unfortunately the condition Jain’s son was in. He is certainly one of the most popular NRI’s in the World.

(16)Bobby Jindal:

<img src=" Bobby-Jindal.jpg" alt="image of Bobby Jindal most popular nri in the world">
Bobby Jindal

He is a famous politician of the Indian origin who was the Governor of Louisiana, the 55th one, between the years 2008 to 2016. He was also appointed as the U.S Congressmen and was also the vice-chairman of the Republican Governors Association. In 1996, Jindal was hired as an assistant of the La Division of Wellness and Medical centres and in 1999, at age 28, he was hired as the newest chief executive in a record of the School of La System. In 2001, President Bush hired Jindal as major advisor to the U.S. Secretary of Wellness and Individual Solutions. He competed for the position of the Governor again in the 2007 election and at the age of 36 he was appointed as the Newest Governor of Louisiana after Huey P. Long. He was again elected in 2011 where he won more than 65% of the votes. He was the first Indian United states Governor, and the only one until Governor of Southern Carolina Nikki Haley took over that year. Jindal provided as a Congressperson for two tenures until his selection as the Governor.

(17)Anita Goel:

<img src="Anita-Goel.jpg" alt="image of Anita-Goel most popular nri in the world">
Anita Goel

Dr. Anita Goel, a physicist as well as a doctor is one the very best 35 trailblazers by MIT (Massachusetts Start of Technology’s –TR35). TR is one of the popular magazine handles technology as well as focuses on growing technologies and also examine their own -”commercial, monetary, Socio-political encroachment”. After attaining PhD in Physics from Harvard University along with  Doctorate in Medicine from Health Sciences and Technology (HST) department through the Harvard-MIT. She actually is presently a friend of the WTN (World Technologies Network) plus scientific consultant to India-Nano Technology.Goel is the creator and Chief Executive Officer of Nanobiosym. She has already been honored with a number of famous awards from US from the departments of – Defence and DARPA, DTRA, AFOSR and ALL OF US”.
She has been called to speak on President Obama’s – “Strategy for Innovation in America” and also to prepare a guide for bridling nanotechnology to replenish the economy of the United States back in of the year 2010. Goel and even former Minister associated with UK Tony Blair discussed a combined view on dealing with the Global issues in Madrid, Spain in the year 2011.

(18)Manu Prakash:

<img src="Manu-Prakash.jpg" alt="image of Manu-Prakash most popular nri in the world">
Manu Prakash

A very reputed biophysicist in the modern day, Dr. Prakash is currently the assistant professor of bioengineering at Stanford University, USA. Dr. Prakash operates a lab devoted to tasks as diverse as affordable paper microscopes that cost only 50 cents or Rs. 30 approx., water computer systems and biophysics. His unique theory of Physics of moving droplets of water to make a clock that is required in a pc is certainly very famous. He later discovered the actual remarkable physics of a lily pad beetle for genuine scientific interest. He explained the research because “just traditional natural historical past,” having a large dosage of physics. Through the use of parts coming from a music box, Dr. Prakash has created a computer device that can be hard-wired to mix specific amounts of compound fluids in a fashion that is useful intended for both research analysts and students. The design uses metal hooks that traverse punchcard report in order to relieve chemicals via individual programs. His type can be recreated for just US $5. Dr. Prakash is best known for his revolutionary work in producing high-tech resources using affordable components – an effort he terms as ‘frugal science’. His technology may have been designed to deal with complex problems, but their low cost and simple styles make them available to everyone. He has received many awards for his works like the TR35, MIT Technology Review in 2014, India Abroad Face of the Future Award in 2013, Brilliant 10, Popular Science Brilliant 10 in 2014.etc.


<img src="K.K.Raghava.jpg" alt="image of K.K.Raghava most popular nri in the world">

An expert in many fields, K.K.Raghava is one of the top 10 most amazing people in the World as named by the CNN. He is really a multi-disciplinary performer, working in styles of artwork, film, set up, multimedia, overall performance, and his personal wedding. He started his career as a cartoon drawer in the year 2007 with top Indian publications. The work he does conceptually grapple while using construct with identity, male or female sexuality, and the lack of interpersonal situation in today’s world for online identity-related performance. He has spoken at the University of New York and in several other institutes all across the planet. He also went as a guest in the city of Nimes in France to showcase his work at the Carre d’Art Musee d’Art Contemporain. Raghava‘s artwork piece, Anthropomorphism: When Works of art Dance had been premiered within California in 2005 via a grant through the American Indian Foundation. He also has an art library in the Robin Hood Foundation at the New York. Recently Raghava launched an iPad app, which motivates open-mindedness at the very early stage, at Art Level, Singapore and the Summit of Indian Art at New Delhi.

(20)Indra Nooyi:

<img src="Indra-Nooyi.jpg" alt="image of Indra-Nooyi most popular nri in the world">
Indra Nooyi

Indra Krishnamurthy Nooyi who is presently heading as the American Business Executive that is an Indian and Chairman of PepsiCo, food and beverage business that is number 2 in the world when it comes to net revenue. She is frequently been included the list of the 100 Most Powerful Women in the World from 2008-2017. Since she joined PepsiCo as the CFO, the annual revenues of the company rose steeply to 72%. In the year 2000, the year she joined the net profit of the company has doubled since then. Nooyi‘s strategically re-direction of Pepsico has been most effective. She segregated Pepsico’s items into three categories: “fun for you” like the snacks and soda, “better for you” that is diet or low-fat editions of treats and sodas, and “good for you” items like the oatmeal. Her effort was secured with adequate financing. She shifted business investing away from unhealthy meals and into the more healthy solutions, with the aim of helping the fitness of even the “fun” offerings. Nooyi received much recognition in her life for her achievements but none better than the one she received in the year 2013 where she was awarded as one of the 25 Greatest Global Living Legends by the current President of India, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee. She was also the CEO of the Year 2009 awarded by the Global Supply Chain Leaders Group.

(21)Naveen Jain:

<img src="Naveen-Jain.jpg" alt="image of Naveen-Jain most popular nri in the world">
Naveen Jain

Naveen is an executive businessman, an entrepreneur and also founder along with CEO of the company named InfoSpace. This company became the biggest web-based companies in the North West of America. Of late Jain became the co-founder of the Moon-Express where was designated with the Executive Chairman Post and also the VIOME where is assigned as a Chief-Executive-Officer. Jain co-founded InfoSpace with half a dozen employees, generally from Microsoft, and commenced developing email-based and mobile phone directories. InfoSpace provided written content and providers, such as telephone directories, routes, games and also the precise product information on the currency markets, to websites and portable device companies. The company became at low priced without money using co-branding strategies. As opposed to trying to get in order to an InfoSpace website, internet sites like Lycos, Excite and also Playboy inserted Infospace‘s capabilities and information into their website and included an InfoSpace icon with it. InfoSpace and then earned funds by taking a small % of a warrant, subscription or perhaps advertising costs. By the year 2000, this company has already worked with 1500 sites on the web, 60 % content generators, and about 20 telecom companies. It capped at peak with its market revenue about US$31 billion and was accoladed by Wall Street analysts for its efforts. Jain has been honored several times for his entrepreneurial success; his achieved awards include “Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year, Silicon India’s “Most Admired Serial Entrepreneur,” and the “Albert Einstein Technology Medal.” He was felicitated with the “Lifetime Achievement Award.” He was one of the “Top 20 Sequential Entrepreneurs” to achieved this feat. This legendary and innovative icon’s next venture is traveling to the MOON using the resources of the lunar that are available on earth.

(22)Sukhinder Singh Cassidy:

<img src="Sukhinder-Singh-Cassidy.jpg" alt="image of Sukhinder-Singh-Cassidy most popular nri in the world">
Sukhinder Singh Cassidy

She is the executive of technology as well as an entrepreneur. Among the famous companies, she has worked include Google, Amazon and News Corp, Yodlee (YODL), Polyvore, and Junglee. She was appointed as the founder and the chairperson of JOYUS which was India’s first video shopping platform for women. After leaving Google in the year 2009. Cassidy joined the firms Accel Partners as the CEO-in-Residence and later on she was appointed as CEO of Polyvore in the year 2010. Because of her innovativeness her and passionate work that JOYUS was rated one of the “Hot 100” e-retailing websites through Internet Merchant in this and one from the “Top twenty-five E-commerce Businesses to Watch” by Brand name Innovators within 2013. JOYUS was a champion of the 2013 Brightcove Development Awards along with a winner in the 2013 L’Oreal Next Era Digital Honours. JOYUS had been featured simply by Apple among the best Way of life shopping applications for the 2014 holiday season. Cassidy commenced her corporation because the woman sensed to be able to converge a profitable business model in addition to technology using an experience that could delight ladies and make them happier. She has received several accolades for the ‘Power Women’ by Forbes in the year 2014, “44 Female Founders Every Entrepreneur Should Know” in 2012 etc.

(23)Suma Chakrabarti:

<img src="Suma-Chakrabarti.jpg" alt="image of Suma-Chakrabarti most popular nri in the world">
Suma Chakrabarti

Suma Chakrabarti, the exact high-profile chief executive of the London-headquartered European Traditional bank for Renovation and Growth (EBRD), who have taken at the belt last year for the four-year period, definitely possesses India in the radar.Though India is simply not a shareholder in EBRD yet, Chakrabarti believes how the increasingly part of India on the entire world stage demonstrates the nation’s big corporates can work while using the bank to help you it obtain the require of promoting the development of marketplace economics.Chakrabarti is an alumnus of Oxford University along with lives in Birmingham. He was some sort of senior bureaucrat in GREAT BRITAIN administration ahead of taking up the very assignment with EBRD spectacular job was while a permanent assistant in UK’s ministry involving justice. In 2001, coming back to the Department for International Growth (DfID), the heir body to the ODA, Chakrabarti became DfID (Director-General for Local Growth Programs), handling 1,200 staff in African-American, Japan, Southern European countries, the Caribbean and Latin America. On 8 Dec 2009, he gave proof to The Iraq Query, talking about arrangements for the 2003 intrusion of Iraq. He held the offices of the Permanent Secretary of the Department of International Development in from the years 2002 till 2008, after which he took over as the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Justice from 2008 till the year 2012.

(24)Kalpen Suresh Modi:

<img src="Kalpen-Suresh-Modi.jpg" alt="image of Kalpen-Suresh-Modi most popular nri in the world">
Kalpen Suresh Modi

He is a famous actor who is an American by profession, a producer, a chef, as well as a civil servant who is very well known by the name of Kal Penn. Penn started his acting career with his first movie released in the year 1998, Express: Aisle to Glory, his other movies include: American Desi, Van Wilder, the final episode of The Lonely Island, Malibu’s Most Wanted, A Lot Like Love, Dude, Where’s the Party?, Love Don’t Cost a Thing, Superman Returns, Epic Movie, The Namesake, the Harold & Kumar series, Deck the Halls etc. He has been universally recognized for his notable performance in the movie: “The Namesake”. Penn has also been a visiting lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania for the subject of Cinema Studies Program. Apart from movies he has also taken an active part in with Obama’s Federal Government as an Associating Director within the White Home Office associated with Engagement of Public. Penn acted as an advocate in President Barrack Obama’s campaign that initiated in 2007 and 2008.

(25)Dev Patel:

<img src="Dev-Patel.jpg" alt="image of Dev-Patel most popular nri in the world">
Dev Patel

Patel is known to be an English actor. In 2008, he acted in the lead role as Jamal Malik in Danny Boyle‘s movie Slumdog Millionaire, which won the Academia Prize for Best Film, and for which he was selected for the BAFTA Prize for Best Acting professional and the SAG Prize for Best Assisting Acting professional. He was also a leading actor in a very successful comedy-romance drama “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” that was released in the year 2012. He also played in The Last Airbender (2010), and the sci-fi criminal activity thriller movie Chappie (2015). His expression of Neal Sampat on the HBO tv sequence The Newsroom (2012–2014) gained him an NAACP Picture Prize nomination for Excellent Assisting Acting professional in a drama series. In 2015, Patel appeared as the math wizard Srinivasa Ramanujan in the biopic “The Man Who Realized Infinity”, and the following season he performed Saroo Brierley in the drama Lion (2016). For the latter, he won the BAFTA Prize for Best Assisting Acting professional and was selected for the Fantastic World, Critics’ Option Prize, SAG Prize, and the Academia Prize for Best Assisting Acting professional.

There are few other legends that had made our country really proud unfortunately who do not exist anymore. Who could forget Kalpana Chawla, the first and most famous Indian American astronaut whom we lost at a very early age at a space disaster in the year 2003. Mr. S.Chandrasekhar who was the winner of the Nobel prize in 1983 for his famous book on mathematics titled “Theory of Black Holes”. Har Gobind Khorana, another Nobel Prize winner in 1968 along with Robert Holley and Marshall Nirenberg for cracking the code for Physiology or Medicine. I hope India continues to produce many such influential people in the future who will make our nation stand proudly in the World arena as it does today.

Top 25 Popular and Best Indian Cricket Players of all time

Here at the lovely Eden Gardens, its Kapil Dev running in from the pavilion end to bowl to Javed Miandad….” … Those vibrant words from the commentator’s way back in the era of All India Radio sound like melody even today and it’s glowing part of India’s dominant sports fraternity. With the advent of Television, Internet although Radio has suffered a setback but the sports Cricket has stayed as a greatly passionate and popular game which was very famous in the Easter years and is continuously attracting the vast population and increasing its huge fan base today. Cricket, the game that was known to be invented by the British of the United Kingdom, was firstly introduced in India by the Great Ranjit Singhji after whose name India’s biggest and most significant domestic competition The Ranji Trophy that began on July 1934. Even before than India’s first International Assignment was back in the year 1911 when they toured England to play their first ever test match they played. Later on, they again visited England in the year 1932 when the team was named as “All-India” cricket team. They played one test match at the Lord’s Cricket Ground and that was 1st ever Test Match to have been played by Independent India. Our first International series victory was against Pakistan back in 1952 which came soon after Independence.

So much so about the brief history of Indian Cricket. But what about those phenomenal men who made our cricketing history proud? Here is the list of 25 Popular and Best Indian Cricket Players of all time without whom our country would never have achieved the position in the cricketing fraternity for which we are famously known all over the world :

(1) CK.Nayudu:

<img src="CK.Nayudu." alt="Image of CK.Nayudu all time great indian cricketer">

Famously known as CK, he was the first player who captained India in Test Matches. He made his 1st Test appearance against England in the year 1932 and played his last against the same opposition in the year 1936. During his entire cricketing career, he played 7 Tests, averaging 25 with the bat and a career-best score of 81. His significant contributions include memorable innings of 153 runs that included 11 sixes against Arthur Gillian led MCC side that toured India during 1926-27. His fitness was supreme those days which can be signified by the fact that he played a first-class match at the age of 62 where he scored 52 against Uttar Pradesh which was the last innings of his career. During his 1936 tour to England and also the 1933-34 seasons he averaged 37.59 with the bat and scored more than 1000 runs and took 51 wickets in first-class cricket. His last trip was in a charitable organization coordinated in 1963-64 when he performed for the Maharashtra Governor’s XI against the Maharashtra Primary Minister’s XI. Apart from the National Indian Team, he represented the teams like Hindus, Madras, Hyderabad, Central Regions and Berar, Holkar, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Indians and much more. He was also a real fanatic of tennis and throughout in connection to soccer.

(2) Lala Amarnath:

<img src="Lala-Amarnath.jpg" alt="image of Lala-Amarnath all time great indian cricketer">
Lala Amarnath

Father of former Indian cricketer an all-rounder Mohinder Amarnath, Lala Amarnath was a gigantic figure in Indian cricket history. He was the first captain of Independent India under whom India won the first Test series in 1952. He played 21 Test matches for India after the World War. Lala was one of the finest all-rounders India has ever produced. He led India in England tour in the year 1936. A strong man by personality he never was scared of criticism and always stood by the point. He always put his team in priority ahead of personal things and would never support anything wrong. An efficient team player, Lala Amarnath will always be remembered for his significant contributions in the history of the game of cricket. He played as many as 24 Test matches scoring 848 runs with an average of 24.38 with one hundred and four fifties. His Test best was 118. As a bowler, he took 45 wickets with two 5 wicket halls with best of 5/96. One remarkable player and a popular and best Indian cricket players of all time.

(3)Vijay Merchant:

<img src="vijay-merchant.jpg" alt="image of vijay-merchant best indian cricketer all time">
Vijay Merchant

Another all-time great Indian Cricketer, he was as good as Sunil Gavaskar as far as technique is concerned. He hardly missed playing the new ball in the uncovered pitches in England. That spoke immensely about his technique. It’s a pity that he only played 10 Test Matches in his career span that lasted from 1929 to 1951. Even though he played only few Test Matches, he is regarded very highly regarded by all cricketing pundits all over the world. He was a very attractive stoke maker who could play all the cricketing shots in the book. In his tour of England, he collected almost 900 runs thereby making an English Cricketer, CB Fry exclaim to paint him white and take to Australia as an opening batsman. He was the oldest player in Test history to score a Test hundred where is scored 154 against England in 1951-52 at Delhi. In his 10 Test matches, he averaged 47.72 with 3 fifties and 3 hundreds to his name scoring 859 runs with 154 his best in his last Test Innings.

(4)Vijay Hazare:

<img src="Vijay-Hazare.jpg" alt="image of Vijay-Hazare all time great indian cricketer">
Vijay Hazare

He was the 1st ever Indian who scored hundreds in both innings against Australia, in tests played after Independence, in the year 1948. He was extremely efficient batsman in terms of technique. He was a very fluent batsman who handled both pace and spins very confidently. He could also bowl right arm quick. He was the captain of India during the 1951 to 1953 seasons and led India to 14 Tests and India’s first ever Test victory came under his captaincy against England at Madras which India won by an Innings and 8 runs in the year 1951-52. He had a very good record in Tests where scored 2192 runs with a very respectable batting average of 47.65 where he amassed 7 hundreds and 9 fifties. His career best was 164 not out. He was also a more than capable bowler where he took 20 wickets in Tests with his best figures reading 4/29. He the first ever Indian player to complete 1000 Test runs. He held the world record of highest number of runs in a partnership in first-class cricket for 577 runs with Gul Mahomed in 1947 Ranji Trophy final against Baroda which was broken by Sangakkara and Jayawardene of Sri Lanka in 2006 with a stand of 624 runs against South Africa. Truly an all-time great cricketer India has ever produced.

(5)Vijay Manjerekar:

<img src="Vijay-Manjrekar.jpg" alt="all time great indian cricketer">
Vijay Manjrekar

Another past Indian Great, he was a masterstroke maker who courageously played the hook shot very well and also was a very fine cutter of the ball. He played 55 Test Matches for India in which his most significant series was against England in the year 1961-62 where he scored 586 runs with an outstanding batting average of 83.71 against a hostile English fast bowling attack that included Fred Trueman, Sir Alec Bedser and others. In this series came his highest Test score of unbeaten 189 which he scored in Delhi and he also amassed 7 hundreds in the entire tour. His significant contributions also include an innings of 59 and 39 runs in a Test match against Australia in the 1964-65 series which helped India to win the match. He also scored a hundred in his last Test Match Innings against New Zealand which came in 1965 in the month of February. In the 55 Test matches he played he averaged 39.12 with 3208 runs which included 7 hundreds and 15 fifties, with 189 not out his best. He was batsman who had a calibre of averaging way over 40’s in Test matches since his batting average did not do justice to his potential. But still was a class apart and a true Indian Cricket Legend.

(6)Polly Umrigar:

<img src="Polly-Umrigar.jpg" alt="best indian all time great cricketer">
Polly Umrigar

A legendary Indian Cricketer of 1950’s, Poly Umrigar captained India in 8 consecutive Tests which two Tests against New Zealand both of which India won by an innings. There were many memorable performances that came from this iconic Indian cricketer which include a series in the year 1959 where he was a topper of the batting averages and also he played one of his best knocks in his career against a formidable West Indies fast bowling attack that included the likes of Wes Hall, Roy Gilchrist etc. He also scored heavily in the home series against Pakistan in 1952-53 with 560 runs with four fifties and couple of hundreds. He played a very crucial knock against a test against England where he scored 130 not out which helped India win. In his England tour in the year 1959 he scored a breathtaking 118 against Fred Trueman, Brian Statham at Old Trafford. In the same year India toured West Indies and though India lost all the five Test Matches of the series, he finished with 445 runs and 9 wickets in the series with his best being 172 not out. In 59 Tests Umrigar averaged an impressive 42.22 with 3631 runs with 12 hundreds and 14 fifties and 223 being his best test score. He also took 5 wickets twice in an innings with best being 6/74. He captained India for another three years but never again captained the nation. His 337 runs operate in a five-Test Match Series was the maximum by an Indian at that time.

(7)Vinoo Mankad:

<img src="Vinoo-Mankad.jpg" alt="image of Vinoo-Mankad all time great indian cricketer">
Vinoo Mankad

Known as Mulvantrai Himmatlal Mankad, was well known for the World Record opening stand he had with Pankaj Roy against New Zealand in the year 1956 at Madras. He shared an opening stand of 413 runs that remained unbeaten for 52 years. In that match he scored 231 runs which was at that time an Indian Test Best Score until it was bettered by Sunil Gavaskar.       A genuine and a rare commodity all-rounder the game has produced he was very effective equally with the bat and ball. In the year 1952 in a Test Match against England at Lord’s he was the top scorer for India with the bat when he scored 72 and took 5/196 where he bowled 73overs. In fact, Mankad was one of the three non -England players from “away” whose name appears in the honours board at Lords’ in England both with bat and ball. Mankad played a significant role in India winning against England in Madras in 1952 where he took 8/53 in the 1st Innings and 4/53 in the 2nd Innings helping India to register their first ever Test Match against the British. Mankad played 44 Test Matches averaging 31.47 scoring 5 hundreds and 6 fifties with a career best of 231. He also took 162 wickets with bets being 8/52. He captured 5 wickets in an innings 8 times and twice he took 10 wickets in an innings. He was not free from controversy, as in the year 1947-48 during India’s tour of Australia he ran Bill Brown (Australia) for the batsman was out of the ground in his end. That incident is famously or infamously called now as “Mankading.

(8) Nari Contractor:

<img src=" Nari-Contractor.jpg" alt="image of Nari-Contractor all time great indian cricketer">
Nari Contractor

A very talented Indian batsman whose promising career was cut short due to devastating injury that almost took his life. He was a very courageous batsman as in spite of two broken ribs by England quickie Brian Statham, he scored a very brave 81. In the same year later he played a crucial knock of 74 against Australia at Kanpur which helped India to register their 1st ever Test victory against Australia. In the 1961-62 series against West Indies he led India in the Caribbean where he faced a serious blow in the head of a vicious delivery from an West Indian fast bowler Charlie Griffith which led him unconscious in hospital for six days and when he needed blood transfusion, the then West Indian captain and Great Frank Worrell was the first to donate blood to him. In his short career of 31 Tests he scored 1611 runs with an average of 31.58 where he scored a solitary hundred and 11 fifties. His top score was 108. Nari played on those days where the batsman would have no protective gear to safeguard against bodily injuries which makes the runs he scored immensely valuable. If not due to injury, this man could have been certainly an Indian maestro who would have served India for a long time than he actually did.

(9)Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi:

<img src="Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi" alt="image of Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi all time great indian cricketer">
Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi

Nicknamed as Tiger Pataudi he was captain courageous and led India in successful ventures. He is often described as India’s greatest cricket captain. He was the youngest player to captain India at the age of 21years and despite an accident that permanently damaged one of his eyes, it did not stop him from playing cricket as he could find it easy to play with one eye with a cap pulled over the other. Against England, in Madras, he scored 103 in the Third Test which helped India to register their first Test Series Victory against the British. From 1961 to 1975 Tiger Pataudi played 46 Test Matches for India where he scored 2793 runs with a career average of 34.91 scoring 6 hundreds and 17 fifties in his name. His best score being 203 not out. Under his captaincy India won 9 tests, drew 19 and lost 19. It was under his captaincy that India recorded their first ever overseas Test victory against New Zealand which came in the year 1968. He was named Wisden Cricketer of the Year 1968, and Indian Cricketer of the Year in 1962. A true Indian legend which is born once in a generation.

(10)Sunil Gavaskar:

<img src="Sunil Gavaskar" alt="image of Sunil Gavaskar all time great indian cricketer">
Sunil Gavaskar

With due respect to Sachin Tendulkar, many term Sunil Gavaskar as India’s all-time best Test batsman. His technique was unquestionable and backed it up supreme courage as he faced the mighty fast bowling attacks of England, Australia, Pakistan, West Indies etc. He is regarded quite highly in the cricket fraternity simply because he faced the fast bowling quartet of the Windies in the 70’s and 80’s with utmost ease who were terrorised many teams and who are, still at today’s date are still considered as nightmares. His courage can be defined by the simple fact that in those days’ players would hardly have such protective equipment which is no way anywhere near to what modern players use today. Sunil use to face the fast bowlers bare-headed in most of his career and towards the end of his stint he used to wear a ‘skull-cap’ just to guard his head. He featured in 125 Test Matches in India and in 108 ODI’s with his highest score being 236 not out against the West Indies in 1983 in Chennai which was an Indian record at that time. He was also the highest century scorer in Tests (34) which was overtaken by Sachin Tendulkar, and highest run-getter (10122 runs) which was taken over by a former Australian Captain Allan Border. A prolific scorer he is also a deserving member of the ‘Hall of Fame.’

(11) Gundappa Vishwanath:

<img src="gundappa-viswanath.jpg" alt="image of gundappa viswanath all time great indian cricketer">
Gundappa Viswanath

Played his cricket in the era of the Great Sunil Gavaskar, Vishwanath, formerly known as Vishi, was another world-class batsman who was primarily known for his unmatched wrist-work. A man with superlative technique personified he was known for his artistic square-cuts of the front foot which he would do it to even with the best of deliveries he faced. He represented India during the 1970’s where he played significant part in 91 Tests from 1969 to 1983 scoring 6080 runs with an average of 41.93 with 14 hundreds and 35 half-centuries. The highlight of his cricketing career was the fact that he scored almost all his runs against dominant sides on tough and challenging wickets. Some examples includes fifty in each innings on a green-top in New Zealand against the same opposition. He held a career average of more than 50 in Test Matches against the fast bowling attacks in the likes of Australia, West Indies. In a Test Match against the West Indies in the year 1974-75, he scored 97 not out against that fiery pace attack which is regarded as 38th best innings of all time by Wisden and 2nd all-time best innings which is a non-hundred.  Vishi is regarded as the best batsman of his time by one of his contemporaries, Sunil Gavaskar who considers Vishi even a better batsman than himself.

(12) Kapil Dev:

<img src="kapil-dev.jpg" alt="image of kapil dev all time great indian cricketer">
Kapil Dev

One of the all-time great all rounder’s in the history of cricket; India was blessed to have such a terrific player who was a genuine match-winner with both bat and ball. Not to mention, he was a supreme athlete and class fielder as well. He has won many critical matches of India single-handed and he was the one who instigated the belief in an underrated cricket team which eventually won the Prudential World Cup in 1983 against that time mighty and 3-time world champions the West Indies.  In the ages when India lacked fast bowling talent it was Kapil Dev who stepped forward and took the challenge and his records speaks of itself. Having played 131 Test’s and 225 ODI matches, he significantly scored closed to 5500 runs in Tests and about 3700 runs in ODI’s mostly in India’s winning cause. Not only that he was a key wicket taker for India who took 434 Test wickets and 253 ODI wickets as well. He was the highest wicket-taker in the world in Test Matches breaking Sir Richard Hadlee’s record till Courtney Walsh overtook him. He played the master class innings of 175 not out against Zimbabwe in the 1983 World Cup when India were down and out that eventually helped India to not only win the game but they went on to win the trophy as well. That’s the reason why this game-changing innings is termed as all-time Great ODI Innings in Indian Cricket. Of late, Kapil was included in the elite group of International Cricket Council’s (ICC) ‘Hall of Fame.’

(13)Dilip Vengsarkar:

<img src="image of Dilip-Vengsarkar all time great indian cricketer">
Dilip Vengsarkar

He was considered as the pillar of Indian Batting line-up during the 70’s and late 80’s along with G.R. Vishwanath and Sunil Gavaskar. He was even rated as world’s best batsman during that time. He was a prolific scorer who was successful on grounds all over the world that included Australia, England and New Zealand. Dilip has an unique achievement of scoring three successive Test Hundreds at Lords which earned him the Man of the Series award in the year 1986. This is also the World Record of most number hundreds scored by any visiting batsmen in the Test arena in the same venue. In the 1978-79 Test Series of India against the West Indies he was involved in a partnership of more than 300 runs in a Test Match at Calcutta with Sunil Gavaskar. During his entire cricketing career he played 116 Tests scoring 6868 runs with a batting average of 42.13 with his best knock being 166. He also participated in 129 ODI’s scoring 3508 runs with an average of 34.73 with the best of 105. He is undoubtedly one of the best Indian Cricket Players of All Time.     

(14)Bishan Singh Bedi:

<img src="Bishan-Singh-Bedi.jpg" alt="image of Bishan-Singh-Bedi all time great indian cricketer">
Bishan Singh Bedi

Arguably one of the greatest spinners that India has ever produced, in fact one of the all-time great cricketer in the world, Bishan Bedi was instrumental behind several Indian Test victories. His spin bowling is often described as one that had lot of grace, guile and mystery which was also artistic. He had the unique capability to flight the ball at ease and also hold it back on occasions when he needed. He could hurry the batsman with his subtle variation in pace. His rhythm and control and ability to bowl the entire day were a blessing for any captain. Out of several successful Test series he had, his memorable performance was against Australia at Calcutta in 1969-70 where he took 7/98. His beat bowling was also against the same opposition where he took career-best match figures of 10/194 at WACA, Perth. In the 67 Tests that Bedi played he took 266 wickets with a bowling average of 28.71 with career best of 7/98. He took 5 wickets in an innings 14 times and 10 wickets in an innings only once. Bedi is second only to Lance Gibbs in regards to maiden overs analysis 16.35 against 16.62. He has bowled 4.2 overs per wicket as against 4.24 by Gibbs.

(15) Erapalli Prasanna:

<img src="Erapalli-Prasanna.jpg" alt="image of Erapalli-Prasanna all time great indian cricketer">
Erapalli Prasanna

One of the formidable members of the famous Indian spin quartet, Prasanna was a genius off-spinner who bamboozled batsman with utmost ease and precision. He was a deadly bowler who could take wickets on any surface. Prasanna had fantastic prowess over his craft and had the capability to beat the batsmen in the air, and was often unplayable in the sub-continental pitches that offered a lot of spin. He made his Test debut against England at Madras in 1961. Although he had a very tough overseas tour of West Indies in 1967, he came back strongly against England with some fine performances in the same year. Prasanna played 49 Test matches in all taking his tally of wickets to 189 with a bowling average of 30.38. He took 5 wickets in an innings 10 times and twice took 10 wickets in a Test Match. He will be remembered as a all time legend till the day cricket is played in India and all over the world.

(16)Bhagwat Chandrasekhar:

<img src="Bhagwat-Chandrasekhar.jpg" alt="image of Bhagwat-Chandrasekhar all time great indian cricketer">
Bhagwat Chandrasekhar

Perhaps the most dangerous of the all-time great spinners India has ever produced, Chandra as he was nicknamed was extremely clever leg-spin bowler who was very unpredictable due to the fact that his deliveries were very quick through the air and would hurriedly reach the batsman even before he anticipated thereby catching him in no man’s land. Chandra, being physically disabled in his right hand which was also supposed to be his bowling arm had the blessing in disguise that his arm speed was naturally very quick and the deliveries would skid on to the batsman at pace and even the bowler himself was not aware that which ball would go at such a speed and which not. The fact which was admitted by Chandra himself. He was not a big spinner of the ball but still he got a lot of success due to his variations. Spin bowling was dominated by the Indians from 1960’s to 1970’s during which Chandra played a major role. Chandra was a wrecker in chief against Australia on 1977-78 where he took same figures in both innings (6/52) that helped India win and he became the first bowler in history to register same bowling figures in a same Test match. In 1976 he along with Prasanna played a important role in India’s win where both of them took 19 wickets. He played 58 matches and took 242 wickets at an impressive average of 29.74 with a career best of 8/79. He was one of the few players who had a unique distinction of getting more wickets than runs with the bat (167).He was Wisden Cricketer of the Year in 1972.

(17) Subhash Gupte:

<img src="Subhash-Gupte.jpg" alt="image of Subhash-Gupte all time great indian cricketer">
Subhash Gupte

An artistic leg-spinner who had the ability to spin the ball on any surface, Subhash Gupte was a genuine talent that emerged during India’s Golden Era of World-Class spinners. He was a magical leg-break googly bowler who was a massive turner of the cricket ball who was termed by experts as one who could turn it even on a glassy surface but he did not sacrifice his line-length for turn. He was always at the batsman with his accuracy. His deceptive googly accounted for many top-order batsmen. In the year 1952-53 he took 50 wickets against the dominant West Indies with an outstanding average of 23.64. He also took 27 wickets on excellent batting tracks while bowling at the greats like the three W’s, Rae etc. In 1954-55 he also took 21 wickets against Pakistan as was the most successful bowler. The next season he was devastating against New Zealand where he took 34 wickets at an exceptional average of 19.67. Again in the year 1956-57 he took 9/102 against the West Indies in a Test Match at Kanpur and in that series he captured 22 wickets. In the year 1959 he toured England where he took 95 wickets at 26.58. In his last but one Test he bowled a dramatic spell of 4/6 in just 18 deliveries. Overall, Gupte played 36 matches taking 149 wickets at a career average of 29.55. 12 times he took 5 wickets in an Innings with 10 wickets in a match only once. It was a pity that he only played for India till the age of 32 but he will be remembered for his mastery of spin bowling art.

(18)Javagal Srinath:

<img src="Javagal-Srinath.jpg" alt="image of Javagal-Srinath. all time great indian cricketer">
Javagal Srinath

Srinath was one of the few genuine fast bowlers that India has ever produced. During the times when there was a dearth of fast bowlers in India and there were no quality pacers after Kapil Dev and Manoj Prabhakar, he stood up to serve India for many successful ventures. He was a spearhead of Indian attack for a period of 12 years. He was also 2nd highest limited over’s wicket-taker taking 315 wickets which is only after Anil Kumble. He was also the quickest to 100 wickets in ODI’s. Starting from 1992, 1996, 1999 and 2003 World Cups in which he took 44 wickets which is the highest for India in World Cup’s. He was also 2nd fastest Indian to 150 wickets. In the years 1991/92 in the tour of Australia, Srinath was selected as the 3rd pacer and he finished the tour with 10 wickets at 55.30 with the best of 3/59. Then in South Africa at Cape Town he took 12 wickets at an average of 26.08 with his best being 4/33 in 27 over’s. His chances increased seemingly with the retirement of Kapil Dev when, in a home test against West Indies he took 5/60 and he was declared Man-of-the-Match as India won the match by 96 runs. Srinath’s majority success was against South Africa where he took 60 wickets at 24.48 both home as well as away series included. He played 67 Tests and took 236 wickets at 30.49 with 10 times 5 wickets in an innings and 10 wickets in an innings once. His best was 8/86 against Pakistan. In 229 ODI games he collected 315 scalps at 28.08 with a best of 5/23 with 3 five wicket hall’s.

(19)Anil Kumble:

<img src="Anil-Kumble.jpg" alt="image of Anil-Kumble all time great indian cricketer">
Anil Kumble

One of the great leg-spinners the World has ever produced, Anil Kumble is an Indian legend who won many matches for India single-handedly. This icon from Karnataka was known for his deception and work-horse like effort, as he could bowl over after over in a Day and would never get tired. He could bowl as many as 40 over’s in day and could still maintain terrific line and lengths from the beginning of the day till the end. He made remarkable performance in Test match against Pakistan at the Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi at 1999 where he took all 10 wickets in an innings for 74 runs which remains his career best and he became the only player after England’s Jim Laker to achieve such feat in the cricketing history. Not only that, he was a genuine match-winner when it came to ODI’s as well. He was the strike bowler for India in both the formats of Cricket. In the 90’s he took his career best figures of 6/12 against the West Indies in an ODI Tournament. He pivotal performance was in the World Cup in 1996 where he bowled phenomenally well taking 15 wickets in just seven matches at a paltry average of 18.73.Kumble took 100 wickets in 21 Test’s which was second fastest by an Indian. In 1992 on the South African tour he took 18 wickets at 25.94 which included 8 wickets in one Test Match. In the same year when England toured India he took 21 wickets at 19.8 and helped India win the third Test by an Innings at 15 runs. Overall he played 132 Test matches taking 609 wickets at 29.65. He also played 271 ODI’s and took 337 wickets at 30.89. He has a test hundred (110 not out) to his name as well. Along with Shane Warne, Muttiah Muralitharan, he will go down as a lead spinner in the World and a true Indian legend.

(20)Sachin Tendulkar:

<img src="sachin-tendulkar.jpg" alt="image of sachin-tendulkar all time great indian cricketer">

Arguably one of the greatest batsman of all time, the one who was described by the all-time Great Sir Donald Bradman as his replica, has played a significant part in glorious cricket history. His ability to play spin, pace at equal proficiency describes about his versatility and supreme technique that he possessed that made him such a Great player that he was. He had an exemplary fitness to play 200 Test Matches and 463 One Day Internationals and is distinguishable player to have scored 100 International Hundreds (51 in Tests and 49 in ODI’s) which no other player who have played in the history of the game has achieved ever before. Sachin has played several memorable knocks for the country, all of which may not have been in the winning cause, but they will be remembered forever by all sports lovers simply because mostly were played when India were under serious pressure and in the manner in which they were played. Few such innings include 136 against Wasim, Waqar and Saqlain led attack Pakistan in 1999,(he was injured playing that knock) 114 against Australia at Perth in 1992, 241 against the same opposition  at Sydney in 2004,169 against South Africa at Cape Town in 1997 against a fiery Allan Donald etc. He also played some great limited over’s knock which include 98 against Pakistan in 2003 World Cup, a blistering 134 against Australia at Sharjah in 1998, which according to many is his best ODI knock. Tendulkar also got the first ODI double ton when he got 200 against South Africa at Gwalior in 2010.Having scored over 15,000 runs in Tests and over 18,000 runs in ODI’s this phenomenal player was ICC’s Best Test Batsman for a total number of 1157 days during in entire career. He played a key role in India winning the ICC World Cup in ODI’s in 2011.

(21) Rahul Dravid:

<img src="Rahul-Dravid.jpg" alt="image of Rahul-Dravid all time great indian cricketer">
Rahul Dravid

Ideally a Great No.3 Test Batsman not only India has ever produced but the World as well, Rahul Dravid was named as “The Wall” because of the fact that he had immaculate defence and solid technique with the bat to counter any type of bowling on difficult pitches. Unlike most Indian batsman, his record shows that he was mostly successful abroad rather than in India because solely for that reason. In 1996 one of his several memorable performances came when India toured South Africa and in the Third Test at the Wanderer’s, Johannesburg he scored 148 runs in the 1st Innings and 81 runs in the second Innings which almost won India the game but couldn’t do so because mostly of the weather. It was his first of several Man-of-the-Match awards in a series where he scored 277 runs at 55.40. He followed it up with another successful trip to the Windies where he scored 360 runs at an average of 72.00. He was the top scorer in the calendar year 1996-97 where he scored 852 runs at 50.11 with one hundred and 6 fifties. His success story wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the famous Australian Tour in the year 2000-2001. After India lost the first Test both teams moved to Eden Gardens as Australia were looking for their 18th successive Test match win and subsequently winning series which captain “Steve Waugh” defined as the “final frontier”. India, after conceding over 400 runs in the 1st Innings to Australia were down and out and were following on in their 2nd Innings and although they batted better but were still at a spot of bother at 232/4 needing another 42 runs to avoid innings defeat when Dravid joined another Indian legend V.V.S Laxman and they both played an innings of life-time which not only helped India win that game but was registered as one of the greatest partnerships and Test Match Innings to have been ever played in history. Dravid scored 180 and Laxman got 281 and they registered a partnership of 375 runs and India won the game by 171 runs becoming the 2nd team in history to win a test after following on. He was very successful in limited over’s format as well as he had tremendous success in 1999 World Cup and was the top scorer in 2011 World Cup as well. He had great Australian tour of 2003. He also had an extraordinary England Tour in 2002 where he scored 602 runs in the series at an average of 100.33, including 3 hundreds and 1 fifty and was adjudged joint man of the series along with Vaughan. In his 164 match career he averaged 52.31 and scored 13288 runs with 36 hundreds and 63 fifties with 270 being his best against Pakistan. He kept wickets in limited over’s and scored 10889 runs in 344 matches at 39.16 with 12 hundreds and 83 fifties with 153 his best. This also includes 14 stumping’s. He is one of the few players who have Test hundreds against all Test playing nations .Truly, a remarkable career.

(22)Virat Kohli:

<img src="Virat-Kohli.jpg" alt="image of Virat-Kohli all time great indian cricketer">
Virat Kohli

Born with a natural talent and as he said in his latest press-conference that “cricket is in my blood” the current Indian Captain is arguably one of the modern great if not the great batsman of the modern generation. His fabulous stroke play and control over the game distinguishes him from all other contemporary batsmen of his generation. The master batsman has amassed six double hundreds in this calendar year becoming the top scorer of the year. The unique factor about him is that he has been extremely successful across all the formats for more than a year now. Be it Test Cricket, ODI’s or T-20 cricket Virat Kohli has been the go-to man for India. He along with MS Dhoni has formed a formidable partnership which has won many games for India. In Tests, he has been equally devastating and perhaps second only to Steve Smith of Australia in terms of consistency in Test cricket. In the recently concluded home series in India (13 Test’s in all) against New Zealand, England Bangladesh and Australia, he was instrumental in almost all the games due to which India won every series. He has been the captain under whom India has already tasted success in the World Cup(Under-19). Few of his other achievements include scoring the fastest hundred for his team in just 52 balls, He is the second-fastest player to reach 1000 runs in limited over’s cricket, he has the record of scoring the fastest 5000 runs in ODI’s and second fastest in the World.  He also holds the record for the quickest 7000 and 8000 ODI’s in the World. He is also the quickest to 10, 15 and 20 hundred in ODI’s. Along with being the fastest to 25 ODI hundreds he also has scored the fastest 1000 T-20 International runs. Who can forget his memorable Australian tour in 2014 where he single headedly won the game for India in the 4th Innings chasing 360 odd. He got 141 but India failed to win. He also got hundred in the 3rd Test where he scored 169. He finished second highest run scorer after Steven Smith of Australia and although India lost the series 2-0 he earned a lot of accolades for cricket experts. He has so far played 63 Test’s averaging 53.75 with 5268 runs so far with his best being 243.Kohli has 20 Test hundreds and 15 fifties to his name. He also has played 202 ODI games scoring 9030 runs averaging 55.74 with 32 hundred’s and 45 fifties with best being 183 being his best. He has been equally successful in T-20 games playing 55 matches getting 1956 runs with outstanding 52.86 average with 18 fifties and a top score of 90 not out. His strike rate has been close to 150 in T-20’s. People believe that if anyone can break Tendulkar’s record of 100 International hundreds it will be Kohli.

(23) Virender Sehwag:

<img src="Virender-Sehwag.jpg" alt="image of Virender-Sehwag all time great indian cricketer">
Virender Sehwag

He was selected as one of the all time great opening batsman for India who would be partnering Sunil Gavaskar in the all time great Indian eleven. A typical dasher of the game, he was known to take the game away from the opposition in no time with his master stroke and belligerence. Graeme Pollock once said that he could pay anything and walk miles to watch Sehwag bat. He has multiple batting records under his name which includes the highest Test score made by Indian batsman which was 319 he made against South Africa in Chennai and also the fastest 250 by any batsman in history. In fact he is one of the four batsman in the world who scored two triple hundreds and who took five wickets in an innings. He also was the first double hundred scorer in ODI cricket when he scored 219 runs that was later on surpassed by Rohit Sharma who made 264 against Sri Lanka. He also has the feat of achieving a triple hundred in Test cricket and a double hundred in ODI cricket which only Chris Gayle had previously. Under the captaincy of Saurav Ganguly in the year 2002 Sehwag opened the innings in an ODI game against England although primarily he was a middle order batsman. He scored a brilliant 82 and eventually India won the game. In 2001, he also opened the innings where he got a superlative hundred off 69 balls against New Zealand which was an important match as it was the decider of the finalist. Incidentally it was his first maiden ODI hundred. He was also instrumental in India’s first series win against New Zealand where he a got a hundred of just 60 deliveries. A fearless cricketer who was very successful in Tests scoring 195 against Australia in Sydney 2003, 309 against Pakistan at Multan in 2004 to name a few. He was the highest scorer in single day of Test Match as well. In the 104 Test matches he played he scored 8586 runs at 49.34 with 23 hundreds and 32 fifties with 319 is highest. Viru also got 8273 runs in 251 ODI’s averaging 35.05 with 219 being highest.

(24)Saurav Ganguly:

<img src="Saurav-Ganguly.jpg" alt=" image of Saurav-Ganguly all time great indian cricketer">
Saurav Ganguly

Arguably one of the greatest captains India has ever produced. Saurav Ganguly is regarded as the one who changed the mindset of Indian Team touring abroad. He taught them how to fight fire with fire when it comes to sledging, especially against Australia. He instigated the belief among the players like Kapil Dev did in 1983 that India has the potential to win abroad. That self-belief helped India to successfully win many overseas tours under Saurav’s regime. In 2002, Ganguly was awarded the 6th ODI batsman rank of all time by Wisden. Ganguly’s  lucky break when he was called in between India’s tour of England when Navjot Sidhu left the tour in between due to controversial reasons in 1996. His debut was memorable as he scored back-to-back hundreds at Lord’s and Trent Bridge. Although India lost the series 1-0 but his debut was one to remember as it was mark of a new era of Indian cricket. As Rahul Dravid described him as in off-side first there is God and then Saurav Ganguly, he was known for his supremacy of driving the ball in the off-side and scoring at will in the zone. It was under his captaincy that India won the series against Australia 2-1 in 2001.His personal success was mostly in the limited over’s format which includes 2003 World Cup where he got 465 runs with 3 hundreds at an average of 58.12. In the tournament, India reached the finals but lost to Australia in the final game. He was handed over Indian team captaincy in 2000 against an ODI series in South Africa at home. India won several ODI tournaments under him which includes the famous Natwest Series final victory at 2002 which is also memorable for the fact that Saurav Ganguly took off his T-Shirt in the Lord’s balcony after winning the game. In the 113 Tests, he played he scored 7212 runs with an average of 42.17 that includes 16 hundreds and 35 fifties. His best score is 239. He also played 311 ODI games averaging 41.02 with 11,363 runs with best being 183. This includes 22 hundreds and 72 fifties.

(25)Mahendra Singh Dhoni:

<img src="Mahendra-Singh-Dhoni.jpg" alt="image of Mahendra-Singh-Dhoni all time great indian cricketer">
Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Dhoni, popularly known as MSD will go down as probably one great captain who has given us the taste of all major tournament victories. He is the only distinctive Indian captain who has won all the ICC tournaments in all formats along with many other bilateral series. He is the best finisher of the ODI game for India and probably one the World has ever produced. He significantly contributed to many Indian victories which include 91 not out in the 2011 World Cup final against Sri Lanka where India was in a spot of bother chasing 274 runs to win and he played a match-winning knock along with Gautam Gambhir who got 97. Under him, India also won the inaugural ICC T-20 World Cup beating Pakistan in the finals.  It was under MSD that India was the number one ranked Test side and he led India to whitewash Australia in a Test series 4-0 at home which was never achieved before. He was ICC ODI player of the year both in 2008 and 2009 and was listed as the one of the 100 most influential player in the World by Time magazine. Also in 2009, he was awarded the Padma Shree. India, under him also won away series in New Zealand. He is also instrumental in his franchise Chennai Super Kings winning the IPL title on more than one occasion. Dhoni played 90 tests scoring 4876 runs at 38.09 with 6 hundred and 33 fifties. He has so far played 311 ODI’s with 9898 runs at an average of 51.55 with 10 hundred and 67 fifties. He effected 38 stumping’s and took 256 catches in Tests and 104 stumping’s and 291 catches in ODI’s.


Most Popular Lingerie Brand Site in India | PrivyPleasures.com

There are a lot of websites available who offer premium lingerie. But especially in India, sometimes it gets difficult to get our hands on some of the premium products at reasonable price. Not ignoring the fact that buying lingerie in India is quite difficult owing to the social taboos. So many people or couples turn to online portals for their needs. One such site is PrivyPleasures which I found entirely exclusive.

The interface

Starting with the home page, it was quite easy to navigate through all the products and not at all complicated. The products were sorted well according to their specific categories. You can easily find whichever product you wish to buy at ease.

The products

After comparing some of the high-end sites, PrivyPleasures came as a sweet surprise. A variety of products ranging from lingerie to nightwear are available which were exclusively for couples and honeymoon purpose. These products you may not find anywhere else at this price. The two-piece lingerie was of different materials like leather and lace. Additionally, the designs were quite appealing as well. The products include:

  • BabydollDresses
  • Honeymoon Nightwear
  • Nightgowns
  • Bra Panty Sets
  • Grooms/Men’s Lingerie
  • Plus size Lingerie
  • Stockings & body stockings

The baby doll dresses were a hit as the designs were trendy and sensual. Any newlyweds from India would fall for the designs and style.  They were beautiful and at the same time display your assets correctly. You can shop for baby doll dresses from this website as they were eye pleasing and bold at the same time. Additionally, they have a variety. So there is something for everybody.

Moving on to the Stocking & Garter belts, they have a section dedicated to those. There were quite a lot of Stocking & Garter including various prints & designs. The detailed lacework won the game. They seemed to be crafted with precision and looked quite premium. If you are lucky, you can get some of these on sales at a half of their maximum retail price.

PrivyPleasures also displayed quite a variety of men’s lingerie. Some of them were remarkable while some didn’t appeal me (personal preference). But overall, they were worth checking out.

Apart from lingerie, PrivyPleasures have a good store in couple bedroom games. For those who love being kinky in bed, they would undoubtedly enjoy this section. Also, they have gone a step ahead with the introduction of position dice game. Other than that, they had these scratch cards, board games, which I am sure would leave no stones unturned to give you the most pleasurable nights.

The most remarkable thing about this website is that the prices for each product were reasonable and they offer exclusive tamper-free packaging. They claim that all orders placed before 5PM are shipped on same day via Express shippers like FedEx. All orders they offer you Cash on delivery mode of payment system along with online payment system so that you can stay reassured about your product being delivered.

If you are worried about your privacy or your aunty at wedding home getting your package, don’t worry.They have discreet packaging which do not include any identifiable marks or description about what the package contains or from where it is coming. They do not have any Branding of PrivyPleasures on the courier packages. As they say ‘No one will know what you have ordered unless its open’

So overall, this website can be classified as the best lingerie website in India for the newlywed and honeymooners. Now you can go ahead and make your purchases for your honeymoon or special occasions without worries.

Top 25 Popular Franchise Brands to do successful Business in India

Most of us are running after the 9 to 5 job since we all feel that in order to accomplish our goals we need to be financially strong and for that we need to succeed in our job roles. Frankly speaking not all of us get the job satisfaction we need, but still we do compromise with it as firstly, even after changing several jobs we still do not get what we desire and secondly due to tough completion and rat race in market we seldom get the chance to choose a job really, so we have to contend with what we get. However, amongst all this, there is still the opportunity for the individuals to change, if of course, they are willing to take the risk, have the capacity to invest, be bold enough to be optimistic, then starting a franchise business is just ideal for you. There are a few reasons as to why one should look to buy a franchise based business opportunity:

  • Firstly, franchisee business has more chances to succeed rather a completely new start-up business done individually
  • As you are already getting a major support from the major company chances of surviving successfully is almost doubled
  • Franchisee business can be best used as a business expansion model
  • Since it is already a proven system, it will give you detailed guidelines about licensing fees, trademarks etc. which otherwise you may struggle to find in detail starting anew.

Interested? Thinking about from where to start your journey?  Here is a list of 25 most popular franchise business opportunities that you can try your hands on:

(1) McDonald’s:

<img src="mcdonalds.jpg" alt="image of mcdonalds popular frachisee">

With its headquarters based in Illinois, these restaurants exist from way back in 1955, the US-based food-chain has a huge demand all over the world. Its immense popularity can be understood by the fact that it has 36,900 franchises all over the world. The investment cost varies from: US$1 million to$2.3 million. They offer mainly four types of business opportunities: Traditional Restaurants like that in buildings, food courts etc, Satellite locations like in the airport, universities hospitals etc, small town locations include franchises given to small retailer’s in rural areas, and business facilities lease was given to business establishments. The training program is generally operated by the Hamburger University which is the international training center of McDonald’s. The courses vary from time to time as per the need of franchises. Generally, in an agreement of 20 years, these outlets are restricted to sell only McDonald’s authorized products and use the premises as McDonald’s restaurant only. There competitor’s include KFC, Subway, Burger King’s, Wendy’s etc.

(2) KFC:

<img src="kfc.jpg" alt="image of kfc popular franchisee">

Popularly known as Kentucky’s Fried Chicken, it is a reputed entity worldwide. The popularity can be drawn by the simple fact that it has about 20,605 branches existing all over the world. Recently this business has been shaking way up its food selection and broadening, helping themselves in getting a lot of attention from the media as a result of which different new business personnel’s are willing to collaborate with them to be a part of this successful journey. As the name suggests it has headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky they usually offer agreement of 20 years and a dedicated qualified manager is assigned to each franchise that spends his entire time in monitoring the outlet. The cost involved in opening the franchise is US $1.3 million-$2.5 million. Franchisees must offer all Needed Items as the franchisor regularly designates. They may not provide any item from the Store or anywhere. Franchisees may provide and create product sales at unique occasions, only if franchisees fulfill the franchisor’s providing and function procedures. Other primary competitors include Chick-Fil-A, El-PolloLoco, Greenpeace, Popeyes etc.

(3) Baskin Robbins:

<img src="Baskin-Robbins.jpg" alt="image of Baskin-Robbins popular franchisee">
Baskin Robbins

Incorporated in the year 1946 with its headquarters located in Canton Massachusetts, this is also a well-renowned restaurant that offers ice-cream and other products that can be frozen and grants franchisee to locations in all over the world. One of the leading and branded ice-cream restaurants, it has immense popularity across the globe irrespective of ages. The X-factor of this company is that it generates strong effort in developing a solid relationship with its franchisees by providing a strong training and operation related support thereby helping the franchise’s to increase profitability immensely. This famous brand has about 7730 units all over the world and the franchise fees are about US$102,900-US$388,600. Other obligations include that the franchise is restricted to use the premises for selling products that are Baskin Robbins’s related only that are prescribed by the franchisor and not anything else. For performing any other functions the franchise would need a prior letter of approval from the franchisor. The competitor’s of this brand are The Burton Corporation, Intermix, Inc., and Converse, Inc etc.

(4) Kidzee:

<img src="kidzee.jpg" alt="image of kidzee popular franchisee">

One of the most popular brands not only in India but also all over Asia. This organization is a leading children education, training, and development center that have expanded its franchises in more than 14 years in India. With an overwhelming network of spread across over 1700 centres and more than 550 cities, this association dedicatedly have succeeded in changing the lives of more than 4, 50,000 kids in India and strongly working for more as they believe that every child has something ‘special’ that can be groomed and nurtured to something really meaningful. Requiring a minimum area capacity of about 2000-3000 sq feet, the initial one-time investment is about INR.12,00,000/- to INR.15,00,000/- that also includes the necessary materials and the types of equipment cost that will be needed at the start of the franchise. All the franchisee’s need to undergo a training program about the Kidzee curriculum for operating the business successfully. There competitor’s are EuroKids International Ltd., Treehouse Playgroup – Ambernath and Kangaroo Kids Education Ltd.

(5) Pizza Hut:

<img src="Pizza-Hut.jpg" alt="image of pizza hut popular franchisee">
Pizza Hut

Based on Texas and offering franchisee since 1959, it is a fast food restaurant that offers several Italian food items like the Pasta, Pizza under the name of Pizza Hut. This company has huge demand worldwide so much so that it stands out as a leading restaurant in delivering quality pizza way above any other pizza delivering restaurant. Having about 16,410 units all across the globe they offer franchisee for mainly three types of restaurants: Red-Roof Restaurants, Delivery Restaurants, Carry out (Delco or Delco-lite Restaurants).The initial investment to run this franchise is approx: US $297,000-$2.1 million. The USP of this brand is that it has a reliable reputation along with a strong assistance structure with regard to franchises to assist its proprietors successfully operate their shops. Every Unit is monitored by an on-site administrator who has efficiently finished the compulsory coaching program. Each unit must also sign the agreement that states to abide by all the rules and regulations and also to conceal any confidential information if required. There top competitor’s includes: Domino’s Pizza, Dunkin Donuts, Subway, Starbucks etc.

(6) Domino’s Pizza:

<img src=" Domino’s-Pizza.jpg" alt="image of Domino’s-Pizza popular franchisee">
Domino’s Pizza

The direct and perhaps the greatest rival’s of Pizza Hut, this is another top restaurants, that is offering the same multi-flavored pizza, Italian pasta items like the Pizza Hut, as a result of which it is it’s direct competitor. The continuous development of this food chain in the last few years again can be a clear signal about the effectiveness of this fast food in dining establishments should never be undervalued. Being involved in the franchise business since 1967, with its headquarters located in the state of Michigan, the cost of this franchise ranges from US$119,950 to $461,700. They usually offer franchisee for a period of ten years which is renewable. There are usually three types of restaurants on offer like the traditional, non-traditional, carry-out facility etc. Usually they provide a mandatory 2 day on-site training program for the outlets however they need undergo other training schedule from time to time also as and when required. The franchisees are authorised to sell only those products that are approved by the franchisor, these products can be changed by the franchisor periodically.           

(7) Subway:

<img src="Subway.jpg" alt="image of subway popular franchisee">

Although it has been surrounded by controversies in the recent years, this continues to be the leader of the pack globally when it comes to sandwich restaurants. They are introducing food products which are healthier, tastier, less calorie and nutritionally great and as a result of which it is acquiring more and more customers regularly. Since it is expanding globally more people are looking to be a part of their family. With its headquarters located in Florida and in this business since 1974, they awesome 44,780 units based all over the world. The cost to obtain this franchise would be about US$119,950 to US$461,700. They offer franchises to locations like airport terminals, school lunch program locations, satellite locations, national parks. A special feature of this franchisor is that they also finance certain amount which can be from US$10,000 to US$15,000(negotiable) as a loan to the franchises. There is a strict training curriculum that the follow, firstly there should be perfect attendance from the franchise, secondly, they need to score 80% on an average in the inside store course and also 80% in classroom quiz. The classroom training consists of 53 hours and on the job training in nearby restaurants happens to be for 33 hours. The usual length of agreement is 20 years and outlets need to follow all rules and regulations of the franchisor. Competitors are Pizza Hut, KFC, Papa John’s, Taco Bell etc.

(8) 7 Eleven:

<img src="7-Eleven.jpg" alt="image of 7-Eleven popular franchisee">
7 Eleven

The 7 Eleven is a well-known brand that is spread across the planet operating in more than 63,000 units approximately. This store is mainly about multiple products like coffee, candy, prepared foods, gasoline, dairy, different verities of beverages, chocolates etc. The significant aspect of this store is that it is widely known to all and simply presented. They follow a very simple business model that is very easily understandable. Moreover the selling method that they follow is quite attractive. The USP of this brand is most franchisors require royalty payments on the basis of a portion of revenue. With the 7-Eleven system, you pay royalties based upon the store’s total profit, that is, net revenue invoices minus the general cost of the products you can sell. The cost of operating this franchise is about US$37,200-US$1.6 million. To be a part of this brand, one has to successfully complete the 300 hours training program that is conducted in its headquarters at Irving, Texas. Once training is successfully completed there is an agreement of 10 years which is renewable as well. The outlets must carry all the inventories that are specified by the 7 eleven store and they should be all fresh foods. However they can keep a stock of any other food items apart from the specified products provided that is mentioned separately in writing.

(9) Khadim’s:

<img src="Khadims.jpg" alt="image of Khadims popular franchisee">

One of the leading brands the Footwear Industry, Khadim’s is brand that is in the franchise business for more than 22 years in India. Operating since 1965 this vast and immensely successful name in the footwear industry is spread over more than 486 franchise outlets in India. The quality in footwear that is on offer here is on tremendous demand and as a result of this, it has expanded its branches to over 600 retail outlets in the current years covering more than 21 states that include over 200 distributors that are serving Eastern India alone operating in over 10,000 multi-branded outlets. In return for the franchise fee that is in the range of 20 lakh to 30 lakh rupees INR, the franchise gets the brand name and logo, continuous ongoing support for best results, great returns-on-investment.  The support staff make sure that all the new franchise outlets undergoes extensive training programme that will enable them to work smoothly and in the process generate substantial amount of profit. Although Khadim’s is a very popular and a leader in the footwear industry, this company however is not devoid of competitors. Still today it faces stern competitions from existing footwear companies in India like Bata, Sreeleathers, Half-n-Half, Ford etc. In spite of all this Khadim’s still continues to be one of the most popular franchise business opportunities that exist.

(10) GNC Franchising:

<img src="GNC-Franchising.jpg alt="image of GNC-Franchising popular franchisee">
GNC Franchising

With the rapid development of healthcare industry all over the world, GNC franchising is a famous name that is the leader of the pack. With a stupendous and proven track record, this brand has vitamin and food supplement chain that has its branches spread far and wide across the globe. More and more business entities are looking to get connected to them because of its brand name, great reputation for service, and for providing support for every individual franchisee outlets. As per the current date, GNC has its franchisees based in approximately 4000 centres all over the world. Its operating costs amount up to US$167,900-$294,500.The GNC Franchising offers also provides financial support to people opening new outlets but that depends upon consideration. Franchisees are allowed for more than one unit, with generally an agreement offer of 10 years. Training is available at their headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA which lasts for usually one week but if the need arises further training can be available at their corporate stores. With stiff competitions arising from online stores, big box and other overseas retailers, GNC still continues to holds its position by providing quality service and assistance to its consumers as well as the outlets too.

(11) Dunkin’ Donuts:

<img src="Dunkin’-Donuts.jpg" alt="image of Dunkin’-Donuts popular franchisee">
Dunkin’ Donuts

Another hugely accepted brand worldwide, this brand is successful for the simple reason that coffee is by and large a commodity that is very well accepted everywhere and also in most cases brand loyalty matters with the customers as they do not switch to different brands that quickly. They are mainly a bakery company that sells coffee, doughnuts, bagels, croissants, pizzas, snacks and other sandwiches and beverages etc. Established in Canton, Massachusetts, and offering franchisee since 1955, the cost of operating this franchise is US$216,100-$1.5 million. The popularity of this brand can be understood by the fact that it has an eye-catching figure of 11940 units spread across all over the world. The Core Preliminary Training program requires a minimum of twenty days to accomplish the classroom/instructional phases. This does not consist of online coaching, in restaurants (typically in the franchisee’s home market) or journey time and exists a minimum of twenty-five times annually at Dunkin’ University in Braintree, Massachusetts, or in a designated exercising Restaurant. Like other brands, the franchise term is for 20 years. A significant obligation of this franchise is that they are not allowed to distribute or sell the products or service through the Internet.

(12) RE/MAX:

<img src="remax.jpg" alt="image of remax.jpg popular franchisee">

Established in Denver, Colorado and offering franchise business since 1975, this organization is engaged brokerage of real estate and is spread across the United States, Canada etc. As this is a leading company in the real estate market and it is acquiring new customers, hence all the new franchisees in order to obtain this particular franchise must comply with all pre-requisites that include, relative experience in this field, education as well as licensing, background past document of conformity with regulations, financial capability, skills and other required characteristics. The length of agreement that is offered by them is generally for a period of 5 years which can be extended depending upon the performance of the outlet during the term of the contractual agreement. Operating in franchise business for more than 8 years now, it has about 7220 units spread all over the world. The investment amount in this business varies from a range of US$38,000 to US$219,000. There is a mandatory 41/2 day training program that the manager /owner of the franchisee must complete which is held at the headquarters of franchisor at Colorado. When the franchise or perhaps a principal proprietor does not straight supervise any office or have a legitimate real estate agent license, the actual franchise is going to be required to save the services of the validly certified real estate dealer under in whose license work will be carried out and that will be responsible for the particular management of the Office.

(13) British Academy for English Language:

<img src="British-Academy-for-English-Language.jpg" alt="image of British-Academy-for-English-Language popular franchisee">
British Academy for English Language

Operating as a leading franchise business in India for over 10 years, the BAFEL is a renowned name when it comes training development in corporate industry. Started back in the year 2001 and spread in more than 100 signups across India. The rapid success of this organization is due to few factors like the high standards set for the quality of training, an industry that is rapidly expanding, the eagerness of the agency to welcome and train people of all ages and all society levels, the USP of this organization is that they offer a wide ranges of English Language courses to choose to study, an expert research and development team that is continuously working to upgrade the business model of BAFEL as well as their courses. A very strong brand name as well as big reputation for winning multiple awards for becoming the best English academy. The minimum investment to start the franchise business is about 15,00,000 rupees INR however if the need arises the company itself can provide financial assistance to its franchisees as well. An extensive training program is conducted by the business experts of the BAFEL that will be thoroughly based on the franchise policies and the course curriculum for the better understanding of the new start-ups. Currently their competitors include Studymate, FIITJEE Limited, and Aakash etc.

(14) Antal International:

<img src="Antal-International.jpg" alt="image of Antal-International popular franchisee">
Antal International

An International Recruitment company that is located in London, UK and in the franchise business in India for more than 24 years now, Antal International. Their offices are spread across in more than 135 offices that are in Asia, UK, Europe and America helping talented employees all over the world to show the path to achieve long-term growth and success. The success story behind the company is that there is they provide support in marketing and PR, the franchise gets their own three-page mini website on antal.com. They have a huge international online database that is categorized by sectors, country, and discipline. They have proven track record of following a methodology that is award winning and they do have a global brand that is recognized worldwide. The significant part of Antal is that there business model is quite flexible and it can be altered depending upon each country’s economic development and culture. The start-up cost of the franchise is about 12, 00,000 rupees INR. There are no essential pre-requisites as such to take this franchise apart from the fact that English speaking is a must. Global conference is held to provide training and also to share business experience and ideas with people in India and abroad. There competitor’s are: InterQuest Group, Vaco Technology, and Workforce Strategies Inc.etc.

(15) Cafe Desire:

<img src="Cafe-Desire.jpeg" alt="image of Cafe-Desire popular franchisee">
Cafe Desire

 One of the oldest and fastest growing brands in the history. They are mainly in the manufacturing business and they provide and install coffee vending machines and are in charge of supplying mixes of beverages quite regularly at all kinds of shops, small, medium and large offices, various bakeries, schools, colleges, hospitals, cinemas and more places. Operating franchisee business in India for the last 15 years, they have made a brand name of their own. Their success records prove that they are not only just about tea and coffee but also about some desirable drinks that are mind-blowing and are sure to delight the taste buds. Not only that but also the hospitable services that their employees provide are something to be remembered. They have a proven track record of providing one of the finest materials and upgrading their own state of standards from time-to-time so that the customer’s expectations are always met. The minimum investment to start this business is about 2, 00,000 rupees INR. They do have a training program that is designed in a model that will help to bring the customers and the franchises together, so that both of them are in a win-win situation. Their competitors include Barista, Café-Coffee-Day etc.         

(16) Hertz:

<img src="Hertz.jpg" alt="image of Hertz popular franchisee ">

This car-rental company is operating all over the world and is in the franchise business since 1925. Based in Estero, Florida, they are enterprises that rent s or let out cars, not with drivers as well as for insurance cover for car or truck replacement needs (including rentals or perhaps leased motor vehicles that are reimbursed by different party). Carrying a hallmark in the car rental business, many rental companies are looking to collaborate with them for a beneficial business opportunity as a result of which they are offering franchisee for car rentals on the Hertz’s name. With its brand spread over 9700 units, that includes all the brands under this group, and its investment cost nearing about a minimum of US$564,300, this is about one of the most popular franchisee opportunity going around. All the franchisees, at their own expenses that includes both living and travelling, must attend all the mandatory training programs and complete them satisfactorily and not only that, they also need to undergo that training programs that are periodically conducted by Hertz to upgrade business as and when required. The initial term of an agreement is for 5 years, however, if all the criteria’s are met by the franchise then the agreement can be renewed in 3 segments for 5 years each. Competitors of Hertz are the companies like Avis Rent a car, Avis budget group, Enterprise Rent-A-Car and so on.                   

(17) Papa John’s:

<img src="Papa-Johns.jpg" alt="image of Papa-Johns popular franchisee">
Papa John’s

 The major talking point about Papa John’s International is that they are expanding their business. The restaurant that is charge of delivering superior quality of Italian food like the pizza, pasta, etc. This restaurant majorly operates in delivery or carry-out basis, however they are also open to non-traditional venues like the sports complex and food courts. Operating in the franchise business since 1985 with its headquarters based in Louisville, Kentucky, they are also major business franchises that are continuously expanding in India for the last eleven years. Currently, they have units approximately of 5100 in number operating not only in India but all across the planet. Generally the length of agreement ten years which is renewable provided that they have met all the prescribed requirements. As far as the training schedule is concerned the franchise owner or at least the manager need to attend the training program held at Papa John’s University located in Louisville, Kentucky. It may so happen that there may be any extra training schedule that the franchise owner needs to attend if the franchisor thinks it to be appropriate. The cost of this franchise is about US$129,900-US$844,200. Most common competitors are KFC, Pizza Hut, Domino’s etc.

(18) Taco Bell:

<img src="Taco-Bell.jpg" alt="image of Taco-Bell popular franchisee">
Taco Bell

Operating in India for more than 7 years, the Taco Bell is well known for its supreme brand like several other top franchisees. Because of their brand they have a huge customer base and they keep on acquiring more people with the passage of time. This food chain has a huge network of about 350 franchises, out of which 35 percent have an experience of more than 25 years. They have an incredible support in building business network. Based on Louisville, Kentucky, and operating in the franchise business since 1964, this restaurant is known to provide quality and mouthwatering Mexican food that are certainly going to tickle the taste buds and area foodies delight. They offer different types of restaurant facilities like traditional, drive through restaurants that are referred as ‘End-Caps’. Buildings that already have a gas station available can be used as an outlet for this franchisor. Around 6605 units based all over the world and with an investment cost that is approximately about US$1.2 million-US$2.6 million, the Taco Bell has training curriculum that can be segregated in two parts. Firstly there is a 3-day training course that trains franchisees as how to become a successful Taco Bell outlet, and secondly, the manager/owner of the franchise needs to successfully complete a 7 weeks program that includes web-based as well as on job or classroom training which may extend to 8 weeks depending upon requirements. Franchisees must provide for sale promote all in support of the food, drinks and other items described within the franchisor’s guide.

(19) Anytime Fitness:

<img src="Anytime-Fitness.jpg" alt="image of Anytime-Fitness popular franchisee">
Anytime Fitness

With the heavily rising trend of health consciousness, running a fitness center can be quite a profitable business it is assumed. One of such famous brands that has made immense name is Anytime Fitness which is running there franchisee business in India for the last 5 years quite successfully. With about 3535 units that are running all around the globe and with a customer base of more than 2 million, what makes this brand successful is that customers have 24/7 access 365 days a year. The key point that makes Anytime Fitness unique is that they have a very strong security system, supremely upgraded fitness machines and the customers are always comfortable in visiting any such locations but that do not charge them anything extra. The X-factor of this company is its financial strength, being stable, its rate of growth and the size of the organization. The operating cost of running this business is US$78,700 min and can extend up to US$371,000.The initial agreement period is about 10 years, however if all the conditions of franchisee are met then it can be extended to another 5 years. The franchise needs to attend the training that is conducted for 2 weeks that generally carry for 10 business days. However they may not need to attend them consecutively it is divided into two halves for the franchisor’s benefit. The franchise is restricted to market only those products that are authorized by the franchisor.

(20) Wendy’s:

<img src="Wendys.jpg" alt="image of Wendy's popular franchisee">

Also one of the leading fast food joints, this is offering franchise opportunities for new enterprises since 1972 with their headquarters based in Dublin, Ohio. They offer a menu of different types of fast foods and snacks that includes hamburgers, chicken sandwiches and other compatible items. With several locations in Gurgaon, Bangalore this is becoming a popular brand in India due to the popularity of their quality of different types of snacks that are on offer. Usually with a agreement term of 20 years which can be renewed for 10 years, they offer an extensive training program that will go up to 20 to 24 weeks which offers both on job and classroom training. With over 6540 outlets based all over the world, the investment on this business amounts in the range of US$2,008,500 and maximum of US$3,644,000 that includes the cost of land, building, equipments etc. The individual franchisee might face competitors from other  franchisees of Wendy’s, through Wendy’s Restaurants that are owned by the company, or even from other stations or competing brands possessed by affiliate marketers of Wendy’s.

(21) Intercontinental Hotels Group:

<img src="Intercontinental-Hotels-Group.png" alt="image of Intercontinental-Hotels-Group popular franchisee">
Intercontinental Hotels Group

Operating in India as a major franchise business group for almost 43 years, this exotic group of hotels has their headquarters in Denham, UK and is operating in more than 100 countries with having 5174 hotels all across the globe. The main USP of this group is there world-class infrastructure, most importantly this includes its hugely spacious rooms, that are 766,000 in number, that consists of world-class suites, lounge rooms, gardens etc, quality food both international and national are the key features that draws new people to collaborate with them for a successful venture. Although this is quite a successful brand, taking franchisee might be expensive for some as the initial franchise fee is about US$50,000 however net investment overall can run from US$5 million to near about US$100 million, hence the one willing to invest must have very strong financial support. A well-organized training program is held in seminars in the IHG that has both classrooms as well as on-job training, that initially trains about the fundamentals of success in the hotel business, business profitability and then the second half is about customer service, hospitality etc. Surely one most popular Franchise Opportunity if one has a sound financial base.

(22) InXpress:

<img src="InXpress.jpg" alt="image of InXpress popular franchisee ">

If you are looking for a start-up business but doesn’t want to invest huge amount and also not willing to take a lot of risks, then perhaps the safest way is to take up the courier franchise business opportunity. One of the leaders of the pack is InXpress which is a UK based company that is running their successful show in India for over 18 years and operating in 80 units. They are partnered by “DHL” and hence their pick-up services are supremely world class. To join them is to remain hassle-free, as they will be the one who will take care of all different aspects in logistics that will begin from pick-up to delivery to the destination place. To work with InXpress is to remain free of tension. The main aim of this company is to succeed together, that is the company itself and their respective franchises hence they have a well structured training format that includes field visits with the respective mentors, as well as classroom sessions with feedbacks from other franchisees, interaction with the leaders etc. However after the training all units are provided with continuous support online and offline. Franchisee fees come across a one-time charge of US$50,000. However, the infrastructural cost may vary depending on the set-up choices of the business.

(23) Dairy Queen:

<img src="Dairy-Queen.jpg" alt="image of Dairy-Queen popular franchisee">
Dairy Queen

Coming back once again to fast food franchises Dairy Queen is certainly one of the leaders. Established in Minneapolis, Minnesota, it is operating the franchise business since 1944 they are one such restaurant offering several grilled food items, beverages etc. They have about 6840 units all over the world and they generally like most other franchises offer an agreement of 20 years, which can be extended up to 10 years if all the franchising criteria’s are met. The training is divided into few components like The Management Training Readiness Assessment, a certification called SERVSAFE, the other training includes Product Training, Management Training, People and Profit Training. Last but not the least, a cake decoration certification course. The initial franchise comes around US$35,000, infrastructural and equipment cost extra. Like most other franchises, this particular franchise also is obliged to sell only the products that are approved by the Dairy Queen and they are permitted to sell these products only from the approved premises that are the restaurant. Their competitors are McDonald’s, Ben  &Jerry’s etc.

(24) Mio Amore:

<img src="Mio-Amore.jpg" alt="image of Mio-Amore popular franchisee">
Mio Amore

Popularly known as Monginis, it is one the biggest and the oldest brands that are providing quality chocolates and cakes that is very popular not only in India but also all over the world. Started from way back in the year 1960, it has a wide range of business spread is most parts of India. As much as it almost 500 franchise units that are running in India and are looking to expand even more. This is certainly one very much popular and profitable franchise business opportunity in India that is certainly worth a try for the start-up concerns. Due to its immense popularity and customer satisfaction, chances of acquiring more and more business is increasing gradually. The initial investment is not much. To start this business, investment cost is about 10 lakhs INR, along with it there is an additional amount of 1lakh INR that need to be paid which is refundable. The franchise fees amount to 50,000 INR. The agreement time period is generally 3 years which can be renewed subject to fulfilment of terms and conditions. Special training is provided to the franchises from expert personnel’s of Mio Amore from time to time and along with it there marketing support also provided and other types of assistance granted to make sure the outlet earns maximum profit. Other competitors include Chocolate Hut, Kathleen’s etc.

(25) Lakmé Salon:

<img src="Lakmé-Salon.jpg" alt="image of Lakmé-Salon popular franchisee">
Lakmé Salon

Lakme is India’s pioneer brand when it comes to beauty products. Not only India, but this brand is immensely popular all over the world. The high quality and branded beauty products that are on offer is a huge demand especially for women during the wedding season, festivals and other occasions. The products are widely accepted by all ages because of their genuine products that are devoid of any harmful chemicals and are free from side effects. The supreme brand and huge customer base is drawing different franchisees to join them from different parts of the country. There are Lakme Salons that is established in more than 70 cities across India. The start-up cost to open this franchisee showroom is 25 lakhs INR. There will be training provided by trained executives of Lakme on beautification and on their products so that the customers are served flawlessly. They also ensure that by auditing every franchisee unit periodically, every unit is maintaining the desired standard and quality that is expected of them. Although such a popular brand it is not devoid of completion, it is currently racing against brands like Revlon,Yardley,Garnier,L’Oréal etc.

It may seem to you that most of the above-mentioned franchisee businesses do require heavy budget and hence they are out of reach. Well, don’t worry, here is a list of 10 popular franchisees based business that is certainly suitable for most budgets and is worth a try:

(1) DTDC:

This is a very popular courier company in India which requires a small investment of 1.5 lakh rupees INR. Also, it requires a small space to start.

(2) SmartSchool Junior:

A well known pre-school (for kids) franchise-based business that is very affordable for beginners. It requires an initial investment of about 2-5 lakh rupees INR and 1000-2500 square feet space to start.

(3) SMC Global Securities:

A well-known name in the share market, online trading, mutual funds, IPO etc, they offer franchise opportunity that can be obtained with an initial investment of 2-5 lakh rupees INR and a space of 500 square feet.

(4) Career Launcher:

This is also a franchise based business in education field which requires an investment of 3-10 lakh rupees INR with about 1500 square feet space to start.

(5) Jawed Habib:

A popular salon franchise that requires an investment of about 5 to10 lakhs rupees INR and a minimum of 600 square feet space to begin.

(6) First Cry:

A very popular brand in kid’s clothing and garments, it requires an investment of 10-15 lakhs rupees INR and space of approximately 1000 square feet.

(7) Aptech

Another famous brand in the education sector this also requires around 20 lakh rupees INR to start with a space of approx one thousand square feet.

(8) Dr.Batras:

It is a well-known brand in the healthcare business. It requires an amount of approximately 20 lakh rupees INR and needs about four hundred sq. feet space to start.

(9) Lenskart:

It is a company that provides optical lenses. The startup cost is about 20-30 lakh rupees INR and requires about one thousand square feet space.

(10) Café Udupi Ruchi:

A renowned restaurant that offers very tasty and high-quality vegetarian food to their customers that is 100% natural. It requires an investment of 20-30 lakh rupees INR with a space of 4500 square feet.

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